27 Apr 2015

Why Is No One Talking About The Political Assassinations In Ukraine

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news in Ukraine about the mysterious deaths of key opponents to the Kiev western backed government. We also detail Hillary Clinton involvement and how see abused her powers as secretary of state. WeAreChange

Why Are US Special Forces In 81 Countries?

US special operations forces have seen a five-fold increase in budget and a doubling of personnel since 2001. They are now active in at least 81 countries. They operate in secret, with little scrutiny. Is this a good thing? RonPaulLibertyReport


By David R. Usher: Feminists working to expand social control of education and law have a dangerous new weapon: Phony rape allegations. The last few months have seen a flurry of rape allegations. In short order, almost all of them are found to be phony.
This trick is not new, but a new variation on old feminist themes that all died quiet factual deaths after wreaking havoc on the nation.
In the 1970’s, feminists made child abuse a national issue to get power, sue insurance companies, and seize custody of children in predatory divorces. The McMartin preschool day care fiasco, Little Rascals Day Care false conviction, and the Fells Acres Day Care wrongful conviction are just three of the many phony child abuse cases that were tragic feminist abuses of the justice system. The ruse fell apart in big cases, and later family courts when everyone discovered that it is impossible to program kids to say what feminists want them to say.
In the 1990’s, feminist adopted false domestic violence allegations in family law cases. They chose domestic violence because it does not require programming of children. A massive feminist psycho-industrial complex emerged producing reams of false science about domestic violence. Despite the fact that domestic violence declined 1/3 since 1976, The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 was born, with $1-billion in annual funding empowering feminists to destroy families and falsely blame all domestic violence on men.

Insanity Grips The Western World

By Paul Craig Roberts: Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, US neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” In September 2013 President Obama actually stood before the United Nations and declared, “I believe America is exceptional.”
Germany’s political leaders and those in Great Britain, France, and throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan also believe that America is exceptional, which means better than they are. That’s why these countries are Washington’s vassals. They accept their inferiority to the Exceptional Country — the USA — and follow its leadership.
It is unlikely that the Chinese think that a handful of White People are exceptional in anything except their diminutive numbers. The populations of Asia, Africa, and South America dwarf those that comprise Washington’s Empire.
Neither do the Russians believe that the US is exceptional. Putin’s response to Obama’s claim of American superiority was: “God created us equal.” Putin added: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”

TEDx - Ep6 Lessons For My Poor Son

Another horror show curtsey of TEDx. SkepTorr

MGTOW Thought: The Cascade Effect

'My response to Stardusk on the MGTOW growth issue, or on blotting out the Sun.' M

Laci Green Is Stupid

Does Laci Green matter? Unfortunately, yes. Feminism LOL

Bristol University's Resident Radical Feminist Finn Mackay

By Mike Buchanan: Finn Mackay is a radical feminist ‘academic’ at the University of Bristol – one of those people who’d be quite unemployable outside academia, which along with everything else financed by the state, is 72% funded from taxes paid by men.
A particularly androgynous woman who dresses in a very manly manner (why do radical feminists do that, given how much they hate men?), I’ve heard tales of how she’s been asked to leave Ladies’ toilets by women who’ve assumed her to be a man.
A little over two years ago, I wrote an article for AVfM, Kat Banyard, Laura Bates, Finn Mackay: the noisy handful. Two months ago Ms Mackay had a book published by a leading international publisher, Palgrave Macmillan, with the catchy title Radical Feminism: Feminist Activism in Movement. The book’s entry on Amazon is here.
We note it’s a scorching #224,135 on the Amazon UK bestseller list, far below the Kindle ranking of my own Feminism: the ugly truth, published over three years ago. I obviously know how many copies of that ebook I sell, so Ms Mackay’s book must have been a thumping loss-maker for the publisher. Maybe, one day, a smart publisher will realise anti-feminist books outsell feminist books. You can but hope.

Animal Farm For Modern Man + Bad Start With Hillary

"The exceptional nation lives on food stamps and Jews rule the farm." Brother Nathanael

Rapper @50cent Pulls An @TjSotomayor & Goes In On The Angry BT-1000 On IG!

"Since the black man 50cent was not unhappy, somebody came to piss in his cornflakes!" TjSotomayor.

Dan Perrins: Shoes They Will Never Walk A Mile In, Much Less 75

By Two years ago today Earl Silverman threw a rope over the rafters in his garage and used it to hang himself. It was a tragic end to one very good man’s dogged and tireless efforts to establish a shelter for Canadian men who were victims of violent partners.
Earl’s tenacity in life made the shock and sense of loss of his death all the more profound. It was also a source of outrage for many of us as we watched the feminist community, the mainstream media and the Canadian government look the other way and whistle about a suicide in which they played a role in causing.
The people with the resources, political muscle and public influence in the area of domestic violence had ignored, dismissed and even mocked Earl for years. All he wanted to do was help people. All they wanted him to do was shut up.
Score one for their side. Earl will never pester them again about the victims they throw under the bus each and every day. They are culpable in his death as surely as if they had tied the noose and fitted it around his neck.

When Psychotherapists Hurt Families

By Imagine a paranoid schizophrenic. He believes that everyone is out to get him. The world is conspiring to kill him. They are at every corner, at the bus stop, in the parking lot and watching his house at night. He seeks out a psychotherapist. He is surprised but delighted when the therapist agrees with all his delusions. The therapist says, “Yes, people are out to get you, they are at the bus stop and parking lot and they are watching your house.” The patient and therapist collude on how to deal with this “problem” and in so doing dig the patient deeper and deeper into a delusional world that is ruining his life and the lives of the patient’s family. The family has been trying to help the gentleman realize that this is a part of his psychosis, and he needs to take his meds, but they have been far from successful. Nothing they can say has made any difference. Now the patient has a professional ally who agrees with his delusions and that person is also an authority. The family is sunk. They try to get a court ordered commitment to a mental health facility but the therapist testifies that the man is fine and his thoughts are not in error. The judge listens to the therapist and decides against the commitment. Things go downhill quickly. It was bad enough for the family to deal with the man’s pathology on their own but now they are outgunned and easily defeated by the authority, the therapist, speaking out and contradicting their reality. It is simple to see the devastating impact of such collusion and the irresponsibility of the therapist. This is clearly malpractice.
But could this happen in real life? I’m afraid so.