22 Apr 2015

Devil's Advocate - Honey Badger Don't Cry Mothafuka

"I would call it a train wreck but it's too weird for that." johntheother Honey badgers don't damsel and MRA's don't "support" victim posturing - until they do, and you mofos are ridiculous and hopeless. #badgergate. Ha!

The Dissident Dad - Raising Independent Minded Children In America Is Tough

No joke, trying to raise an independent-minded, decent human being in America is like trying to fly through a Category 5 hurricane.
For starters, nothing beats some of the toys offered up to kids. For example, you can hone your child’s remote killing skills by buying him or her a military drone toy. Not only can you kill women and children in their homes, but you can do so without actually having to deploy overseas!
Teach your kids this valuable skill via the, Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft – US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator with Display Stand, available at Amazon:
At least toying around with unmanned drones is safer to than playing at public parks. In case you missed it, a 12-year-old boy was recently killed by the local militarized police in Cleveland for just holding a toy gun at a park. Sorry, I just can’t get this story out of my head. While shooting a child within 2 seconds of arriving at the scene was criminal enough, to just stand around and not offer up any first aid was unimaginably evil.
All that said, it’s my opinion that the most dangerous place for a young child is often America’s taxpayer-funded schools. These places are frequently characterized by an endless flow of bullshit my kids hopefully won’t ever have to go through. Just the other day, an 11-year-old Kansas child was taken away from his mother after challenging an anti-drug propaganda program at his school.

When Did We All Become Murderers?

By : Appalled doesn’t cover it. Disgusted won’t do either. Angry doesn’t come close. Maybe I have yet to learn of a word that would express my feelings on the following topic. There’s a disease, an epidemic, that spreads through out the western world. We are all turning into accomplices to murder. And I still believe we are better than that. Just perhaps not all of us.
The US, and the rest of the west, have made plenty enemies already without needing to create their own out of thin air – as if there were ever a need to create enemies. But that’s still what we’ve been doing in many places in the world, including Ukraine. And there’s an entire multi-billion machine working just to make us think what someone else wants us to think about these ‘enemies’.
These days, when you call someone ‘pro-Russian’, that’s about on on the same level as ‘murderer’, rapist, things like that. And that must be why the western press once again resorts to ‘pro-Russian’ as a swear word, or even curse, in reporting on the murders of at least 10 people in Ukraine over the past 3 months. As far as we can see, all were considered ‘allies’ of former President Yanukovych (whatever ‘allies’ may mean in this context) and 2 were journalists (of whom at least 1 was also a historian).
Yanukovych was (or is, actually) not a saint. He was the utterly corrupt president of a country that has been utterly corrupt for a very long time. It still is today, and it’s getting worse, fast. Whereas Russia didn’t feel it had the right or need to interfere in the country, the west did.

The Reality Of Killing All Men (#KillAllMen)

Using realistic data, I describe what society might look like should a male genocide take place. Miss Misanthropist

Dating a Feminist - MGTOW

Williamjames2006. "I'm from East Africa and I am an international student at the university of Ottawa in Canada. I am writing to you in order to tell you a concern that I am currently facing, there is this girl [self-proclaimed radical feminist] that is from Ghana but she was born in Canada and we are classmates, but I do not love her, and she has been asking me to take her out on a dinner for two months now. I told her that I will pay my share and that she should pay her own.

Awakened With A Kiss: Sexual Assault

By If you have the slightest doubt that colleges don’t have the foggiest idea how to handle claims of sexual assault, look no further than Brandeis University.
A student was accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student, with whom he had been in a nearly two-year romantic relationship. The couple eventually broke up, but remained friendly. Then, suddenly, in January 2014, the accuser alleged that the accused had initiated non-consensual interactions dating to 2011. Based on a vague allegation of sexual assault, the accused student was placed on “emergency suspension.”
Brandeis skipped its regular hearing process – who needs fair processes? -and called in a big gun to investigate: Elizabeth Sanghavi, one of the authors of the Department of Education’s dreadful “Dear Colleague” letter. Sanghavi interviewed both parties but elected not to put anyone under oath or record the interviews. According to Prof. KC Johnson, “The accused student had no right to counsel, and no right to see his accuser’s testimony, much less to cross-examine the accuser.”
Sanghavi concluded that the first time the two students had slept together, the accused committed sexual assault. The fact that this “assault” led to a 21-month relationship did not raise red flags for Sanghavi that perhaps the interaction really was consensual.
Sanghavi also found the accused guilty of nonconsensual sexual conduct because he sometimes awoke the accuser with a kiss, the same as countless couples in intimate relationships do every day around the globe. No matter, Sanghavi held.

I Was Wrong About Feminism: Why I Deserved To Be Censored

"I made a mistake. ...Feminism is not what we thought it is. I realised what it means to be a feminist today, it means you believe that women are inept fools, that was my mistake. I thought that they were empowered, I thought that they were strong and intelligent and I was wrong. To be a feminist today you have to think low of women, you have to think that women are pathetic. To be a modern feminist you have to believe that men are better than women. You have to treat women like mentally retarded children. I'm sorry." Red Pill Philosophy

Obama Declares War On Climate Change - The FKN Newz

Hi Everybody Wednesday is earth day - a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home - just a day though - lets not go crazy - after wednesday well all get back to raping the planet in every orrifice with our giant profit mongering hard ons - to make a few rich people slightly richer

Truth Is Washington’s Enemy

US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US. 
By Paul Craig Roberts: On April 15 at a hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of which Royce is chairman, Royce made use of two minor presstitutes to help him redefine all who take exception to Washington’s lies as “threats” who belong to a deranged pro-Russian propaganda cult.
Washington’s problem is that whereas Washington controls the print and TV media in the US and its vassal states in Europe, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Japan, Washington does not control Internet sites, such as this one, or media, such as RT, of non-vassal states. Consequently, Washington’s lies are subject to challenge, and as people lose confidence in Western print and TV media because of the propaganda content, Washington’s agendas, which depend on lies, are experiencing rougher sledding.

Feminists Have Dismantled The Social Conventions That Protected Women Against Rape

Rape is to feminists what exploitation is to the communists. It provides concrete evidence that their ideology is needed, and it enshrines it in the heart of our legal system. It is their  most holy sacred cow.
In their version of events, the low conviction rate of reported rapes is a product of society’s confusion, our prejudices and bias. Our young people are about to have an educational programme about consent inflicted on them to disabuse them of their ignorance, correct their attitudes and make sure that they all start explicitly giving consent.
The feminists are wrong.  It is the rate of reporting which is a product of ideology and the rate of conviction which represents the triumph of common sense.

ECB Prepares To Sacrifice Greek Banks With 50% Collateral Haircut

In what seems like a coincidental retaliation for Greece's pivot to Russia (and following Greece's initiation of capital controls), the supposedly independent European Central Bank has decided suddenly that - after dishing out €74 billion of emergency liquidity to the Greek National Bank to fund its banks - as The NY Times reports, the value of the collateral that Greek banks post at their own central bank to secure these loans be reduced by as much as 50%, and the haircut scould increase if negotiations with Europe remain at an impasse. As we detailed earlier, this is about as worst-case-scenario for Greece as is 'diplomatically' possible currently, and highlights an increasingly hard line by The ECB toward The Greeks as the move will leave banks hard-pressed to survive.

Syrian Girl Reviews The Middle East

"Israelis trafficking black market human organs."
Says Syrian Girl