25 May 2015

Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz Makes Yet Another Questionable Accusation - This Time, Against The University President

By Columbia University graduate Emma Sulkowicz, the mattress-toting face of the sexual grievance industry and the purveyor of a highly questionable rape claim lodged against a male classmate subsequently cleared of wrongdoing by both the university and the district attorney, has made yet another questionable accusation against yet another presumptively innocent male at Columbia. This time, it’s the president of the University, Lee Bollinger. Read on–there might be an important lesson here.
Here’s what happened. Sulkowicz graduated from the University on Tuesday, and the University discouraged her from bringing her ugly old mattress to the graduation ceremony. An email was circulated Monday from the Columbia administration asking students not to bring “large objects which could interfere with the proceedings or create discomfort to others in close, crowded spaces shared by thousands of people” to the ceremony. But Sulkowicz being Sulkowicz brought the mattress anyway, and the University allowed it even though the man she accused was also in attendance to receive a diploma. (His family was devastated, but no one seems concerned about them.) Sulkowicz was told by university officials moments before she crossed the stage that she was not allowed to carry the mattress as she received her diploma, but, of course, she ignored the instruction, and she and a gaggle of enablers toted the awful thing onstage.

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Not All Women Are Feminist Poopypants

By Feminists want us to trust easily-triggered, fragile feminists in jobs where the slightest hesitation or physical shortcoming can mean life or death. In short, feminists advocate for the employment of Poopypants: a physically and emotionally fragile shell of a human. If you cannot see how suicidal to society it would be to heed their advocacy, allow me to explain.
Imagine you’re a part of a highly-trained group of people tasked with a dangerous job. This could be anything: firefighters, fisherfolk, Marines, electrical engineers, Army Rangers, police / SWAT team members, Navy sailors, Air Force pilots, or really, any dangerous situation where one has to trust the skill, courage and clear-headedness of one’s coworkers.
If you saw the movie “Top Gun” you know what happens when one’s comrades suffer emotional weakness: in the final scenes, Ice Man’s life is put in increased peril when Maverick becomes emotionally overwhelmed in the heat of battle and flees the fight. Yes, in true happy ending style, Maverick recovers his courage and the day is saved but in a real fire-fight his delay would have killed all of them, except perhaps a few survivors when his carrier base sank into the sea.
Having steady allies in battle (or other conflicts) is essential to success in any significant situation involving, you know, conflict.
A metaphorical Superman is awesome; Poopypants is not an asset.

Britain Using Libya War Strategy To Play Chicken With Nuclear Russia?

Britain has sent its biggest warship for planned NATO war games in the Baltic near the Russian shores.
Press TV: Britain is ramping up its military rhetoric, sending its biggest warship for NATO drills in the Baltic, right off the Russian coast, in this latest show of force. The drills kick off on June 5 and will last for two weeks, RT reported.
The helicopter carrier ‘HMS Ocean’ is expected to reach Russia’s city of Kaliningrad sometime this week, carrying aboard about 80 Royal Marines who are to join other NATO troops in Poland.
Named 'Baltops 15,' the war games’ objective remains, as before, to test battle-readiness and in so doing continue to voice disapproval over the situation in Ukraine. The Baltic nations believe Russia poses a military threat to Europe and are using its alleged actions in Ukraine as a pretext to show off their own military prowess and push for increased NATO presence in the region, the report adds.
Now Dmitry Babich, chief editor of Russia Profile Magazine says, “The West says that Russia may attack Poland or Estonia and other Baltic countries, but this is complete nonsense.”
Russia never has such plans and the Western countries know this well but they use the same strategy that they used with Iraq and with Libya and probably North Korea. And they accuse the country that they want to attack of being an oppressor,” Babich said on Monday.

Change Of MHRM Tactics Against Bad Laws

Following the "Yes Means Yes" law and reading this article: 
I had an idea how to stop this dangerous trend. SkepTorr

Obama Trades Transparency

After a little smack-down by the Senate, the Most Transparent Administration Ever is still trying to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the Most Transparent Way Possible. If by “transparent” you mean members of Congress having to read the actual text of the trade deal in a secure basement room with no cell phones or notes allowed and subsequent mention of the trade deal’s specifics forbidden. Mark Fiore

The Case For Free Trade

By Ron Paul via The Misess Institute: With recent DC politicking on both the Export-Import Bank and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we revisit Ron Paul's 1981 essay "The Case for Free Trade" which explains the basics of truly free trade: 
Although we think of ourselves (USA) as a free-trading nation, it takes more than 700 pages just to list all the tariffs on imported goods, and another 400 to inventory all the non-tariff restraints, such as quotas and "orderly marketing agreements."
A tariff is a tax levied on a foreign good, to help a special interest at the expense of American consumers.
A trade restraint or marketing agreement—on the number of inexpensive Taiwanese sneakers that Americans can buy, for example—achieves the same goal, at the same cost, in a less forthright manner.
And all the trends are towards more subsidies for U.S. exporters, and more prohibitions and taxes on imports.
Trade is to be subsidized or restrained, not left to the voluntary actions of consumers and producers.

MSMBS News: Black Lives Matter?

Welcome to this exclusive Rap News broadcast, helmed by the veteran anchor, and Iraq War Hero, Brian Washington. Today we seek to understand the cause of the tension which has gripped the Police States of America following the seemingly unstoppable deaths of black people at the hands of Officers of the Piece. What is the cause of these #BlackLivesMatters hastags and the protests erupting around the country? What is this ‘R-‘ word that everyone keeps bandying about…? What about that ‘history’ thing?

Female Tyranny, Infanticide 'Single Moms' - Forced Male Infant Genital Mutilation, Hironimus, Nebus

Who's the better parent? One whats to cut up the babies dick! "Behind every pity prostitute there is a pity pimp." Russell Lindquist

Game Of Thrones Gets Blackmailed By Feminists

Don't let feminists bully George RR Martin. He writes better than they do. Feminism LOL

Monsanto Bites Back

By Don Quijones: Monsanto, the U.S. agribusiness giant that controls a quarter of the entire global seed market, could soon be even bigger and more powerful than it already is, following renewed speculation over its interest in Swiss agrichemicals firm Syngenta. The logic behind the deal is clear: Monsanto ranks as the world’s largest purveyor of seeds while Swiss-based Syngenta is the world’s largest pesticide and fertilizer company.
A Monsanto-Syngenta tie-up would “deliver substantial synergies that create value for shareholders of both companies”, said Monsanto president and COO, Brett Begemann, adding that cash from these side deals would make an acquisition easier to finance. It would also be the largest-ever acquisition of a European company by a U.S. rival.
The target, Syngenta, seems somewhat less enthusiastic. It is the second time in as many weeks that Monsanto has tabled an unsolicited offer for its Swiss competitor. The first time, on May 8, Syngenta politely but firmly rebuffed Monsanto, saying that the offered price of $45 billion undervalued the company.

'A Fatherless America' Tommy Sotomayor's Promotional Movie Trailer!

"I felt, being a person who grew up without a father that there was something missing from me and I also noticed in the United states of America and abroad men are becoming increasingly thrown out of court systems and homes, they've been made to feel unimportant and their role in their children's lives has been marginalised." MrMadness Sotomayor