14 May 2015

Jeremy Kyle Slams UK Audience For LAUGHING At Male Domestic Violence Victim Who Threw Himself Off A Balcony

WD: Wow that's a shock. Clearly 'Jezza' is trying to redeem himself. In the urban dictionary under white knight mangina you should find JK's photo. White knighting is the premise of his show. Perhaps someone informed him about the male suicide rate and he grew a conscience. As far as I am aware [having not watched lame-stream TV for about a decade] this is out of character. Nevertheless it is a welcome development.

#DumbShit: 2 Negro Female Police Officers Arrested For Robbing 7 11 Store During Baltimore Riots!

"These bitches were caught walking outside of a store in Baltimore, robbing the mother fucker, during the riots." Said Tommy Sotomayor.

No Man’s Land Radio Discusses Male Rape Fairly And Objectively

Theresa LePhung from WERS 88.9 FM discusses the difficult subject of women who rape men and accurately quotes AVfM [A Voice for Men] Managing Editor, Dean Esmay.

126-Year-Old Palestinian Recalls Agonies Of 1948 'Nakba'

Al-Toum still vividly recalls events, including the atrocities committed by Zio-Nazi Jewish terrorist gangs against the local Palestinian population – memories that still bring tears to his eyes.
GAZA CITY, Palestine
Rajab al-Toum, a 126-year-old Palestinian man, says the history books fail to accurately describe the days that followed the Palestinian Nakba ("catastrophe" in Arabic), which coincided with the establishment ofIsrael on May 15, 1948.
Al-Toum still vividly recalls events, including the atrocities committed by Jewish terrorist gangs against the local Palestinian population – memories that still bring tears to his eyes.
"The massacres that took place at the time remain etched on my memory," al-Toum told Anadolu Agency.
Already 59 years old when the Nakba occurred, al-Toum had been working on a farm in Beersheba (in what is now southern Israel) when violent Zionist gangs forced hundreds of thousands Palestinians to flee their homes and villages.
He remembers seeing Jewish Zio-Nazi soldiers dragging a young pregnant Palestinian woman away before killing her in front of her husband and children.

If Feminism Was About Equality, It Would Never Fly

By In the present talk we shall discuss the axiomatic counter-feminist equation that feminism equals female supremacism. It falls within the mandate of strict anti-feminism to expose the inner workings of feminism in as many ways as possible, and the present talk operates under that mandate.
So what is female supremacism? It is the moral conviction, openly stated or merely implied, that women are superior to men and that the ruling power in most areas of life ought to be a female power. This is a revolutionary idea because it overturns many things and modifies the details of life in a radical, far-reaching way – more than we have time to describe here .
The accomplished outcome of female supremacism would be a state of female supremacy. Female supremacism and female supremacy are therefore separate things: the former is the anticipation of the latter, and the latter is what the former would swing into practice in real world terms.
I would make bold statement that female supremacism as a system of social energy is objectively real; it EXISTS; it is out there in the world, ranging freely in one guise or another, covertly or overtly. I can attest from my own observation that many people harbor this culture virus either strongly or weakly. I would further attest that it overlaps with “feminism” , and more than just a trifle.


Sunlight was Written & filmed using an Iphone5 whilst on vacation in Zakynthos, Greece.

What is Masculinity?

"A woman who is a single mum has failed at motherhood because the job of motherhood is to provide a father." Stefan Molyneux

Feminists Want Feminist Porn - No One Is Watching It

"People who don't watch porn want to regulate it, just like those who want to regulate gaming. ...The but-hole is speaking, if you're quite you can hear it whisper. ...I wonder how animals fuck when they don't have porn to watch? ...The only people who call women objects are feminists. Show me an exception." Vee

Matriarchy Tale - Message To My Ex's Husband - Beta Chumps

"This one goes out to a very special SIMP. Good luck Brother!" M

North Koreans Have Much To Be Proud Of + Macedonia: Under Attack By NATO

"In North Korea the smoking of marijuana is totally legal, it''s like a custom a normal thing. It's normal to see farmers and people, kind of like in Jamaica walking around smoking marijuana, working in the fields, on their way home and it's not like the stuff in the west it really mellow." Joaquin

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Proving Systemic Sexual Abuse By US TSA Workers At Airports Nationwide

By Michael Krieger: The following information should’t surprise you if you’re paying any attention, but it should make you angry. Very, very angry.
Abuse by TSA agents is a recurring theme. Yes, the people supposedly “protecting you from terrorists” are often just sexual predators in a cheap blue costume. It was less than a month ago that I published the following: TSA Agents Caught Gaming System so Male Screener Could Grope Attractive Passengers; No Criminal Charges Filed. Here’s an excerpt:

A CBS4 investigation has learned that two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport have been fired after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers. He related that when a male he finds attractive comes to be screened by the scanning machine he will alert another TSA screener to indicate to the scanning computer that the party being screened is a female.

Another Week In The Matrix

By MRA-UK: This will be my last post for a while, simply due to pressure of other commitments. Below are just a few of the instances of propaganda I recall over the past week. It’s impossible to itemise them all, of course, it would be a full time job – even if I restricted it to just those issues which I notice without any attempt at a search. On 2nd May the Guardian ran an article on a young woman student who had been attacked by a 17 year old man. A nasty business by the sound of it, and the man/youth in question certainly needs dealing with rigorously. But the prominence given to the story is reminiscent of the campaigns the Guardian often runs on PV and FGM. The victim’s picture took up half the front page, and the article itself occupied the whole of page 5. A man is murdered every day in England and Wales but extremely few cases are reported in the press. There is far too much news to report it all. The issue I am drawing attention to, of course, is that someone decides what gets reported. It is what does not get reported wherein the propaganda chiefly lies.
The reason why I especially noticed this case was that on the very same day, 2nd May, a man was knifed to death in Ireland whilst saving a woman from an attack. You will search the Guardian’s web site, or the BBC News’ web site, in vain for any mention of Shane Murphy of Limerick, dead hero.