31 May 2015

A Window Into Jewish Vindictiveness

By Gilad Atzmon: The Canary Mission’s clip is a glimpse into Jewish vindictiveness. The Canary Mission is a Jewish Zionist organisation that vows to track pro-Palestinian activists and ruin their lives as well as any prospect of a professional future for them. Pretty grim but slightly more merciful than traditional crucifixion. 
But the Canary Mission is not at all unique in its spite. Sadly enough, the ‘liberal’ JVP is practicing some very similar tactics. We recently came across JVP’s call to excommunicate Alison Weir, a legendary American activist.  Along the years, we have seen JVP, JFJFP and Mondoweiss campaigning repeatedly and relentlessly against some of the most profound speakers for Palestine, peace and justice - people such as Ken O’Keefe, Greta Berlin, George Galloway, Myself and many others.

Zionist Shill BBC Admits To Broadcasting Pro-Israel Propaganda

"BBC admits breaching its own rules by broadcasting pro-Israel propaganda." corbettreport

Jewish Hasidic Sect In Stamford Hill 'Bans' Women From Driving

Letter signed by Belz rabbis also reportedly said children driven to school by women would be banned from classes.
By Heather Saul: The leaders of an Orthodox Jewish sect in north London have reportedly declared that women should not be allowed to drive in a letter sent out to the community.
Rabbis from the Belz Hasidic sect in Stamford Hill have said women driving cars contravenes “the traditional rules of modesty in our camp” and the conventions of hasidic institutions, according to a report by the Jewish Chronicle.
The letter, which was signed by Belz educational leaders and endorsed by rabbis, also said women could be banned from their schools if their mothers drove them from August onwards.
It cited increasing numbers of “mothers of pupils who have started to drive” which it said had led to “great resentment among parents of pupils of our institutions”.
Stamford Hill's residents are predominately Hasidic Jewish and only New York is believed to have a larger community of Hasidic Jews outside of Israel.

You Are All Greeks Now

Max and Stacy discuss the gone peopleof Greece and beyond, as austerity meets an immoveable force of the banksters ever expanding black hole of debt. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Liam Halligan of BNE.eu about the economic situation in Europe, the EU referendum and Scottish independence.

Glenn Greenwald Wraps Up The “Snowden” Psyop And Tacitly Advocates For The Faux “Freedom Act”

The time has come — indeed, it is long overdue — for the wisdom, ingenuity and resources of American business to be marshalled against those who would destroy it. Lewis Powell memo, 1971
By Scott Creighton: The manufactured hero psyop is drawing to a close while it’s main spokesman and front-man, Glenn Greenwald, is tacitly supporting the USA Freedom Act as a sort of “better than nothing” fix to the problem.
During his latest interview with ACLU Legal Director, Jameel Jaffer, Glenn sounds an awful lot like James Sensenbrenner, author of the Freedom Act and the Patriot Act as well.

If the perfect defeats the good, then bad prevails,” said Representative James Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin, an author of the Patriot Act who is now leading efforts to change it (and the author of the USA Freedom Act).
GREENWALD: Right. Even if it’s a step in the right direction (the USA Freedom Act) it’s a very small step in the right direction. (Greenwald said this in an interview with Jameel Jaffer yesterday)
NOTE TO GLENN: No. It is not a step in the right direction unless of course by “right” you mean far-right fascist direction and in that case, it’s a HUGE step in the right direction.

Lying To Get Sex Is Not Rape

By : It has come to my attention that New Jersey law Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D) has sponsored a bill which would make “sexual assault by fraud” a punishable offense.
Even our own DV Policy Advisor, Erin Pizzey, thinks that we should give this a thought: But is it really a good idea?
Mind you, I’m not a citizen of New Jersey (or even an American) but given that such ideas are bounced around various legislatures around the world, this topic is bigger than New Jersey.
In the following lines, I’ll try to argue that such a law is a very bad idea. It should also be noted that just because I think the law is bad, that doesn’t mean I think the supporters of it are bad people. It just so happens though that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Which is why the arguments against this idea shall be rooted in the premise that its supporters are well-intended.
Based on a dubious story
The bill comes following the story of one Mischele Lewis, a 37 year old single mom who dated a man who claimed to be a British secret agent.
You can read the entire story in the link above but, basically, the short story is that the man Mischele Lewis dated lied about pretty much everything

Tribal Thought Policing By The Elders Of ‘Anti’ Zion

By Gilad Atzmon: The following is an announcement of a Jewish Herem (excommunication) signed by Jewish Voice For Peace (JVP) targeting one of America’s leading human rights activists, Alison Weir. The letter was leaked to me by three different JVP Chapter Leaders who, apparently, are experiencing fatigue with JVP’s thought policing.
According to my informers, the letter was written by Rebecca Vilkomerson, JVP’s Executive Director. It was sent to the 40 chapter leaders of JVP. My JVP sources told me that the letter wasn’t intended to be publicized. After all, The Protocols Of The Elders of ‘Anti’ Zion are better communicated in a clandestine manner. 
May 5, 2015
Dear Ms. Weir,
Jewish Voice for Peace has chosen not to work with you because our central tenet is opposition to racism in all its forms, and you have chosen repeatedly to associate yourself with people who advocate for racism.
You have been a repeat guest of white supremacist Clay Douglas on his hate radio show, the Free American. Clay Douglas is concerned primarily with the survival of the White race and sees malign Jewish influence everywhere.

Not Everything You Hate Should Be Illegal

"X shouldn't be illegal." "Why do you love X so much. Huh huh?!" *Face palm city* Julie Borowski

Feminist Trigger Warnings

"The Idea is that some feminists will crawl under their desks and cry for hours. ...You don't seem that triggered, it seems that I've put a fire under your ass and now you're on the war path! ...OK society, freedom of speech is over we've discovered there are people out there who's feelings are hurt, bullshit, it's on them. ...What's more important is our freedom and right to express ourselves." The Amazing Atheist

Why Do People Hate #Feminism? - Gender Studies Degrees

A video for feminists to help explain why people hate them. The fourth reason people hate feminism is because gender studies degrees are indoctrination camps for insane, paranoid feminists, as evidenced by the fact they are now consuming themselves. Sargon of Akkad

ISIS In Greater Israel's Scheme

"Greater Israel is alive and wreaking havoc in the Middle East. ISIS is doing Israel's bidding!" Brother Nathanael