2 May 2015

Bullying: 3 Rules

By For the generation of boys and girls reared almost exclusively by women, I have been thinking about how to explain, to borrow from the character of Tyler Durden, what bullying is and what one can do about it.
In Australia, March 20th is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. Participating schools are to run workshops on the matter and there is a government website Bullying. No Way! (BNW) offering graphic materials and lesson plans to facilitate this event.
The workshops include sensitivity training, a wristband and the school gets a certificate of participation. Toxic masculinity is not mentioned anywhere, though it all sounds like feminist incompetence anyway, more-so because the core message is institutional intervention. Institutional responses cost taxpayer money, but are they being operated on the right premise? This article uses the Laser of Occam to dissect and cauterize the issue of bullying in Australian schools.
When I went to school in the 80’s and 90’s bullying was an ordinary occurrence and I and some of my friends were frequent targets of it. Reflecting back on it now, I realise that whilst painful then, this experience was a necessary one. It has not destroyed our lives and appears to have been at least partly instrumental in making us what we are today – fully functional members of society, sometimes quite successful in career and business. It grows thick skin and teaches one to deal with personal conflict.

Angela Merkel’s NSA Nightmare Just Got A Lot Worse

ByAngela Merkel, Germany’s most successful and popular politician, could be in serious trouble, after revelations that Germany’s national intelligence agency, the BND, has been spying on key European assets on behalf of US intelligence. Those “assets” include top French officials, the EU’s headquarters, the European defense corporation EADS, the helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter and even German companies.
To wit, from Der Spiegel:

In 2008, at the latest, it became apparent that NSA selectors were not only limited to terrorist and weapons smugglers… But it was only after the revelations made by whistleblower Edward Snowden that the BND decided to investigate the issue. In October 2013, an investigation came to the conclusion that at least 2,000 of these selectors were aimed at Western European or even German interests.
Today, the German foreign intelligence agency is accused of processing over 40,000 spy requests from the NSA, many of which represent a clear violation of the Memorandum of Agreement that the US and Germany signed in 2002. Washington and Berlin agreed at the time that neither Germans nor Americans — neither people nor companies or organizations — would be among the surveillance targets.

Fascist US Patriot Act Reform: A Hoax

"The title [FREEDOM Act] tips you off it's going to be bad!" The US Congress is scrambling to save the anti-American PATRIOT Act by pretending that a "reform" re-authorization bill, the FREEDOM Act, will protect our liberties. Former Rep. Ron Paul legislative director Norm Singleton joins the Liberty Report for an inside look at Washington maneuverings.

Feminist Thinks Pharmacies Are Discriminating Against Women

A feminist trying to turn a simple difference in ingredients into a gender issue. Just another day on the internet. Ceara McCord

People Camping Outside UK Parliament Against Lame-Stream Politics

As UK is preparing for it upcoming general elections, political activists, academics and artists have come together for the second day in front of London’s Parliament Square in an effort to tackle corporate capture, environmental chaos and cronyism.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The ten-day event has been organized by Occupy Democracy, a social and political movement that is seeking to address Britain’s democratic deficit, and build a fairer society in the process.
“The reason we are here is that we want a democracy that works for people and the planet. We think democracy has been captured by corporations,” Said Julie Green one of the organizers of the event.
She went on noting that the activists are looking for a democracy that works for people and the planet not the corporations that are backing all the major parties.
“We are also calling for the breakup of the monopoly media and the main men and women, big billionaires, who own 97 percent of media which means the voice people hear out there today in the world and the community, doesn’t reflect the will and the voices of [people] and essentially represents the views of the 1 percent corporations and banks,” she emphasized.

Toya Graham: Queen Of The Baltimore Riot Baby Mamas

“Happy now, bitch?”
– Bunk Moreland, “The Wire”
By : Last year I wrote a column about NFL star-running back Adrian Peterson, making the case that the violence he visited on his toddler-aged son was by no means an isolated event but part of a long chain of such violence that is the norm in Black America – and that it has its roots in Baby Mama-led homes.
Indeed, in that same piece, I strongly asserted that the major defining feature of Baby Mamaism that is now the default setting for family formation in Black America, is its ungodly levels of violence, often starting with said Baby Mamas themselves. This cycle of violence then spirals out to the children, male and female alike, and easily confirmed a thousand ways to Sunday via social media like YouTube and World Star Hip Hop. Social science surveys and researchers have also confirmed this, but of course, researchers are often reluctant to openly say so. Political correctness and all that.
Reaction to my argument was strong; I expected it to shake up foes of the Men’s Rights Movement, but I had to admit that I was taken aback by the pushback from a few fellow travelers, who felt that my missive was a bit of a reach: in their eyes, the connection I made between Peterson’s actions and Baby Mamaism, was a stretch at best, an outright falsehood at worst.

Real Racism Is Supported By Lies #stopthehate

By Mac Slavo: Though Americans were under the impression that race would improve after the election of a half-black man as President of the United States, the last eight years have witnessed a firestorm of assumptions, accusations, lies, division and violence.
Racism, it seems, is not only alive and well, but worse than it has ever been.
Or is it? Could it be that most Americans, regardless of the color of their skin, are perfectly fine having people of other races as their friends, neighbors and colleagues, and that certain people in positions of power are using their influence to manipulate the masses?

Yvette Cooper’s Propaganda Lesson

By MRA-UK: I should have turned the radio off. But I was mesmerised like a deer in headlights. It was Yvette Cooper on a hustings phone-in programme on BBC Radio 4 (30th April 2015) – she of the planned totalitarian brain-washing of primary school boys.
None of the callers asked any questions about gender issues. She wasn’t going to let that stop her. You don’t think she’d pass up the opportunity to exercise her obsession with “violence against women” on Radio 4, do you? Nope, she shoe-horned it in during a reply to a question about policing.
This was her propaganda gem,

Two women per week are killed by a partner or ex-partner. If this were happening at football matches there’d be an outcry.
One has to feel sorry for the truly great propagandist. By its nature, the propagandist’s art must go unnoticed by its target audience. What a shame that only those of us who see through it are in a position to appreciate its quality. What malice there is here, what pre-meditation.
I have already put deaths due to partner violence in context in a previous post.
Allow me to deconstruct Cooper’s apparently off-hand remark.

Is Merkel A CIA Asset?

By Finian Cunningham: The claims that Merkel’s government knew about German state intelligence spying on behalf of the Americans against the country's own industrial interests raise disturbing questions about the integrity of German government leaders. The apparent betrayal of German national interests by Chancellor Angela Merkel is not only evident over the recent industrial spying scandal on behalf of America. The slavish pursuit by Merkel of Washington's anti-Russian policy over Ukraine — in contradistinction to her country's national interests — also cogently suggests that the chancellor is serving a foreign master.
Recent reports that German state intelligence was spying on behalf of the Americans against the country's own industrial interests are bad enough. But then added to that are claims that the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel knew about the espionage — and turned a blind eye.
This raises disturbing questions about the integrity of German government leaders, and primarily Angela Merkel. Is Merkel an asset for American intelligence, serving the geopolitical interests of Washington rather than the good of her own nation, or the wider good of Europe?

Teaching Feminists How To Be Fearless

"Featuring 'V' for vendetta." M

The Guns of Viet Minh

MArcel Cartier The Guns of Viet Minh (Produced by Agent of Change) GlobalFaction

Star Wars Vs Feminism: 'The Stupidity Awakens'

"The only people that call women sex objects are feminists!" Thunderf00t. Yeah, outrageous 'sjw' troll calls up the BBC and they couldn't tell the difference between him and a real social justice warrior.