16 May 2015

Dress Code: The Attention-Seeker's Nightmare + Does Hillary Prove That American Women Are Stupid?

Why is it only females who have trouble understanding dress codes? 6oodfella

Most Prestigious Legal Body In America Is Considering Changing Model Penal Code To Criminalize Holding Your Girlfriend’s Hand On A Date

By The American Law Institute is the most important and most prestigious organization of legal scholars and prominent attorneys in the United States. The ALI drafts model laws that become statutes and Restatements of the Law that are widely cited as authority in judicial opinions.
Next week, the ALI is considering a proposed revision to the sexual assault provisions of the Model Penal Code that represents both a grotesque expansion of criminal law and an attempt to transform gender relations by punishing male conduct that has long been socially acceptable.
A group of very prominent legal scholars who have no political agenda are fighting back. They’ve written a stinging memorandum exposing the injustices in the proposed revision, That memorandum is set forth at the end of my post. I don’t have the intellectual firepower to add anything to it, but a few items that jumped out:
The proposed revision to the Model Penal Code would turn a young man on a date into a criminal if he timidly reaches out to hold his date’s hand without her prior positive agreement.

The Female Peacock - MGTOW

"I'm a Russian living in Melbourne, Australia for 7 years now. At the age of 19 while in a long-term relationship I made a commitment to not get married until the age of 35 to give myself plenty of time to figure our why the rate of divorce is so high. My parents divorced when I was 16 and all my relatives are remarried. I'm 31 now and the closer I get to that age the less desire I have for getting married. Living in both Russia and Australia allowed me to see the mating game from two sides, while being the prey and the predator. What girls experience in a Western country is precisely what men experience in Russia. Back at home men are the ones who receive a lot of attention, yet the outcome is exactly the same.

Russia Tips The Grand Chess Board

"Russia is tipping the board and Jewmerica's pieces are sliding off." Says Brother Nathanael.

26 Most Terrifying Words

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the 26 most terrifying words in the English language. They also discuss vigilante governments and bond vigilantes. In the second half, Max interviews Harry Cole (Twitter: @MrHarryCole) about the Conservative party victory in General Election 2015. They also discuss Scotland, the EU referendum and the TTIP trade deal.

Greece Will Default On June 5 Without Deal, IMF Leaks

Tyler Durden's picture Another week came and went with no breakthrough in negotiations between Greece and its debt-mongers. The IMF is now fed up and has reportedly refused to be a part of any new bailout program for Greece, after Athens drew down its SDR reserves to makes its latest payment to the Fund. That money will now need to be repaid and in a move that surely marks the new gold standard for absurd circular funding schemes, Greece will likely look to use the next tranche of IMF money to payback its IMF SDR reserve which it tapped to pay the IMF. The country’s public sector employees live in limbo, not knowing from one week to the next whether they will be paid and commuters are now subjected to a 50 second looped highlight reel of the Nazi occupation meant to rally the country behind the government’s quarter trillion euro war reparations claim (they might as well just ask for a 'gagillion') on Germany which has now become the symbol of tyranny and debt servitude for many Greek citizens. 
Given the situation, one would be inclined to think that Alexis Tsipras would be falling all over himself to cut a deal with creditors because while giving up on campaign promises to voters isn’t ideal, it’s better than going down in history as the PM who sent the country careening into a drachma death spiral, and besides, giving up on campaign promises is something most politicians do all the time (it’s a job requirement for the US presidency). Alas we were back to the now ubiquitous ‘red line’ rhetoric on Friday as Tsipras continued to employ the “tell EU officials one thing behind close doors and tell the public the exact opposite a day later” negotiating technique.

Fixing How Some MGTOWs Get The MHRM Wrong (Part One)

By I recently received an email that was sent to both AVFM and to a prominent MGTOW online forum, regarding the assumed differences between MHRAs and MGTOW. In it, several questions were posed. The way the questions were framed indicated to me that the sender did not have a real horse in the race. His wording was for all appearances unbiased and his attitude genuinely in search of honest answers. He got cordial, fairly detailed responses from both parties.
There was more than one question, all of them cogent and deserving of answers. I will take one at time, answering them all in a series of pieces, hopefully returning the thoughtfulness of his query with commensurate effort on my part to answer in kind.
I do not have permission to reveal this individuals name, or copy verbatim the contents of his email, but I do state this with an open invitation to the writer to come to these comments and point out if I make any mistakes that might mislead readers.
I also note that the answer you see from me here is not verbatim what I sent back in the email. It is an edited and expanded response (for the sake of publication) of what I sent back to the writer, but it does not stray at all from the general intent of what I had to say. Again, the person who contacted me is welcome to appear here to either validate or contradict that as he sees fit.

The Film Festival That Didn’t Make It To The Lame-Stream Media - Gaza

For most people it will be a news item they’ll never be aware of but on May 12 Gaza kicked off its first film festival.
The film festival was a 3-day event (May 12-14, 2015) and focused mainly on human rights, understandably, but shouldn’t be seen as any less important than the counterpart in Cannes for example. Especially when the stage of the events in Gaza is being considered.
The video of which I uploaded a copy due to its historical value, depicts a surrealistic setting of how and where the Gaza film festival was hosted. Surrounded by the completely destroyed neighborhood in Sheja’eya, rubble and debris – resulting from Israel’s crimes against humanity

The New Postmodern Illness

"Jazz hands, man spreading, love noises!?" Are we witnessing a new collective mental illness? Politically correct culture has cross the line of just being obnoxious. Feminism and progressive left wing ideology has gone too far. It's time that this cultural behavior be examined by professionals. SkepTorr

PC BS Misandry: Female UK Conservative MPs 2.35 Times More Likely To Be Given Cabinet Posts Than Their Male Colleagues

By Mike Buchanan: 47 of the current 331 Conservative MPs (14.2%) are women. Dave has just given a third of cabinet positions to women, thereby meeting his longstanding target – which only begs the obvious question:
If these women have been appointed on merit, why was there a need for a target?

Where next? A gender-balanced cabinet, as introduced by President Francois Hollande in France? That’s been a roaring success…
A female Conservative MP is 2.35 times more likely than her male colleagues to be given a cabinet position, on the grounds of gender alone. Gender equality is a fine thing. There must be numerous male Conservative MPs denied a cabinet position solely on the grounds of their gender. Not one has said a word about the matter.

On Trial For Anarchist Thought Crimes

"We're given this myth of choice." Lionel of LionelMedia.com is put on trial for his blasphemy against the statist sacrament of voting. We also discuss a recent video in which Lionel embraces the idea of anarchism.

The Under-Reported Derailment Of The Former Truth Movement. Individuals Take Over - Koen Jacobs

As you may have noticed by now I [truthsector.net] have switched to two new websites,http://psyop.ninja/ and  http://orwellians.com/. This reorganization of my online work came due to the fact that all my previous websites are compromised