26 May 2015

Jessica Valenti Is Such A Creep!

By : Our favorite dummkopf Jessica Valenti has a new column up about how she’s holding off for the moment on suggesting you put away all books written by men or only listen to female musicians, but she will confess that she creeps on men on the subway to judge them for their Twitter feeds.

I was riding the subway recently when I noticed my seatmate scrolling through a Twitter feed that looked remarkably like mine. I was tickled to be sitting next to a like-minded person, but as I looked on I noticed there was one thing that seemed to be missing from his newsfeed: women. He was following fantastic and smart men, but still – as far as I could tell, all men.
You noticed? How did that happen? Were you fem-spreading into his space? Fem-breathing his air? Did you brush any part of your body up against him while you were creeping on his feed? Did you boob-brush him?
Ewwww. That’s sexual assault, you know. Keep your tits, your hands, your eyes and your body to yourself, you pervert! And stop being such a nosy bitch. #BanNosy! Aside from her blatant disregard for another person’s privacy, what is Jess moaning about today?

"Deception Comprehension" MGTOW mENTERTAINMENT

Deception Comprehension..Belly of the beast indigestion...Hoes after brethren.. any of these titles fit. I dont know why I'm making these.. Im killing time.. I Should be writing rhymes. Im fucking tired. Life, stop being a bitch. please? no? okay. fuck you, life. and Liese... Fuck you, most of all. You silly sloppy succubi. Just In Case You're Reading This, You're A Devious Heartless Whore, Suga Titz.. its ep 7 yawl!! edited on the greatest computer in the world.. more original segments soon, bear with me. Njoy!!! -P Phil G the Knowbody

Bottom 99% Income

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss volatility shifting to the unhedged part of the economy - namely the incomes of the bottom 99 percent of the population. In the second half, Max interviews Nick Williamson, CEO of Pythia, about his new product called Credits, which is the first blockchain technology to be used by a government - in this case, the Isle of Man, to register cryptocurrency companies on the island.

Oh, Feminism, How Do I Hate Thee?

Let me count the ways
By There is a film being made about the “f” word. It is called, unsurprisingly, “The F Word – Film” – at least, that is their name on twitter.  Glamour UK wrote an article on it and called it The Trouble with the F-word.
Whatever its name, if the documentary were about the words fuck and fucking it might have been worthwhile and even fun. But no, the documentary purports to explore the reasons feminism and feminists are hated – a question so simple that you have to wonder if the filmmakers were fucked in the head.
The trailer for the documentary opens and closes with the timorous, grating voice of Emma “bait and switch” Watson trying to entice men into supporting her feminist initiative “#HeForShe” by promising men help for men’s issues – and then switching to make it only about women.
Really, that is all one needs to hate feminism. Feminism is a scam that promises to help men and reneges on the promise. If you don’t understand why people get angry at the malice of liars and scams then a lot of scammers would love to meet you.
If feminism were to stop scamming men and women, a lot of people might look on the dictionary “equality” of feminism with a bit more favor.
Well, maybe they would if feminism weren’t so sexually intrusive.

Chinese State Paper Warns "War Will Be Inevitable" Unless U.S. Stops Meddling In Territorial Dispute

Tyler Durden's picture: Whereas over the past year, ever since the outbreak of the hostilities over the fate of Ukraine following the Victoria Nuland orchestrated presidential coup, relations between Russia and NATO have devolved to a Cold War 2.0 state as manifested by countless interceptions of Russian warplanes by NATO jets and vice versa as depicted in the following infographic...
... at least China was mercifully allowed to stay out of the fray between the Cold War enemies.
This all changed this month when first the Pentagon's annual report to Congress this month cast China as a threat to regional and international peace and stability, followed several weeks ago when, with China aggressively encroaching into territories in the South China Sea claimed by US allies in the region such as Philippines, Vietnam and Japan, the US decided to get involved in yet another regional spat that does not directly involve it, and started making loud noises about China's territorial expansion over the commodity-reach area.
China promptly relatiated by threatening a US spy plane during a routine overflight, while immediately thereafter the US retaliated at China's escalation, and warned that building sea "sandcastles" could "lead to conflict."

Mad Max: Fury Road, Feminism And Disinformation

If you listen to the mainstream media, feminists have the skinny on a purported boycott of the film Mad Max: Fury Road by Men's Rights Activists because it is apparently a feminist movie. Sargon of Akkad


"You may be tempted to dry hump natures lag and you're killing it! ...Nature programs, stop telling my children how amazing nature is followed by 'and your dad's killing it'." Stefan Molyneux

Feminist Anita Sarkeesian BUSTED....AND BUSTED... And BUSTED!!!!!!

Global Corporate Information Warfare 2.0?

Note to the Hardcore Resistance: You Might Want to Pay Close Attention to This and Get Organized NOW!
Just when you thought that mainstream media already controls the narrative in most – if not all – instances two new mainstream alliances have been announced in one month time that are meant to push United Nations, related and derived propaganda to the next level.
Collectively the two alliances willeducate journalists and news agencies on how to successfully report about the UN agendas, while paid content (UN advertisements) will be released as authentic sustainable news reports. The participating news agencies and their journalists will be working closely with those who are tasked to implement (politicians, NGOs, experts and other mouthpieces) the UN agendas on sustainability and man made climate change (geoengineering is not included in the UN concept of man made climate change since that exposes that the CO2 scam is just that, a scam).
The first initiative or alliance was created by Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation. This partnership with Jynwel Foundation and Thomson Reuters Foundation “will engage with a network of journalists, media experts and social media influencers around the world to make available trainings, media capacity grants, and partnerships in the lead up to two pivotal summits happening later in the year;

International Men’s Movement #7: Indian Men’s Movement Goes International

By Paul Elam: This is an episode of International Men's Movement you don't want to miss. Lucian Valsan and Paul Elam will be joined by Anil Kumar, founder of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) which has become the most advanced and organized men's human rights effort on the planet.

Britain, Russia Back Resumption Of Syria Talks

The British and Russian leaders have backed the resumption of peace talks aimed at ending the four-year crisis in Syria.
Press TV: During a Monday phone conversation, British Premier David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin “agreed that it is in the interest of both the UK and Russia to help find a solution" to the crisis in Syria, Cameron's office said in a statement.
They also called for measures to stop the rise of ISIL" the Zionist neocon created terrorist group operating in Syria and Iraq, it said.
"They agreed that their national security advisers should meet to restart talks on the Syrian conflict," the statement added.
This came as Syria’s foreign-backed opposition group, the so-called Syrian National Coalition (SNC), refused to attend talks in the Swiss city of Geneva with the United Nations special envoy to Syria in early May.
Previous UN-mediated talks on Syria, dubbed Geneva I and II, failed to find a solution to end the conflict in the Arab country.
The two conferences ended in failure after the foreign-sponsored opposition figures in the talks refused to discuss widespread terrorism in the country and persisted in demanding the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a precondition.

NAWALT Is Nonsense

When we look at women there is a lack of de-motivators. There's a lack of consequence for bad behaviour. johntheother