8 Apr 2015

The Rolling Stone Rush To Judgment Wasn’t “Isolated And Unusual,” It Was Business As Usual In Our Misandric, Gynocentric Culture

By The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism issued a scathing report Sunday on the editorial breakdown at Rolling Stone magazine that allowed publication of a story about a purported gang rape of a woman namedJackieat the University of Virginia that never really happened. The magazine said it considers the whole affair “an isolated and unusual episode.”
And once again, we’ve learned nothing from yet another in a long line of high profile rape accusations that imploded under the weight of its own prevarications. The fact that “Jackie’s” outlandish rape tale was so readily believed by the article’s author, by Rolling Stone’s editors, and by vast segments of the American public wasn’t “an isolated and unusual” phenomenon. It was business as usual in our culture. If you can stomach an example, read the chilling transcript of Bonny Ghosh’s  television news report about the Hofstra “rape” case shortly before it imploded. (It’s little wonder that after Danmell Ndonye swore under oath that she lied about the rape, the falsely accused young men were booed on a national television program.)
The real lesson of the UVA “gang rape” that never really happened isn’t about Sabrina Erdely, Rolling Stone or its lax editors. It isn’t about reporters who take liberties with the facts, and it’s not about “editorial breakdowns.” And it isn’t about “expert fabulist storytellers” who tell rape lies but who seem like credible people. Those are pieces in a much larger puzzle.

5 Reasons No Man Should Marry And 1 Reason He Might

By I write this as a woman happily married for 15 years. We met in graduate school and neither one of us had any real understanding of the risks legal marriage involves, so we did it. It’s wasn’t about having a wedding, either. We got married in a park with only close family and friends present and then we went for pizza. I bought my dress the day before. To us, it was about making a lifelong commitment and pledging to love one another, til death do us part.
If I knew then what I know now, I might have made a different choice.
Being legally married is like having a loaded gun in my hand. I can choose not to pull the trigger, but ultimately his life is in my hands, and that is unfair. No one should have the right to destroy another person, but legal marriage gives women exactly that power. 70% of young men in the US are unmarried, and for the 30% who went ahead and put a ring on it?  Good luck. Here are 5 reasons no man should consider getting married, and one reason he might.
1. You’ll be considered her personal property
Once upon a time, getting married and settling down and having kids and taking on a mortgage was the definition of manhood. All those things made you an adult, worthy of respect and admiration. In 2015, those things make you a chump. Father knows best has been replaced with the image of fathers as bumbling, slovenly idiots who would be sleeping in a dumpster if it were not for the controlling, condescending shrew he married.
2. Your sex life will die

Gender Marxism - MGTOW

Sandman: "Hello, the biggest reason I don't identify as a MGTOW is because of these elitists types that think putting out less effort makes them superior. As a 27 year old, tall, decent looking man, there is very little in the world that I enjoy more than rejecting young attractive women at the bar. I'm not sure if it's human nature, because I've never know anyone else that does this. My take on it is that my hindbrain rewards me for not mating with the lowest common denominator, because those women were probably the only ones that got rejected as we were evolving.

Paul Elam (AVfM) Lectures At Kennesaw State University

Invited to lecture at the Male Students in Peril Conference on November 1, 2014 at Kennesaw State University, Mr. Elam delivers a passionate and informative speech.

How Can We Stop Islamophobia?

Russell Brand discusses the rise in Islamophobia with people in Marrakech. I also talk about the shift that is needed beyond Westminster politics and the recent leaders' debate.

Greece Demands €278bn WWII Reparations From Germany - More Than Its Debt To EU

RT: Germany owes Greece no less than €278.7 billion in World War II reparations, Athens said, referring to the destruction wrought upon the nation during the Nazi occupation. The sum exceeds Greece’s total debt of €240 billion to the EU.
"According to our calculations, the debt linked to German reparations is €278.7 billion euros, including €10.3 billion for the so-called forced loan. All the other amounts are related to allowances for individuals or infrastructure,” said the country’s deputy finance minister, Dimitris Mardas.
The figure was calculated by a parliamentary committee and the Greek supreme court. The numbers have previously varied between €269 billion and €332 billion. 

Mardas added that at the 1946 Paris Conference the amount of reparations was set at $341.2 billion.  
In response, Gabriel Sigmar, Germany’s economy minister and vice chancellor, described Greece’s demand as “stupid.”

White US Cop Murdered Another Unarmed Black Man: Video

A white cop has been charged with murdering a black man in the US state of South Carolina because someone videoed it happening.
Press TV: On Tuesday, Mayor Keith Summey of North Charleston made the announcement at a press conference after the video of the Saturday incident surfaced.
“When you’re wrong, you’re wrong,” Summey said. “When you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.”
The footage appeared to show officer Michael T. Slager firing multiple times at the apparently unarmed 50-year-old Walter L. Scott as he ran away.

The Iran Nuclear Energy Agreement: Force Again Prevails Over Law

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Israel Lobby and its associated neocon war criminals will block if they can the nuclear energy agreement, worked out by Putin, Iran, and Obama, which has the promise of bringing to an end the US orchestrated crisis over Iran’s development of nuclear energy.
As a signatory to the nuclear weapons non-proliferation treaty, which Israel is not, Iran has the right under the treaty to develop nuclear energy. Iran, alone of all the signatories to the treaty, has had its rights under the treaty cancelled by economic sanctions imposed by the US and by the threat of a US military attack.
Neither US intelligence nor the International Atomic Energy Agency, which inspects Iran’s enrichment sites, has reported any sign of an Iranian nuclear weapons program for the past decade. Despite the absence of any evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, the crazed Israeli government and its neoconservative agents, who represent Israel’s interests, not America’s, have almost driven the US to war with Iran over nuclear weapons as non-existent as Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.
The nuclear energy agreement that has been reached eliminates any possibility of Iran diverting enriched uranium to a weapons program. Nevertheless Washington warmongers and the Israel Lobby are attempting to block the agreement with the argument that “Iran’s leaders cannot be trusted.”
The real question, however, is on what basis can Iran possibly trust Washington?

The MHRM: Out Of The Closet - Again

By This article is mainly directed at those MHRAs who are still in the closet – no, not that one. I am referring to the closet in which many of us conceal the true extent of our involvement in the MHRM from some – perhaps even all – of our family, friends and colleagues. There are a variety of reasons, some more valid and compelling than others, why MHRA closet cases have chosen to keep their affiliations with A Voice for Men on the down-low, so to speak.
While those close to me couldn’t possibly have failed to notice that I am not feminism’s number one fan, for many years, only my family, my partner and a select number of friends actually knew that I had written articles for A Voice for Men and that my level of commitment to the rights and welfare of men and boys ran deep.
I have lived and worked overseas for more than twenty years and only return to Australia for one month every year. I spend this time with my family and the ever-dwindling handful of true friends whose loyalty and support I value more than they will ever know. Needless to say, discussing social issues and gender politics is not how I have chosen to spend what little time I have each year to catch up face-to-face with these cherished people.
Towards the end of my visit last August, my decision to speak at the Second International Conference on Men’s Issues in Houston made it necessary for me to inform these friends that I was, in fact, a MHRA. Reactions were mixed. Let’s just say that the main difference between coming out as a gay man and coming out as a MHRA, is that when you come out as a MHRA, no-one gives you a hug and tells you that they’ll always love you anyway.

Big Brother Takes Over Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa over anti-Kiev posts
RT: A Ukrainian-born pianist was barred from playing at Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) for expressing views on the situation in Ukraine via Twitter, according to the soloist herself. The move led to a social media storm tagged #LetValentinaPlay.
The orchestra has officially announced its decision to drop pianist Valentina Lisitsa from its Rachmaninoff Concerto #2 program earlier this week. TSO President and CEO Jeff Melanson cited “ongoing accusations of deeply offensive language by Ukrainian media outlets,” adding that Lisitsa’s “provocative comments” had allegedly “overshadowed past performances.”
In the statement, Melanson seems to be referring to Lisitsa’s Twitter posts, in which she expresses her views on the situation in Ukraine.

Feminist USA: The Most Whiney, Thin-Skinned, Easily Offended Society In The History Of The World

 Sorry, but it’s your fault if you’re offended all the time 
By Matt Walsh: I truly believe that we are the most whiney, sensitive, thin-skinned, easily offended society in the history of the world.
Nobody has ever been as prolific at getting offended as we are.
Nobody cries over insignificant nonsense as loudly and consistently as us.
It’s the one thing we seem to do better than everyone else on the planet. We corner the Offended Market, and it’s not even close. Modern Americans love to get offended more than we love eating Cinnabon or talking about our fitness goals. If it was an Olympic sport, we’d grab the gold, silver, and bronze every year. If it was a job, we’d all be millionaires. In fact, we have turned it into a job, and the people who do it professionally are millionaires (Al Sharpton, etc). It is our calling card, our national pastime. It is the battle we fight and the banner we wave.
We get offended faster and more efficiently than anyone. And it’s not just our speed that separates us from the rest — it’s our endurance. We have a limitless capacity for offendedness. Every week there are dozens of new national outrages and boycott campaigns and social media crusades to raise awareness about some offensive thing, or to get someone fired for saying some offensive thing, or to teach people that some previously non-offensive thing has now become offensive.