11 May 2015

US Killing Of Osama Bin Laden ‘Contrived Event’

The alleged killing of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden by US forces was a contrived event intended for the consumption of the ignorant public, an investigative journalist in Washington says.
Press TV: The killing of bin Laden in 2011 by US special forces was like a “Hollywood production” meant to ensure President Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012, said Wayne Madsen, an author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs.
“This was another one of these contrived events for the consumption of a very ignorant and stupid American public who, when decided that this was a highlight of the Obama administration in his first term, felt they should vote for his reelection,” Madsen said on Monday.
Washington announced on May 2, 2011 that bin Laden was killed in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by US special forces and CIA operatives on the orders of Obama.
In an article published on the London Review of Books website on Sunday, renowned US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that Obama’s narrative of the killing of bin Laden was false.

Absent From Big Daddy’s Presents On Men’s Day: The Acquittals And Sentence Reductions Female Criminals Get On Women’s Day

By May 6th was men’s day in Iran. Men’s day is always different from women’s day in a lot of ways, but it has been particularly different in Iran. On 4/10/2015, another women’s day arrived in Iran and like previous years, brought with it the acquittal and reduction of female prisoners’ sentences, provided that they meet the required conditions.
The requirements for women who are prisoners on women’s day and who wish to use the acquittal or reductions are:

  • That if she also has a private plaintiff, he or she is compensated.
  • That she has not committed a 1st degree to 5th degree crime while on parole.
  • That she has not used the acquittal/reduction in previous years.
  • That she has not been imprisoned on more than two occasions.
  • That her crime is not in the following: armed robbery, armed drug and alcohol trafficking, weapon trafficking, treason, kidnapping, running a brothel, spying, acid attacks and disruption of the economic system.
Upon meeting the above conditions and for the sake of women’s day, the legal system:

  • Acquits any woman with a sentence lower than six months

Gilad Atzmon With Shareef Aleem + Goy Hatred Fatigue Detected

"The people who pushed us into these moronic disastrous wars are the Israelis and their lobbies!" Gilad Atzmon.


Campaign Against Living Miserably. An animation by CALM supporter Herries Anderton with drawings by Melissa Searle. CALM

Nonconformist Man

"We know that we've been made to feel ashamed of being men, but we have to reclaim our manhood." Messenger Rising.

Germany Gives Greece Grexit Referendum Greenlight

Tyler Durden's picture Headline risk surrounding Greece will likely weigh heavily on investors’ minds throughout the week as Syriza faces one of its biggest tests yet when a €750 million payment to the IMF comes due on Tuesday. Despite rampant skepticism and a warning from Germany’s Schaeuble that countries can “accidentally” become insolvent, FinMin Varoufakis claims Greece will make the payment and thus avert an imminent default. This comes as finance ministers from across the currency bloc meet to discuss Greece’s future with the consensus being that there almost certainly will be no definitive deal on Monday, but there look to be conflicting reports as to whether an interim solution to address the country’s immediate liquidity needs can be fashioned.

Marital Rape: Why It Is A Thing

By This is a response article to Amartya Talukdar’s recent article, “Marital rape - a feminist tool to criminalize marriage in India“.

Note: AVfM frequently publishes views with which it disagrees, and publication of a given piece must not be interpreted as even tacit support for the arguments offered therein unless one of senior management (which includes myself) say otherwise. This article, however, is an AVfM editorial.
The core thesis of Talukdar’s article is that the notion of marital rape is a contradiction in terms on the ground that marriage is irrevocable, explicit and on-going consent to sex.
I disagree and, further, I think that this position is incompatible with the values and moral basis of the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Here’s why.

Since frequently arguments of this nature revolve around the meanings of words I will spell out what I understand these core concepts to be and the meaning with which I use these core words, just like a contract would.
Rape is the crime of sexual intercourse without consent. There are subtle definitional differences in each western and first world jurisdiction (and many others besides) — in many instances, for example, the legal definition makes it nearly impossible for a woman to be guilty of the crime solely by virtue of her physiology — but all of them share that core principle.

US Spy Agency Asked German Intelligence To Snoop On Siemens: Report

The US National Security Agency asked German intelligence service to spy on the European country’s technology giant Siemens, a new report reveals.
Press TV: The NSA suspected that Siemens was providing communications technology to a Russian secret service, the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday, citing unnamed US intelligence sources.
The report added that it is not still clear whether Germany‘s intelligence service BND had in fact delivered any intelligence on Siemens to the NSA or not.
A Siemens spokesman told the newspaper that the company was "not aware of any facts in the company's area of responsibility" that would give excuse making it a target of such surveillance.
The report comes a month after the BND was accused of helping the NSA target the Airbus Group, the French government and the European Commission.
The revelations have sparked a heated debate in Germany about the role of the intelligence agency and the damage that the scandal can cause for the country’s relations with other European nations.

David Cameron Wins His Fourth Successive J4MB ‘Toady Of The Year’ Award

We present Toady awards to men in positions of power and influence who drive or collaborate with radical feminist agendas which harm men and boysToadies. 
By Mike Buchanan: Radical feminism – a female supremacy ideology espoused by men-hating women (and men) – has been the ruling ideology of the political (and other) classes in the UK, and across much of the developed world, for 30+ years.
Toadies are found in all walks of life. Campaign for Merit in Business, an associated campaign, has reported that a third of FTSE100 chairmen are members of ‘30% Club’. The club campaigns for higher female representation on corporate boards, even though compelling evidence shows that one consequence will be corporate financial decline. Campaign for Merit in Business has provided that evidence to House of Commons and House of Lords inquiries, yet the government continues to bully major companies into appointing more women onto their boards.
In 2012 our associated campaign The Anti-Feminism League presented David Cameron with its ‘Toady of the Year’ award, in recognition of his role in this matter. The original blog piece, with a link to the award certificate, is here.

This Week In Feminist Stupid

If you're watching this, your parents probably privileged you over others by reading you bedtime stories. Sargon of Akkad

Why Are American Cops Trained In Apartheid Israel?

Why are American Cops trained by Apartheid Israel?