1 May 2015

Why Yet Another Liberal Progressive Woman Abandons Feminism

By I am not the typical woman you see posting pictures and declaring she doesn’t need feminism. I considered myself a feminist for 30 years. Like most women who consider themselves feminists, I didn’t read feminist literature or take women’s studies courses. I just believed it was about equality. I believed, and still do, that women are as intelligent and capable as men and should have equal rights and opportunities. That is what I thought feminism was all about. I was wrong.
In June of 2013 my boyfriend was driving me to work. We were pulled over by the Ashland Police and he was arrested for rape, cuffed, and thrown in the maximum security rape tank at the Jackson County Jail on a $1 million bail. It seems there had already been a secret grand jury that had indicted on just the testimony of his accuser.
I was completely aware of the allegations. His father’s now ex wife, Lisa, a mentally ill woman with a history of false reporting, was doing it to punish his father. It turns out the judge in the divorce had already dismissed her claims against her husband of sexually abusing the chihuahuas. Now she was going after Greg to hurt his father. She had told a friend that if she “didn’t get the house, the boat and the dogs in the divorce she would destroy” his father’s life by claiming that he had raped her.

The Voice Of Europe - Going Full Anti-Feminist News

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian V├ólsan and James Huff, will be going through the events of the last month and then, in the second part, the hosts will bring… even more news! After one month of absence, Voice of Europe returns right in the day when most of Europe doesn’t go to work. The Swedish party Feminist Initiative (FI) now extends to Norway and has plans to also extend to Germany, Poland, France and the UK. Pope Francis announced that he believes in the feminist nonsense of the gender pay gap. The insanity of the so-called European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiadcontinues as Sweden essentially shuts down any mention of gifted and above-average intelligent children because… equality.

The Second Rule Of MGTOW

Rule 1: you cannot be married and MGTOW.
Rule 2: you cannot be married and MGTOW.
Rule 3: Don't do rescues.

CRAYDAR: Crazy Detecting Radar System

Stefan Molyneux What are some good ways to spot a sociopath? Includes a lengthy back and forth conversation about warning signs and red flags to keep in mind. If you can think of more, please do email them to operations@freedomainradio.com and we’ll put together a massive list!


Back to basics. Ever wonder if there was some mathematical way if you could add up to see if your woman is actually a C.U.N.T.? Now there is. Terrence Popp

Why Are British Women Above The Law?

By Mike Buchanan: There are currently over 80,000 men in British prisons, and fewer than 4,000 women. William Collins has shown that if male criminals were treated as leniently as female criminals in sentencing terms, five in six of the men serving sentences in British jails today wouldn’t be there. His article is here. The government plans to close women’s prisons, and fill them with male prisoners. On this website we’ve published links to a huge number of cases showing that women are often above the law, very often because they’re given suspended sentences.
One form of paternity fraud is persuading a man (or trying to) that he’s the biological father of a child, when he’s not. It’s estimated millions of British men have been victims of this crime, and the scandal continues. For many years the CSA has learned of 500+ cases of paternity fraud every year, where men have demanded paternity tests, and thereby proven they’re not the biological fathers of individual children. So the state knows the identity and home address of many thousands of women who’ve committed this crime.
We can be very sure far more men naively believe the women in question, and then pay to support the child for up to 20 years, even if they’re denied access. This is financial and emotional abuse of men, and emotional abuse of children who deserve to know who their true fathers are. It’s one of the reasons we’re calling for compulsory paternity testing at birth.
How many women in the UK have been convicted of paternity fraud under the terms of the Fraud Act 2006?

MGTOW: UK Revokes 2 Pussy Passes In 2 Days

Been a tough week so far for crazy women relying on their pussy pass to get out of consequences! Raging Golden Eagle

An Opulent Waste Of Bones

"Crazy people make all the good music, you sir are not crazy." DoctorRandomercam.

Freddie Gray Killing & Curfew In Baltimore - The FKN Newz

Feminist U.N. Advises Women Need More In Order To Compete With Men

By Well here we are, back at the beginning of the debate. Do we want equal opportunities for all or do we want equal outcomes for all?
The U.N. released a report as noted in TIME that said the latter is what the world should strive for. I know this sounds like communism… Well it is communism, but apparently it’s for a good cause. It’s for the benefit of women. It’s not fair that they would be expected to perform the same as men. They often decide to stay home and raise children, and why should that affect their bottom line? Why in the world would anyone’s decisions have to change the outcome or solvency of someone’s lifestyle.
You think maybe I’m exaggerating? Nope, here’s a quote.

 We must go beyond creating equal opportunities to ensure equal outcomes, the report says. “‘Different treatment may be required to achieve real equality in practice. This report, called progress of the worlds Women 20152016,
I wonder how far this should go? Should we ensure that the decision to not go to college or university has no affect on a persons life outcome.

Fighting Algorithmic Bots

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss cartels and trust-busting in these days of algorithms engaged inhorizontal collusion and conscious parallelism.’ They look at the health care industry that is exempt from the Sherman Antitrust Act and what future it portends in a day of big data monopolies, oligopolies and cartels. In the second half, Max interviews activist and author, David DeGraw, about Russell Brand’s Revolution, the Occupy movement and about his new book, “Freedom in a time of mental slavery.”

Know Your Rights - How to Respond When Police Tell You to Stop Filming

As a basic principle, we can’t tell you to stop recording,”
By Michael Krieger: Something I wish I had more time to devote to is the topic of know your rights.” Despite the establishment’s relentless assault on the Bill of Rights, the American citizen still enjoys more liberties than a large percentage of the world’s population. Nevertheless, as important as it is to have these rights, it is equally important to flex them. If we don’t constantly exercise our rights, they’ll ultimately fall victim to atrophy like a vestigial organ.
While the smartphone has proven an excellent tool for the surveillance state, its video function has conversely served as a powerful civil rights tool. So much so that police will often lie to citizens about their right to film them in public, and one State Representative from Texas went so far to try to ban the filing of police.
Despite all of that, it is completely legal to film police, and people should be doing it more often than they already are. For example, many of the criminal acts cops have been caught in over the past year were only proven without a shadow of a doubt due to citizen video evidence. The best recent example of this came in the case of the South Carolina man, Walter Scott, who was shot eight times in the back and killed as he ran away from a local cop. The officer claimed the man had taken his taser from him, but the video shows the cop planting the taser next to the dead man’s body after the killing. Watch the video here.