9 Apr 2015

Greek And British Ugly Scenarios - Max Keiser And Stacy Herbert With Steve Keen

The ugly scenario for Greece and the equally ugly current account deficit in the UK. What is the reality, and what are the solutions?

Divide And Conquer: The Feminist SJW Modus Operandi

By : “Whitey” is under every bed, he’s behind every problem facing women and minorities, he is omnipresent, he is both our mortal enemy and yet we are all so helpless that we must beg or demand that he fix the problems he supposedly created for us. All the victims of whites together could build a better world, a world of peace and harmony without war, without pollution and most of all, without rape. If we all would just invest our energy into ending white privilege and securing favors for women then we can all live in a Grand Feminist Utopia.
Or so feminists would have you believe. This reductionist view of Black people and women is akin to a modern-age Noble Savage doctrine and is insulting to not just minorities and women but to every intelligent white person as well. Here are some of the atrocious examples of recent feminist propaganda aimed at reinforcing this world-view.
Quote from the above article:

Dad, you are a white man….
You have both the privilege and the curse of living in the unmarked, white blind spot of the American racial imaginary. If you have enjoyed living there, departing only to return comfortably home to White every night, I’m afraid you have a problem.
Me. I am your problem….

U.S. Police Kill More Civilians In March Than UK Police Killed In 100 Years

By Michael Krieger: The following statistics seem impossible to believe. While I wonder how accurately the UK has been tracking these numbers historically, the enormous spread seems much too large to ignore, and is a national embarrassment that should be dealt with immediately.
From the Free Thought Project:

A new report by ThinkProgress.com unearthed disturbing figures when it came to the number of police-related deaths that occurred in America in the month of March alone.
Just last month, in the 31 days of March, police in the United States killed more people than the UK did in the entire 20th century. In fact, it was twice as many; police in the UK only killed 52 people during that 100 year period.
According to the report by ThinkProgess, in March alone, 111 people died during police encounters — 36 more than the previous month.
This high number in March increased the average for police killings from every 8.5 hours, to nearly 1 police killing every 6.5 hours in the US.

This Week In Feminist Stupid

Feminists' insane jealousy due to men making cheap popular films for themselves.  Sargon of Akkad

Male Suicide Pilots - MGTOW

I'm going to talk about something that's been on my mind since the crash of the German-wings plane a couple of weeks ago. As many of you know the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz intentionally crashed the plane and killed everyone. But I wasn't surprised to learn that western society isn't dealing with the problem of pilot and co-pilot suicide by trying to help men. Instead they are taking additional precautions like making sure there are two crew members in the cockpit at all times. Everyone is now supposed to feel safe because there can't be anymore suicide pilots in the cockpit. But that's not exactly true.

MGTOW Fun: More Damn Canadians!!! + MGTOW Response: To Tammi The Feminist

I can't believe I predicted these hosers' effects! M

Tsipras: Greece Will Seek To Mend Russia EU Ties Through Institutions - Putin: Comprehensive, Just Solution To Cyprus Conflict Needed

RT: Greece will use its presence in various European institutions to promote dialogue between Russia and EU countries, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.
Dialogue on a range of European issues, including security in the region, is not possible without Russia, Tsipras added.
"There is a direct necessity to return to a serious dialogue on a new architecture of security, strengthening the role of the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] with the help of this dialogue," Tsipras said at the press conference in Moscow.
Putin said he discussed the future of relations between Russia and the European Union with the Greek prime minister. "We've exchanged opinions on the prospects for Russia-EU relations," he told a press conference.

What The "Cure Cancer" Cult Isn't Telling You + What Your Computer's File Directory Says About Your Mind

Cancer rates continue to skyrocket across the globe...but don't worry! According to the cult of the cancer cure, that's a good thing! Do you ever wonder why the foundation-funded research industry and its Fortune 500 corporate members never want you to examine the causes of this rise in cancer? Well wonder no more as James Corbett shines some light on the carcinogenic chemicals that are increasingly polluting our environment thanks to the same Big Ag / Big Pharma / Big Foundation cronies who are pushing the slash-and-burn "cure" research in the first place. corbettreport

Social Justice In European Politics And A Discussion Of International Economics

"Feminist social justice warriors destroyed the German Pirate Party and then went away." A conversation about how social justice has infected European national politics, followed by a free-form discussion on international economics and power-politics. Sargon of Akkad

MGTOW Account: Semantics + The Catholic Church, Traditionalism & MGTOW

This video attempts an account of MGTOW solely based on the semantics of the sentence that MGTOW stands for, namely, men going their own way. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

The Dissident Dad - Free Your Mind, Part 2

By The Dissident Dad: Last week, I chose to take on a different tack and put together a list of 50 things to try instead of, or in addition to, going straight to college. It’s a lengthy list, so only the first 25 were posted last week. Here is the rest of the list:
26) Volunteer at a Zoo: Zoos contain a great wealth of information, and they’re an awesome place to volunteer. You get to meet other animal lovers, learn how animals are cared for (like bears and lions), and possibly even get to take part in their care yourself. It’s something very few people get to do!
27) Write Songs: Lyrically, songs take a bit of work. You’re working with both a beat and verbal flow, which requires a strong grasp of the English language (or another) and fitting things together. This makes it a strong creative outlet, and could even lead to a job writing lyrics for others.
28) Learn to Drive Race Cars: Most of us have had that desire to get behind the wheel of a race car and take it around the track. Or even just go on a drag strip. Learning how to drive a car in these extreme conditions requires great hand-eye coordination, and fast reflexes. But if you master it, you could actually get sponsored to drive cars!
29) Write Guest Blog Posts: If you want to get your message out to others (and gain a following in the process), hit up your favorite sites and ask if they accept guest posts. You’d be surprised at how many will, and that opens you up to a huge readership. And in some cases, site owners may even offer payments in return for the articles.

Requiem Opus - Introduction + Toccata And Frog In Butthurt Major

"Today I am starting my life over with the help of MGTOW and the compassion of other men who have been in this dark well before me. I have been shown the first rung of the ladder, it's up to me to climb it. Today I begin the journey towards the light knowing that I am not alone, that I have no reason to feel the shame that still cripples my mind." Introduction to a series and a personal journey as I find my way out of male shame and stop apologising for being alive. The Armchair Arsehole