26 Apr 2015

MGTOW: Falsely Accused Of Rape And Fighting Back!

More and more "rape" stories (among other feminist talking points) are proven to be blatant lies seemingly by the day. And to make things better, the falsely accused are fighting back! Raging Golden Eagle

MGTOW Commentary: On Feminist Poem + On Bree's Assault

I slam a feminist's poem. Enjoy! M

Potent Whisper #OurBrixton (Spoken Word)‬ + RASPECT FYABINGHI - ANOTHER DAY

Brixton has seen a lot of change in recent years. Unfortunately not all of this change has been positive. Social housing is being demolished and huge amounts of local families are being evicted to make way for unaffordable private developments, our libraries and public services are under attack and we have had news that traders at the world famous Brixton Railway Arches are all to be evicted by Network Rail for “refurbishments”.
The above are examples of some of the changes that are often referred to as "progress" by those with power, but is this really the type of "progress" our community wants? Further, is this the type of progress that LONDON wants?

Rape Your Sex Robot

Is it possible to rape a sex robot? What about killing a robot, is that murder? Is formatting your HDD euthanasia? Is changing the batteries in your Rhoomba slavery? Of course, yes to all the above - if you have a penis, that is. Sex robots exist now, but we think they don’t because when we say sex robot, we’re thinking of a female-bodied robot. The vast majority of actual sex robots are for women to fuck, not for men. johntheother

Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of "Small Debtors"

Last week, the Greek government issued a decree which called for local governments to transfer excess cash to the central bank so that Athens would be able to pay pensions, salaries, and the IMF. The move is expected to raise as much as €2 billion to help keep the country afloat while the country’s “amateurish, time-wasting gambler” of a FinMin feebly attempts to find some kind of middle ground with his EU counterparts and as PM Tsipras pulls out all the stops including the old EU Summit sideline end-around with Merkel and the wild card energy gas pipeline advance from Gazprom (which may portend the dreaded “Russian pivot").  
If the “temporary” local government reserve sweep constitutes what we have brandedsoft” capital controls, we now have the first evidence that the “hard” variety may have arrived because as Kathimerini reports, Greek debtors are having their deposits seized in lieu of payment.

Greece: Entrapment Of Occupiers By The Riot Police Inside A Building Provokes Protesters To Attack

Perseus999: On 16 April 2015, following 3 days of encirclement by scores of riot policemen of a university building, that had been occupied by anarchists for 18 days in the centre of Athens, Greece, in solidarity to a hunger strike of political prisoners (some of them for 47 days on that day) enraged protesters that gathered before a solidarity protest against destructive gold mining in Calkidiki in northern Greece and begun to throw bags of food and health essentials above the heads of policemen to the entrapped occupiers and then begun attacks that escalated into riot.

The Drug War And The US Prison-Industrial Complex + Libya Migrant Crisis: Whose Fault? + Morsi Jailed: Another Mission Accomplished + US warships in Yemen. Why?

In Idaho the drug warriors and the prison-industrial complex are working hand-in-hand to deliver big profits to the corporatists by maintaining one of the highest prison populations in the USA. Watch the Liberty Report to see what happens to Idaho families seeking to use cannabis oil to provide relief for their very ill children. With special guest Will Norman Grigg. RonPaulLibertyReport

Radical Feminist BBC: Bigotry, Bias, Corruption

5hadowfaxYes, you heard correctly, the BBC has finally crossed the line separating bias and corruption. Their decision to hold the Ashfield hustings debate in front of a women-only audience - a debate that they are duty-bound to cover in an impartial and inclusive way - clearly shows that they are deliberately using their influence as a publicly-funded broadcaster to sabotage J4MB's election campaign.

Female Doublespeak - MGTOW

"Alexandra is like a butcher trying to understand the plight of a chicken before she slaughters it and has it for dinner."
"I've heard about Alexandra Blue before. She's also from Toronto, the city I live in. One of the worst feminist strongholds in the world. And she's around the age of twenty and she recently produced a video called "Dear Men" about four months ago and it's been her most popular video in four years with over twenty-five thousand views. She was talking about the sexodus article And then she made a second video attempting to clarify that she's not a feminist. In her first video she shames men for blaming feminists.

Plane Hacking Goes Mainstream

"WiFi is gonna crash planes, were all gonna die!" corbettreport

Mike Buchanan: Interview By Radical Feminist For BBC Sunday Politics + On Women In politics - The Stephen Nolan Show, BBC Radio Ulster

Mike Buchanan: On Thursday 9 April, Ray Barry (our candidate in Broxtowe) and I travelled to Nottingham to be interviewed by BBC TV (East Midlands). We were both interviewed for an edition of Sunday Politics to be transmitted three days later. I was interviewed by Sarah Honeycombe, a radical feminist who'd studied Politics at university. Before the interview I asked her if she was a gender feminist or an equity feminist, and she said she was both, amusingly. A couple of simple questions soon revealed her to be a gender (i.e. radical) feminist. Ray was interviewed by a female presenter.

Jew Vs. Muslim

Evidence of Lord Janner’s paedophilia is flooding in.
By Gilad Atzmon: The Daily Mail reported today that police and social workers were told more than 20 years ago that the peer took a vulnerable boy to Labour Party offices and Parliament before molesting him in his marital bed. A ten-page witness statement details the alleged victim's harrowing ordeal at the hands of Janner.” 
But there is a crucial fact that the British press attempts to conceal. Lord Janner was the chairman of the Board of Deputies, a group that claims to represent all British Jews at the same time he was allegedly molesting little boys. If the allegations are true, then Janner molested young boys at the same time that he represented the Jewish community. I can see why the British press attempts to conceal Lord Janner’s prominence within the Jewish world.  But would the British press make a similar collective effort to conceal the ethnicity or prominence of a British Muslim paedophile?