6 Apr 2015

Civil Disobedience In Brooklyn - Artists Mount 4-Foot Tall Bust Of Edward Snowden In NYC Park Overnight

By Michael Krieger: In a creative expression of civil disobedience in New York City, artists installed a large bust of NSA whistleblower hero Edward Snowden in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.
This was no simple endeavor. The artists told Animal New York that it took the sculptor nearly 6 months to mold and complete the bust. With the weather finally cooperating, it was installed just before dawn today.

Taraji P. Henson Proves That #Outrage Over Trayvon, Ferguson Misguided

More dads, less crime…"
- Larry Elder 
By : By now you’ve no doubt heard about “Empire” actress Ms. Taraji P. Henson’s mea culpa to the Glendale, CA police department, for her earlier accusation of their racially profiling her son, 20-year-old Marcell Johnson. The Los Angeles Times reports:

“I would like to publicly apologize to the officer and the Glendale Police Department,” she said in an Instagram message with the hashtags #TurningANegativeIntoAPositive and #LoveTarajiPHenson. “A mother’s job is not easy and neither is a police officer’s. Sometimes as humans we overreact without gathering all the facts. As a mother in this case, I overreacted and for that I apologize. Thank you to that officer for being kind to my son.”
This apology follows on the heels of Ms. Henson’s making similar accusations that the University of Southern California also racially profiled her son, which has led her to putting young Marcell at her alma mater Howard University back east. Howard, for those who may not be aware, is considered a HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Physically Abused Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend Back In Public Experiment!

White knight manginas to the rescue.
Video demonstrating what happens when men get tired of physical abuse from women and fight back. By OckTV.

This Easter - Does Our System Need To Be Resurrected?

Russell Brand answers some comments, ranging from what is his problem with capitalist culture and gives advice on abstinence based recovery.

MGTOW - Drunken Rant

"Fuck fuckerty fuck piece of bullshit feminist crap! ...We are fucking better than this." I was drunk and mad for personal reasons. Do not take offence. You guys are my family. I care about you all. Ayam Sirias

Turkey Bans Social Media Over Hostage Photos

Tyler Durden's picture It looks as though Turkish authorities are once again set to show Twitter "the power of the Republic of Turkey," as reports indicate access to social media in the country has been blocked. The move looks to be related to the widespread dissemination of pictures showing prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz after he was taken hostage in Istanbul by DHKP-C last week. Here's more:
Via Hurriyet:

Fascist Turkish authorities have blocked access to Twitter, Youtube and Facebook over the publication of photos published on the three social media platforms, showing a prosecutor who was taken hostage by militants in Istanbul last week.

A number of Turkey's leading Internet service providers practiced the ban in the afternoon April 6, an official confirmed after widespread reports of problems to have access to the social media websites.

It Is Time To Come Together MGTOW Brothers, It Is Time To Save Lives

"As of 2013 77.9% of [US] suicides were men, 22.1% females, a huge discrepency. ...People are suferring, our brothers, potential MGTOW are suffering!" Dark Knight

Misandric UK: Men 4 Times More Likely Than Women To Be Cut Off Benefits Due To “Cruel” And “Unfair” Reasons - Survey

Men are far more likely than women to have their benefits stopped for unfair or unjust reasons, a survey by a UK-wide food bank charity strongly suggests.
The Trussell Trust survey, submitted to a recent MPs’ inquiry into benefit sanctions, asked food banks if they had seen people coming to them because they were “sanctioned for seemingly unfair reasons” and if so to give specific examples.
Responses cited twice as many men as women who had been cut off benefits unreasonably, including as a result of missing job centre appointments due the deaths of family members.
Wimbledon food bank told the survey: “Single people are hit the hardest, with no money and housing benefit stopped for 12 weeks, many are being evicted and becoming homeless. A lot of homeless men we see have been put on the streets due to sanctioning.”

A Talk With MHRA Karen Straughan AKA GirlWritesWhat

The family, the draft, Marxism, abortion, lesbian bed death and "Beating feminists about the head with a large encyclopedia until they learn."

Nineteenth Century - Hotbed Of False Rape Accusations

By : The following are samples from the long and ignoble tradition of false rape accusations. They come from nineteenth century newspapers, and reveal women making false accusations for the purpose of extorting marriage vows, money, seeking attention, revenge, or other reasons. – PW
Falsely accused had to wed accusers or go to jail – 1839
Attention of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was attracted to several cases which were compromised at the very time of trial by the prosecutrix marrying the prisoner and, as it appeared to Lord Normanby to be a very objectionable practice, he had it brought under the notice of the law officers, who declared it to be illegal. He then directed a circular containing that opinion to be issued to all the stipendiary magistrates, the gaolers, to eleven clerks of the crown, and to the crown solicitors, forbidding them to authorise or connive at the solemnisation of such marriages.

British Students Living In ‘Victorian-Age Conditions’

The UK’s leading teachers’ union, NASUWT, says schools and teachers are now having to deal with the ramifications of poor housing and poverty.
Press TV: The NASUWT general secretary, Chris Keates said, "Poverty and homelessness take a physical and emotional toll on children. They often cannot concentrate when they are in school because they are tired and hungry, have no space to do homework." 
The situation has now come to a point where teachers have had to take it upon themselves to provide the most basic supplies to pupils, whose parents simply cannot afford the day-to-day essentials.
President of the Britain’s other leading teacher’s union, the National Union of Teachers, Philipa Harvey has said, "Many of us will have provided breakfast for children so that they can cope with the demands of a school day as well as the teachers and other staff who are providing school uniform, books, coats."

Israel Intentionally Bombed UN Troops In Lebanon: Report

A new report has revealed that Israel forces intentionally shelled a United Nations watchtower in southern Lebanon, which left a Spanish peacekeeper dead back in January.
Press TV: The El Pais newspaper article published on Sunday cited extracts from a confidential Spanish military report on the incident, saying the Israeli forces corrected the trajectory of the artillery fire to hit the UN post. Thirty-six-year-old corporal Javier Soria Toledo was killed in the attack.
According to the report, Corporal Ivan Lopez Sanchez, a Spanish soldier stationed near the post, told investigators it was clear that the UN position was being targeted, noting, "Every time, they corrected the trajectory from Majidiye to the 4-28" post, where the United Nations Interim Force Lebanon (UNIFIL) peacekeepers were stationed.
A second Spanish solider confirmed Sanchez’s report, saying the first salvo of shells landed some 500 meters north of the UN post and then Israel "corrected the trajectory towards the position."