8 May 2015

Accent Overlords With End Feminism + Slutshaming & Double Standard Idea

6oodfella, Skep, Doctor, and our guest, End Feminism. Just talking about the week's nonsense, faux rape culture.

Despite Miliband’s Loss, UK Elections Represent Total Zionist victory

David Duke: While Ed Miliband will not become Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister since Benjamin Disraeli, it would be wrong to view the British election results as any kind of defeat for Jewish extremists. Britain’s Jews lined up squarely behind proven sabbath goy David Cameron to continue as prime minister of the UK, which has become a Zionist satellite in very close orbit. Cameron himself may only be one-eighth Jewish, but it was from that Jewish great-grandfather that he derives his inherited wealth, and he no doubt understands the financial clout of the self-chosen people.
Meanwhile, George Galloway, the courageous critic of Israel from the fledgling Respect Party, lost his seat in parliament. Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, also failed in his bid to give UKIP a seat in Parliament. Farage has been a campaigner against massive immigration, but he timidly declined to use his considerable soapbox to draw attention to Jewish domination of British politics and media.
Miliband out as Conservatives win in Britain
Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Ed Miliband, the first Jewish leader of Britain’s Labour Party, is resigning as British Prime Minister David Cameron definitively won reelection.

The 2015 British General Election + UK Party Leaders Resign + Symbolic Landless Peasant Party Victory

An overview of what happened and why. The 2015 elections seems to have been a changing of the guard in British politics. Sargon of Akkad

I See My Life In Terms Of Music

By There are many things said of music, and one that most people can trill off their tongues is “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.“. It’s that, or they go all Shakespeare and “If music be the food of love, play on”.
As I have a soft spot for that sentimental numb-nuts called Albert Einstein, my favourite quote is “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”. For me that is how music fits in my life.
Music is now so readily accessible and everyday that we fail to even notice when it’s there in our ears. I’m old enough and decrepit enough to remember when music was made “live”, or you bought these disks made of “vinyl” and “The Mamas & The Papas” were top of “The Hit Parade”. People did not use acronyms as nouns, and CD, DVD, and MP3 just didn’t exist. I remember my first set of (Shock Horror) “Stereo Headphones”, which sat outside of my cranium and not inside my ears. They weighed approximately 3 pounds.
One thing that has been known for centuries, if not millennia, is that music and sound affects the human mood.

Stefan Molyneux: Voodoo Philosopher

Feminism LOL: Mr. Molyneux is not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy.

BBC Bans Men’s Political Party From Talking About Men (Or Even Talking To Them)

By John Kimble: There’s not so much as a word of criticism or balance in the BBC’s article about the WEP, with Toksvig allowed to spread blatant lies about the gender pay gaps completely unchallenged. Such coverage is in stark contrast the men’s equality counterpart “Justice for Men and Boys”. Unlike Toksvig’s party, J4MB is indeed actually standing in this election, fielding two candidates in Nottinghamshire: party leader and author Mike Buchanan, and Ray Barry, known for his campaigning work on behalf of separated fathers. The party’s agenda essentially consists of bringing gender neutrality to UK laws and government polices, for example protecting all victims of genital mutilation and domestic violence, improving men’s healthcare, and tacking issues such as male suicide. It also strongly insists on meritocratic hiring policies, and therefore opposes sexist practices such as the use of all-women shortlists.

How To Fix America

"Democracy is awarded to the highest bidder and the Jews own both sides." Brother Nathanael

Russia Offers Help To Greece In German War Reparations Investigation

Tyler Durden's picture Just a day after German President Joachim Gauck shocked his government by remarking in an interview that Germany should at least "consider" demands by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that the nation pay billions of euros in reparations for the Nazi occupation of Greece, ekathimerini reports that none other than 'helpful' Russians are willing to provide assistance in the World War II claims investigation.
Following recent comments by German President Joachim Gauck that,
“We are not only people who are living in this day and age but we’re also the descendants of those who left behind a trail of destruction in Europe during World War Two

How The US Police Became Aristocrats

Paul Craig Roberts: During the time that Western legal norms were evolving in the direction of equality under law, which means the application of the same laws to all social classes, aristocrats answered to different laws than did commoners. Some offenses were not punished at all and others had lighter penalties. Holding everyone, including the government, to account to the same law was an achievement.
In The New Color Line and in The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Lawrence Stratton and I have written about how this achievement is being lost. For example, quotas and special privileges for “preferred minorities” on the one hand and harsher prison sentences for “preferred minorities” on the other hand.
In the article below, John W. Whitehead explains how the police have elevated themselves above the law and are as unaccountable to the laws that apply to the rest of us as aristocrats once were.
In a Cop Culture, the Bill of Rights Doesn’t Amount to Much
By John W. Whitehead: Police officers are more likely to be struck by lightning than be held financially accountable for their actions.—Law professor Joanna C. Schwartz (paraphrased)
“In a democratic society,” observed Oakland police chief Sean Whent, “people have a say in how they are policed.”

Ethiopians Revolt In Israel As Blacks Protest In USA

Orchestrated Black protests in Israel and USA. Morris.

The Gynæcocentric Theory By Lester Ward (1903)

: It may not come as much of a surprise to learn some men were champions of gynocentrism over the centuries, men we might refer to as white knights on account of their exaggerated chivalry. Lester F. Ward (1841 – 1913) was one such champion, promoting the idea that women were naturally superior to men in his ‘Gynocentrism theory’ reprinted below. In this regard, Ward presaged the promotion of ‘difference feminism’ by Evolutionary Psychologists and feminist writers like Harvard’s Carol Gilligan who uphold the thesis of female superiority. As an early promoter of gynocentrism theory, Ward is now considered by feminist historians such as Ann Taylor Allen to be an early feminist.1 The following is an excerpt from his longer work entitled Pure Sociology, published in 1903.

The gynæcocentric theory
The gynæcocentric theory is the view that the female sex is primary and the male secondary in the organic scheme, that originally and normally all things center, as it were, about the female, and that the male, though not necessary in carrying out the scheme, was developed under the operation of the principle of advantage to secure organic progress through the crossing of strains.

Guess Who’s Designing Europe’s New Tax System?

By Don Quijones: Given the scale of last year’s Lux Leaks scandal as well as the revelations early this year about HSBC’s massive Swiss-based tax avoidance swindle, it’s hardly a surprise that the issue of tax compliance is high on the agenda in Europe these days.
Most European taxpayers, many of whom pay upwards of 30% income tax, were less than enamoured with news that Europe’s richest individuals and corporations were paying next to nothing (and in some cases nothing) in tax – and all with the help, no less, of the recently unelected president of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker.
Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, the Commission milked the public outrage for all it was worth, expertly playing down Juncker’s involvement while pushing forward with its long-harbored plans to harmonize tax rules and levels across the continent — all part and parcel of its long-term dream of fiscal union.
When questioned about Juncker’s previous role as Luxembourg’s prime minister and unofficial tax avoidance consultant to the world’s largest multinationals, Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for economics, said that what mattered was not Juncker’s past actions but his current commitment to a new era of “cross-border information exchange” among tax authorities and steps towards “tax harmonization.”