7 Apr 2015

Teach Women Not To Vaginterrupt Men

By Guys, has a woman ever distracted you while you were busy? Distracted you to address some petty concern that you don’t give a damn about? The phenomenon is known as “vaginterruption” (verb: “to vaginterrupt”) and I am sick of it.
So, I was standing in the checkout line of a Walmart Neighborhood Market, staring off into space and lost in thought: I was mentally rotating n-dimensional objects though an n-1 dimensional space in an effort to nail down a deterministic algorithm to generically solve the otherwise intractable mathematics problem known as the Travelling Salesman, when a woman I’d never seen before grabbed my arm.
My mathematical musings fell apart like the fantastical details of Jackie Coakley’s Rolling Stone rape hoax.
“Can you tell me if that brand of butter is good quality?” she yelled, pointing at the two-pound 2-pack of Land O Lakes® salted sweet cream butter waiting to be scanned with the rest of my fortnightly grocery haul.
I’m serious in my commitment to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) principles – I hadn’t spoken to or even looked at a woman in real life all that month, nor did I care to. Yet, once again, I was being vaginterrupted – imposed upon by a woman to solve her problems like a slave is directed to massage the mistresses’ wretched, fungal feet.
Land O Lakes® butter is a domestic American brand of consistent quality; a mildly flavored butter that ranked mid-range in one taste test. The 2-pack was on sale for well under $5 for 2 pounds, which made it an incredible value even for an aggressive discounter like Walmart.

Who Will Say Sorry To Our Children?

By : There is a monumental catastrophe building for our governments and the consequences of this are so great they are going to spend decades repairing the destruction.
This catastrophe, is nothing less than the legalised abduction of children from the rightful access to and care of, their fathers. This resulting Fatherless generation which the Governments around the world are sanctioning, is Child Abuse.
The damage of a generation of children kept from their fathers due to an unjust legal system is going to yield a life-time of difficulties for children as they grow into their adult lives.
You would hope in countries like Australia with major events like The Stolen Generation of Indigenous Children, that we had learned the devastating impact of taking children from their biological parents. The horrific consequences of this have destroyed lives; has been responsible for suicides, substance abuse and completely altered the course of lives that we had no right to interfere with.

Eating While MGTOW: Spicy Civil Breakdown Chicken

By : As more and more men go their own way (MGTOW), or, alternatively, as other men are passively feminized by feminism into simpering wimps (“simps”) terrified of asserting themselves as men in the real world, eventually the dangerous,  dirty, and difficult male-dominated jobs necessary to support and sustain society will go unfilled – terrified-of-everything feminists sure as hell won’t take them.
Offering increasing salaries for these jobs is only a temporary stop-gap: the stagnant, reluctant tax-base combined with ever spiraling demands for women-only pampering have already bankrupted governments but soon even borrowing money from our international rivals will hit a wall as the world wakes up to the fact that a society run by feminists never pays its debts – a phenomenon based on a biological theory called Briffault’s law:
Any agreement where the male provides [the female] with a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit.

Rip Up Money, Get More ??? PROFIT!

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Professor Steve Keen (@ProfSteveKeen) to discuss building new economic models to make the current model obsolete. They consider Quantitative Easing (QE) for the people and examine Iceland’s radical new plan to remove the power to create money from commercial banks.

George Galloway Interview With Matt O’Connor

George Galloway discusses the forthcoming General Election, Shared Parenting, fatherlessness and who his favourite superhero is with Fathers4Justice founder, Matt O’Connor. Fathers4Justice

Five Questions ("Government On Trial")

Not asked by our lame-stream media and academia.
1) Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves?
2) Do those who wield political power (presidents, legislators, etc.) have the moral right to do things which other people do not have the moral right to do? If so, from whom and how did they acquire such a right?

Concepts Undeserving Of Nice Treatment: Housewives Should Be Paid

In this episode of CUNT, I talk about housewives being paid for their work. First off, they ARE paid. Second, let's see what they actually do... Raging Golden Eagle

Manginas Are Men

"To call a man an animal is to flatter him", Cockroaches, pigs, dogs, vermin, poodles, lap dogs, can you think of any other ways to de-humanize men? johntheother

Refuting Jews For Judaism

"Christ affirmed that according to the scriptures he the Messiah must first suffer, then rise from the dead and come again to punish all who disobey the gospel and that means Jews. ...Having crucified Christ, the true king of Israel, Jews have since declared dozens of messiahs, were they the real thing? Nah. The rabbis real thing will be the anti-Christ who the Orthodox church teaches will be a Jew and I would not dear viewers you should have fellowship with demons." Brother Nathanael

‘Something Of A Life’ - John Elliot

Mike Buchanan: The other day we had a donation of £250 from a new [J4MB] supporter, John Elliot. I asked him if he’d like to write a piece about why he’s supporting J4MB, and this was his response:
John Elliot. “It was 1955, and the sun shone on the houses that were our homes. I played outside and enjoyed the world of a five-year-old.
From a few doors away, a girl of 13 started coming to our house, presumably out of a teenager’s fascination with small children. I can’t remember what we did, but one day I put my hand up her skirt from behind. She stiffened and then relaxed as the frisson of pleasure took over her body. After that we engaged in rudimentary sexual activity regularly in the back garden in a den that we had made.
I was too young to have proper intercourse. She was frustrated with my pathetic efforts and, accordingly, one day she calmly got up and went to the back door of our house. My mother came to the door and the girl complained that I had sexually interfered with her. In the background, I hopped up and down, thinking that now I was in big trouble. My mother didn’t understand, or pretended not to, and the girl went off down the garden path, defeated. My mother took me into the house and told me not to do it again. It was one of the few good things she did for me.
That day I learned that:
Females lie brazenly about sexual matters  
They believe that sex is something bad that males do to females
They believe that they are absolved from all complicity in such matters

President Zeman Tells Washington That The Czech Republic Is Not An American Protectorate

By Paul Craig Roberts: As readers know, I have emphasized for years that European governments are regarded by Washington as vassals who behave according to Washington’s wishes. It has been 70 years–two or three generations–since former world powers, such as Great Britain and Germany had an independent foreign policy.
In addition to this ignobility, European governments are also vassals to the EU, so on the sovereignty front European countries are twice damned. They simply have no sovereignty.
This is why it is so easy for Washington to spin a web of lies and drive its vassals into a “crisis” with Russia that does not serve the interests of Europeans. Washington’s European puppets don’t count. Only Washington counts.
Next month is Russia’s Victory Day celebration over Nazi Germany. Washington has told its puppets not to attend, and many including German chancellor Merkel have complied with their overlord’s demand. But not the President of the Czech Republic.
When the US ambassador to the Czech Republic, Andrew Schapiro, advised President Milos Zeman to cancel his participation in the Russian celebration, President Zeman threw the Obama fundraiser out of the presidential castle. The Czech people, President Zeman said, were next in line for extermination by the Nazis, and it was the Red Army that saved the Czech people.

US Political Prisoner Barrett Brown Has Email Access Blocked By The Bureau Of Prisons

By Michael Krieger: Since Barrett was arrested in September 2012, he has undergone an incredible degree of harassment at the hands of the feds, which are quite frankly not just exacting revenge on him, but also demonstrating how terrified they are of his capability, determination and courage. They want to lock this guy up and throw away the key, which is precisely what they initially tried to do by threatening him with over a century in prison.
Ultimately, Barrett received a five year sentence earlier this year, of which he had already served about half. Being the guy that he is, Barrett has been conducting interviews from prison with various media personalities (with Infowars and Sam Seder), and most recently had been in discussions with Glenn Greenwald to write for the Intercept.
This didn’t please the Bureau of Prisons all that much, and immediately after his email correspondence with Glenn, his email account was suspended. Greenwald then tweeted the following:
Glenn Greenwald Was talking to @BarrettBrownLOL about articles he'd write for @the_intercept - suddenly his email access was revoked http://tumblr.freebarrettbrown.org/post/115352286484/statement-on-the-suspension-of-barrett-browns 
Now, courtesy of the Free Barrett Brown blog, we can hear about what happened directly from Barrett. See below:
Barrett Brown’s account of the arbitrary suspension of his e-mail
April 5, 2015