19 May 2015

The (ADL JVP) Truth Will Set You Free

By Gilad Atzmon: Here is an opportunity to review what JVP doesn't want you to read or know. After the embarrassing, yet futile attempt to cancel my Denver Talk last week, JVP hooligans in Colorado realised that their campaign had backfired. Their reaction confirmed my contention that we are dealing with a tribal controlled opposition apparatus.  When confronted with widespread opposition, they quickly erased the huge Facebook thread, citing 'antisemitism' as their rationale. They pretended to be protecting the general public from the dangers of possible racism.   
Here is the JVP comment:  

Bar Bar Chats With Spetsnaz

SGTC: How To Divorce Your Ex Wife

By Paul Elam: A marriage that ends in divorce is supposed to play out somewhat like a movie. It starts with promise and a bit of mystery about what is to come, the characters develop, the plot deepens and takes some twists and turns. Finally the story reaches its climax. Then the credits roll, AND IT IS OVER.
This is not always the case. Sometimes, when a man is married to Crazy, she views the divorce as just the next, more enhanced level in the relationship. It is the phase where she gets keep being abusive, take his money and play the children like they were titanium ping pong balls. You know, business as usual only now she has the power of family courts to back whatever she wants.

Mad Max: MLK Blvd

I’m just here for the gasoline.”
-Mad Max
By : It’s been observed that the movies that generate the most buzz are usually the ones that tend to be the more successful of the lot, and this year’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” is no exception. It’s been three decades since a Mad Max film has hit the silver screen, and this time around the titular character, played by Tom Hardy, shares significant screen time with “Imperator Furiosa”, portrayed by native South African blonde bombshell Charlize Theron. The “Imperator” strikes me as an older, post-apocalyptic Tank Girl type – you know what I mean, gals who can kick copious amounts of male butt this way and that. Just like the guys.
This was the main point Return of Kings contributor and Youtube personality Aaron Clarey, aka Captain Capitalism, makes in his recent column on the matter; he argues that the Mad Max franchise, which was originally about a lone law man trying to uphold what little law is left in a barren dystopic wasteland, has now fallen prey to the PC police, too – and urges all red-blooded, right thinking men everywhere, to boycott the movie.

Obama Speech "America Is A Terrorist Organisation" The FKN Newz

"We stand for bloodshed, brutality, genocide." Deek Jackson

Mad Max Fury Road: A Real Men’s Rights Activist’s Review

By So as I was watching this film I came to two conclusions.  First Aaron Clarey at Return of Kings (once again we note, Clarey is not an MRA and Return of Kings is a noted anti-MRA site–eds) didn’t watch the film before he blasted it. Secondly, this is NOT a feminist film.
This film starts with Mad Max being chased down, beaten and shaved, tattooed like an animal, and turned into a living blood bank. Every single person in this society but the leaders are treated as property and animals. In the post apocalyptic world the ladies with large girth and buxom breasts are treated literally as cows. They are milked.  The beautiful women are treated as “breeders” and are the subject of the main villain Immortan Joe’s desires and the reason for this 2 hour car chase. Lets be clear here, this is NOT a misogynistic society. They do not hate or have distain for women in this society, women are treated as objects and are insanely valuable. Abuse isn’t always misogynistic.
In contrast men are valued for two things, either hard labor grunts, or warriors expected to sacrifice themselves spray painted on the face with silver paint awaiting their rebirth in a post apocalyptic Valhalla. Both main roles for men are as disposable objects–with the exception of the “blood bags.” They either live their lives working themselves to death, or die on the road in a futile attempt for redemption in hopes their miserable existence will give them a glorious second life in paradise. Make no mistake, this film highlights misandry, not misogyny in society. Ironically, it seems, George Miller did this by accident in his attempt to make a supposed “feminist” film.

The JVP’s [Jewish Voice for Peace] Thought Police

By Gilad Atzmon: In the old good days when anti Zionism was still a universal ethos, it was Abe Foxman and the notorious ADL who crudely interfered with freedom of speech. Not anymore. Abe Foxman will retire soon and the ADL is busy restraining Pamela Geller but Abby Harms and the Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace, insist upon giving new life to the old tiresome ADL rhetoric. 
In an effort to justify JVP’s failed attempt to cancel an A to Zion book signing event by me in Denver, Abby Harms and her JVP front resurrect all the old ADL tactics. She libels, she lies, she attempts to interfere with freedom of speech and the right to assemble and she labels Ken O’Keefe, one of the bravest friends of Palestine, as a ‘Neo Nazi’ no less.  She admits she is acting ‘as a Jew’ and on behalf of JVP.

MGTOW: Source Of Anger And Attempts To Kill Conversation

"What if someone kidnapped one of your pets and tortured it on camera and was able to legally get away with it. That's basically what I see happening to men around me on an almost daily basis. At just about every point in my life there is at least one man in my inner circle somewhere, be it friends, co-workers, friend's of friends that I hang out with on occasions, there's always at least one who is going through a messy divorce or who's being screwed over by alimony. There's only so much injustice you can witness first hand before it starts effecting you." 

The BBC Is Looking For Stories From Men (Especially 18-35) About Violent Young Women

By Mike Buchanan: In February I was interviewed by a BBC TV crew for a programme which will be broadcast in the autumn. They recorded outside Nottingham University and caught the incident where a man hurled some very heavily soiled cat litter over the windscreen and bonnet of our campaign van. I filmed 23 seconds of the aftermath – here. It will be interesting to see how much of the extensive footage is broadcast. In the meantime, my thanks to Ray for passing on the following:
The BBC is making a documentary about violent young females which will be broadcast as part of a gender season on BBC 3 in Autumn/Winter 2015.
The film makers hope to include stories of domestic violence, where a women is the perpetrator. If this is something you can help with then please contact the producer, Fiona, directly on: fiona.blair@bbc.co.uk or 0203 614 0041.
The film makers are keen to hear from as many men as possible, especially those in the 18-35 age bracket, who have been affected by female violence.

Ritual Genital Mutilation And Misandric Feminism

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism

Mapping Marijuana Prices In The US

BWant cheap weed? Don't go to North Dakota, where you'll pay nearly $400 an ounce. You're far better off in Orgeon where the going rate is just $204. And while some evidence indicates that the tax-related markup on legal, recreational marijuana has driven buyers back into the black market, the average price per ounce looks to support the idea that legalization drives down prices. 
As you can see from the map below, the mean price for an ounce of marijuana in the United States is $324, according to the subtly named “PriceOfWeed.com”, a site which crowdsources average prices from users across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Not coincidentally, the states where prices are lowest are also the states where recreational use is legal.