5 Apr 2015

Should US Frats Be Banned? Feminist Laci Projects Hardcore

I know I just did a Laci video not too long ago, but this one was far too hilarious to pass up. I don't think I have ever seen this level of projection before. This one gave me a good laugh. Ceara McCord

Chinese Taxi Drivers Attempt Mass Suicide Protest With Weed Killer, No One Dies

Tyler Durden's picture In what may be proof of Dr. Patrick Moore’s rather morbid assertion that drinking Roundup isn’t the most effective suicide method, more than two dozen Chinese taxi drivers were found passed out in Beijing with empty pesticide bottles scattered around them in what appears to have been an effort to protest a law forbidding taxi driver self employment.
As The NY Times reports, drinking pesticide is a popular method of addressing grievances in China when all other methods fall on deaf ears: 

A group of taxi drivers drank from bottles of pesticide in central Beijing on Saturday to protest what they said was poor treatment by their taxi companies, state and social media outlets reported.

At least 10 men, some of them frothing from the mouth, fell to the ground on a busy sidewalk at the Wangfujing shopping center about 11 a.m. after drinking the pesticide, according to the Beijing police force’s official microblog account. The men were rushed to nearby hospitals and all survived, the police said.

Stealing Our Clothes

The feminist re-writing of history is a familiar phenomenon. 
By MRA UK: The gross misrepresentation in the public mind of the history of universal suffrage  is an example. More generally, so is the preposterous fabrication of “centuries of oppression” of women by men. That society was based on rigid gender roles is indubitable. This involved limitations of freedom, but on both sides not just one. To interpret the gendered social structure of history as oppression of one sex by the other is to wilfully ignore half the story. More recently the tendency to distort the history of the genders has been amplified by the embedding of academic feminism within  postmodernism. A doctrine which denies the existence of truth is a great fillip to the propagandist. If there is merely my truth and your truth, and his truth and her truth, then what are we to believe? The answer is that might is right in this pernicious doctrine of the anti-rational. You will believe whoever gets to shout loudest; whoever has the most successful propaganda machine. One of the postmodernist-feminist deceits is to claim that the nearest woman was, in fact, the true author of – well, anything done by a famous man.


To the [feminist] White Feather Campaign:
I can wax poetic too, you dickholes.

JSIL's Bibi & ISIL's Abu Bakr Are Alike Says Palestinian Negotiator Erekat

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat has compared terrorist JSIL (Israeli) Prime Minister Benjamin 'Baby Butcher' Netanyahu to the leader of the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group, Ibrahim al-Samarrai, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Press TV: Erekat said in a TV interview that the Israeli premier’s policies had led to the immolation of the boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, same as they burn people in Daesh (ISIL),” Israeli media reported on Saturday.The Palestinian official was referring to the death of 16-year-old Khdeir who was kidnapped by several Israeli land thieves (aka settlers) from a neighborhood of East al-Quds (Jerusalem) last year. They burned the Palestinian teenager to death.
“Extremism is blind, and it does not belong to any religion,” Erekat stated.

MGTOW: Modern Technology Leading Towards A Future Of Freedom

Technology (e.g. Dutch Wives) we have right now and are currently researching (e.g. artificial wombs) and how it may lead to freeing us once and for all (from gynicentrism). Raging Golden Eagle

The NAWALT Brain? - MGTOW Ass Burgers?

Someone made a comment that if men want women that are similar to themselves they need to go out with women that have Asperger's syndrome. People with this condition have a hard time interacting socially with other people as well as nonverbal communication. And it's a condition that effects mostly men. Aspergers is a form of higher functioning autism where people with the condition have a hard time developing friendships and talk about the same subject over and over again and when they talk about it, it's usually one sided.

MGTOW Battle Cry: Individually We Are Strong, Together We Are UNSTOPPABLE!

Internalise your rage against anti-MGTOW feminazis and lets dissect and discuss. To begin with apparently feminists think women are better in the kitchen, we (MGTOW) think that's sexist. ...For all the men out there that have been beaten down, we want to give them a boost back up, ...you are not alone. Society does not give a shit about you, but we offer you hope. ...MGTOW. "Men are suffering, what would you have me do?" Alfred. "Endure MGTOW, take it, they'll hate you for it, but that's the point of MGTOW, we can be the outcast, we can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice!" Dark Knight

Feminist Assumptions & The Great UVA Rape Hoax

The police have concluded that there is no basis to believe that the UVA rape, reported by Rolling Stone, ever took place. But even though the rape never happened, it has still left it's mark on the UVA campus and perhaps on University life in general.  The Amazing Atheist

Prospective MGTOW: Setting Ground Rules For Interacting With Women

"Many men make the mistake of putting women first." Dark Knight

Synthol Freak Vs Non-Lifter Dude + The Corporation Has No Feelings


When the shit hits the fan, is the corporation a person?