13 May 2015

Clementine Ford’s Distorted Vision Of Australia

By : Melbourne is routinely billed in our media as the world’s most liveable city. The various groups who declare the world’s top cities don’t always agree on the number one position, but Melbourne, as well as Australia’s other major cities, always appear somewhere in the top 10 or 20. Each group has a different list of criteria for what it is that makes particular cities “the best”, but every one of them sees personal safety and low crime as crucial.
Clearly, none of these groups asked Clementine Ford what she thinks, because for her, in her latest rendition of the Sacred Babble, the disturbing backlash on speaking out about violence against women, life has never been more dangerous for Australian women.
How bad is it?

“The reality is that simply being alive constitutes a ‘dangerous situation’ for women.”

I'm Ready - WB7

Consequences? Barclays Exec Involved In LIBOR Fixing Becomes Bank's Head Of Asia-Pac

Tyler Durden's picture Although it now appears that the logos of several large US banks are set to plead guilty to rigging FX markets, we’re still fairly certain that the post-crisis policy of never sending any actual people to jail for their role in rigging every single market and fixing every single fix on the face of the planet will persist. 
As unfortunate as that is, what’s worse is the fact that many of the traders involved in the egregious manipulation of the world’s benchmark rates not only escaped without prison time and with their accumulated fortunes largely intact, but in fact found lucrative employment opportunities at places like BlueCrest Capital Management, where LIBORgate participant Christian Bittar ended up following his dismissal from Deutsche Bank. 
Of course rate-rigging derivatives traders need not necessarily flee to the buyside should they find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to take one for the team and admit their complicity in seeking to game the market, because as Bloomberg reported earlier today, not only can you remain employed at the firm from which you operated when you were engaged in illegal collusion, you can in fact get promoted.

Feminist Gas Attack: A Textbook Case Of Pavlovian Binding

By The graphic image shown here was first posted on a feminist Facebook group. The creator of the image speaks to us in the comment directly below the image, and tells us what is going on.
When I saw this, I saw a great opportunity to make a point about Pavlovian binding and how it operates, so I took the trouble to write a fairly lengthy comment myself.
When I tried to post my comment, I got a notification that the item, and the entire thread, had been removed. Nevertheless, I preserved what I had written. I expanded on that material and polished it up, and I share this now, below.
Re: the present agitprop.
The problem is that there is no such thing as “the MRAs”. That is a projected, fabricated, straw-dummy category – pure and simple! “MRA” is a political fiction and nothing more.
For your propaganda to be legitimate and worth listening to, you must make it specific. Who/what precisely are “the MRAs”, and who/what precisely are we sticking that label to? What criteria would define membership in this set? What are the core items of doctrine? Is there an MRA charter or manifesto available? How about a link to this, so we may confirm that you have truthfully represented these things?

MGTOW: Chemo For A Cultural Cancer

By Discussion in the manosphere about the roots of runaway gynocentrism continues and is unlikely to end in a unified view, though every thinking person agrees that gynocentrism is very real.
A number of MGTOW adopt the biological determinist view that gynocentric-chivalry is embedded in our nervous systems and therefore relationships with women will always be subject to extreme gynocentrism. An equally large number hold the alternative view that gynocentrism is a cultural exaggeration of biological potential and not an inevitable fate for men to suffer.
Aside from those differences over origins, both sides agree that gynocentric marriage – its culture, customs, laws, taboos – must be utterly abandoned, not reformed. Notice here I refer to gynocentric marriage and not to a marriage of the minds, hearts, dreams, goals, projects, and bodies that might come with non-gynocentric relationships.
Can relationships be cleansed of extreme gynocentrism – relationships with mothers, sisters, female colleagues, friends or lovers? Based on fluctuations of gender roles over millennia, I would think yes; male-female interactions can be purged of the extreme gynocentrism we see today. We have been there before, and we can go there again.
Would such a project entail reform of gender relationships? Yes it would, though I prefer to see it as dismantling those infected structures and keeping only the non-gynocentric elements aligning with voluntarism, self-determination, egalitarianism.

Haunted Broccoli Tree

I did say I'd talk about this seriously at some point. Well, I tried my best. DoctorRandomercam

Pornhibition - MGTOW

I'm going to cover Pornhibition. In the late twentieth and early twenty first century we have seen an explosion of online adult content. And with it we've also seen growth in MGTOW.

Why Is Terrorism On The Rapid Rise?

"The more we're there the worse this problem will become. ...It's like night following day. ...We [US] are our own worst enemy." Says Michael Scheuer. According to statistics, terrorism is on the increase because of even after 13 years of the US war of on terror. And it seems to be concentrated in countries where the US military is active. Why? Special guest former CIA bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer joins the Ron Paul to discuss. RonPaulLibertyReport

A To Zion - The Definitive Israeli Lexicon IS OUT!!!

A to Zion - The definitive Zio-Nazi Israeli Lexicon is a fictitious alphabetic satirical lexicon, containing important and eye-opening definitions.
Bar Mitzvah - the moment when the male Jew accepts that his foreskin is not going to grow back - ritual infant male genital mutilation.
Canaan - the land of milking money   ~   Catch 22 - free ham 
Humus - a traditional Jewish Polish vegetarian dish brought to the Middle East by Zionist pioneers. Not to be confused with Hamas
Jewish mother - Just like a Jewish father but with balls - gynocentrism
Water - is vital for all known forms of life except Palestinians

The Gynozom Apocalypse Is Nigh

Be afraid, be very afraid.
By : It is easy to understand why the television show, “The Walking Dead,” is so popular. It is a well-written, well-executed and highly entertaining series. We mostly like it because the zombies are just walking around eating people and getting their heads blown up on our TV screens, not in real life.
Actually, we just wish that were true.
The world, the real one filled with real people, is already filled with real zombies. Gynocentric Zombies, or, if you prefer, Gynozoms. They are automatons who feed on the flesh of men and boys in order to satisfy the needs, real or imagined, of women and girls.  It’s pretty simple really.  Just imagine decaying, tooth snapping extras in The Walking Dead and adjust it – slightly — with the zombies of both sexes only attacking men and boys, as they do the zombie shuffle right past women and girls in perfectly good culinary condition.  That about sums up our present state.
The vast majority of people are acting as if they were zombies, completely unaware of their inherent bigotry, while managing to zombiethink that they are so compassionate and balanced. They will often even boast of how progressive and equality minded they are.
But scratch and sniff and what do you get?  The fetid stench of Eau de Zombie.
So, are you a Gynozom?

Anarchists Occupy SIEMENS Headquarters In Athens, Greece

By Perseus999: In the afternoon on May 11, 2015 anarchists and anti-authoritarians occupied for several hours the headquarters of multinational company Siemens in Athens, Greece (Marousi) in the context of Class War, asking for German and European workers solidarity in the fight against the Greek and European capitalist system.

Story Unravels: NBC News Confirms Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid: Sources Include High Level U.S. Intelligence Officers

By Mac Slavo: Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Samuel Hersh claimed yesterday that the Obama administration lied to the American people about certain aspects aspects of the 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. According to Hersh, the United States did not act alone when Navy SEALs were sent to capture or kill the world’s most wanted terrorist. The real story, according to the report, is that members of Pakistani intelligence services were privy to the raid months before it happened and that it was a “walk-in” Pakistani intelligence officer who gave up the location of Bin Laden rather than a CIA operation that tracked him down by following various couriers. Further, it has been claimed that Bin Laden was not buried at sea the way the Obama administration said, but rather, his limbs were simply thrown from the helicopter after the mission (suggesting that some portion of his body, perhaps his head, were retained for posterity’s sake).
It’s  a markedly different story than the one President Obama told on the night he announced Bin Laden’s death. In that nationally televised speech the President took credit for ordering the raid and made it clear it was a unilateral action involving only American assets.
The Obama administration has spent the last 24 hours working to discredit the story. Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said the report from Hersh was largely a fabricationwith too many inaccuracies.” The White House says the Hersh’s investigation is riddled with inaccuracies.