17 Apr 2015

Dont Fuck Wid Da Popes + Mind Bending Terror - The FKN Newz

"I gotta admit, the two popes thing, its gotta be difficult for ya, I mean, which one of us is god speaking directly to right?" Deek Jackson

Red Pill Metamorphosis

Another Feminist Who Doesn't Know She's Indoctrinated...

It always makes me sad to come across videos like these, where a seemingly intelligent woman has been so brainwashed by feminism that she legitimately believes feminism is a good thing. I guess this is why I have to keep making videos. Maybe I can wake some of these women up. Ceara McCord

Would A President With A Vagina Make A Difference?

"This woman is not an alternative. ...She is the washing machine!" Russell Brand. In this episode of the Trews Russell look at two US electoral campaign videos and unearth what the true agenda behind them is.

MGTOW: Woman Experiences Male Privilege, Prefers Being Oppressed

"I swear to god then next time I hear a girl saying you should walk a mile in my shoes I am going to link her this video. How about you walk a mile in a man's shoes." Raging Golden Eagle

Raw Dog Style Honey Badger Radio #1: Live from Calgary

Please note: we are non-violent and when we say that we will do things that will get us arrested, we mean, for example, engaging in free speech in a totalitarian regime.

First Banksters’ Problem Is Fairness (ft. Russell Brand)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss rackets and their suckers and what Charlie Brown might have to say about the latest banker outrage. In the second half, Max interviews comedian, author and activist Russell Brand about his new film, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. They discuss crypto currency, revolution and the Queen’s head.

Jeff Rense & Gilad Atzmon - Re-Electing A Tyrant

"I am wonking on Jewish identity politics. They are working 24/7 bringing disaster on ths earth." Says Gilad Atzmon.  Jeff Rense: Guest Gilad Atzmon on the Jeff Rense Program.

Eating While MGTOW: Boom-Boom Chicken

By : OK, so we already know that chicken is a favorite among those looking for bang for their grocery bucks. It is a very versatile food as well. You got your fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken soup, bar-b-cue chicken and chicken and dumplings. You can turn south of the US border and find other uses. Chicken fajitas, chicken enchiladas, chicken flautas and a dozen other things called pollo con something or another.
We like chicken so much we actually name other kinds of meat after it. Chicken of the Sea and chicken fried steak come to mind. Heck, we even invoke the sacred chicken when we are eating something that a lot of people normally don’t eat.

Man Killed Himself In Front Of U.S. Capitol Holding A “Tax The 1%” Sign

By Michael Krieger: Yesterday, 21-year old Josephine Witt captured the world’s attention (and much of its admiration) for interrupting a press conference being held by the European branch of the global central banking cartel by sprinkling confetti all over ECB crime boss Mario Draghi. What was equally important, but didn’t make the headlines, was that just days earlier a 22-year old Illinois man committed suicide in front of the U.S. Capitol while holding a sign that said: “Tax the 1%.”
His death seems to have been, in part at least, a political statement. As such, people should pay close attention. While I don’t doubt the sincerity of his beliefs, I am troubled by the simplicity of the message on his sign because it reminds me of a phony political slogan. It likely demonstrates a deep ignorance of how the financial system actually works, and how the super rich exercise economic and political dominance.

Signs That 'The Elites' Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big

Submitted by Michael Snyder: What in the world are the elite up to?  In recent days, we have learned that the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a “natural disaster” could do, the federal government is buying 62 million rounds of ammunition commonly used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles for “training” purposes, and NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain because it is “EMP-hardened”.  In addition, government authorities have scheduled a whole host of unusual “training exercises” all over the nation.  So are the elite doing all of this in order to prepare for something really BIG, or should we just chalk up all of this strange activity to rampant government paranoia?
First, let’s talk about what the New York Fed has been doing.  What kind of natural disaster would be bad enough to completely shut down the operations of the New York Federal Reserve Bank?  It would have to be something very unusual, and apparently the New York Fed is very concerned that such an event could happen.  According to Reuters, the New York Fed has been transferring personnel to Chicago and building up its satellite office there just in case a natural disaster makes it impossible for normal operations to continue in New York…