2 Jun 2015

Battle And Brew, Gamergate, Zen Men And Why Mob Rule Is Killing Fun As We Know It

By My organization Zen Men LLC tried to organize a GamerGate meetup at Battle & Brew (B&B), a video game themed bar. Politically-motivated bullies then attacked B&B, and the general manager Nate Sanders pulled the plug and said this was all my fault.
I did not want any B&B staff to deal with any unwarranted stress, but it was only right to warn them about a PR risk. When Nate and I first spoke, I told him about the bomb threat made against Local 16 in DC and warned him that there might be an unprovoked social media backlash just because GamerGate meetups happen. He was well aware of the circumstances, and I assured him that Zen Men LLC was not coming to the event for political reasons. The whole point of the event was to play video games and network.
This article shares correspondence with the general manager, including two phone calls and an email exchange. I did not include correspondence that only involved event business such as catering or space reservation. Normally I would consider this kind of information private, but I need authentic sources to back up what I say about people involved.

Israel Planning False Flag Attack In US To Create War With Iran

Israel is preparing to carry out a false flag operation in the United States and will blame it on Iran as a strategy to entangle Washington in a war with Tehran!
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: “I have maintained from the beginning that Israel is planning and will in some point attempt a false flag incident probably within the continental United States that will be facilitated by Israeli intelligence and falsely blamed on Iran,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas. 
“This lie will be repeated in the American news media time and time and time again to create the furor within the United States, with the American public for [triggering] an overt American attack on the Iranians,” Dankof said on Tuesday.
“This would be disastrous of course, but I think this is what Israel is aiming for; they’ll attempt to do it through a false flag incident that will be falsely pinned on Iran and they have plenty of allies in the American national security agencies,” he added.

Alice Munro’s “Runaway” And Women’s Accountability

By Alice Munro’s story Runaway is about a young country woman who runs away from an abusive husband. Her freedom is short-lived, however, as she soon steps off a Greyhound bus to call him. She’s at a gas station and has regretted her decision.
Clark comes to get her and in the weeks following, he’s duly chastened by her actions. His response empowers Carla, but later events suggest her empowerment is only temporary: in the story’s coda, we learn Carla suspects Clark of having killed a missing and much-loved pet. Its absence provides a backdrop to the cycles of domestic abuse rendered by Munro—when it comes to this couple’s marriage, we see a slow build-up of tension, a dramatic release and, of course, great make-up sex.
I’ve taken a lot of criticism from feminists lately. Much of it has to do with how I see victimization being proclaimed by hordes of western women, hordes who in fact enjoy a great deal of freedom. I’m puzzled by their claims and suspect that the power and status conferred by victim motifs is what drives women to incorporate them into their identities. This isn’t to say that there are no victims—I’ve met plenty—but most belong to groups that are obviously disrespected: the elderly, the disabled and the economically disenfranchised. Rarely have I seen comprehensive victimization in women who have access to education, healthcare and financial stability. This raises a question: when it comes to victims, who really qualifies?

Fake It 'Til You Make It

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss economies faking it for so long, they’ve forgotten what ‘making it’ even looks like. With trickle down Potemkinism, formerly employed workers go to fake jobs and fake companies, selling fake goods where everything is fake, except for the losses. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com about make believe economic growth and real debt problems as economies around the world shrink, housing bubbles blow and the war sector grows.

The Manosphere: Addressing Some Feminist Whisper Campaigns

"Out and out lies!" Says Sargon of Akkad
Just a few things that need to be addressed.

Gilad Atzmon Explains The Subversion Of The Pro-Palestine Cause By The Jewish Left

By John Friend: Gilad Atzmon, an internationally renowned musician, philosopher, and writer born in Israel, is currently on a speaking tour to promote his latest book entitled A to Zion: The Definitive Israeli Lexicon, as well as address the Jewish subversion of the pro-Palestinian movement. On Monday, May 11th, Atzmon spoke at a public library in San Diego County, an event I was able to attend. We had a nice conversation and I was able to ask him a question following his presentation.
What follows is a Q&A I conducted with Atzmon via email shortly after his speech in San Diego. I hope to continue this dialogue in the near future. There are many more questions I'd like to ask him.
JF: In your talk, you described Jewish leftists infiltrating and ultimately undermining the Palestinian Solidarity movement - why? What is their ultimate goal?
GA: In an interview a few years back, Philip Weiss, the chief editor of the Jewish pro-Palestinian website Mondoweiss, admitted to me in plain terms that, in his eyes, pro-Palestinian activism serves "Jewish self interests."
Such a Jewish activity conveys a (misleading) image of Jewish political pluralism. It suggests that not all Jews are "bad," Jewish politics can even be ethical and universal.
Evidently, Jewish liberals are angry with me for unveiling the deceit that is embedded in such an attitude. They have invested a great effort attempting to silence me, and for a good reason - I have produced some persuasive arguments suggesting that Jewish solidarity is not the solution, it is actually the core of the problem.

Greek Government Favours Drachma - Vows Will Not “Bow To Blackmail”

- Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Lagarde and Draghi in “emergency” meeting re Greece
- Bankrupt Greece must find €1.6 billion to pay IMF in June
- First instalment of €300 million due on Friday
- Leaders of EU, IMF and ECB hold emergency summit in Brussels
- 58% of Syriza membership in favour of returning to Drachma
- Unforeseeable consequences and risks of ‘Grexit’

By Mark O'Byrne: An emergency meeting was held in Berlin last night between Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, EU Commission President Junker, Christine Lagarde of the IMF and ECB president Mario Draghi. The meeting was reported to have continued past midnight.
The discussions were apparently aimed at formulating a “take it or leave it” offer that would be acceptable to the Syriza government that would allow the remaining €7 billion of the existing bailout package to be unlocked so that cash can be handed back to Greece’s creditors and avoid a default. Greece, a country whose own finance minister has described it as “bankrupt” is due to pay the IMF €1.6 billion over the course of June. The first instalment of four – totalling €300 million is due this Friday.

Size Matters: How Tess Holliday Can Usher In A Larger Discussion About Standards Of Attractiveness

“I’m too sexy for my car too sexy for my car,
Too sexy by far,
And I’m too sexy for my hat,
Too sexy for my hat what do you think about that…”
-Right Said Fred
By : The past week saw People magazine at the center of yet another controversy when it featured on its cover one Ms. Tess Holliday, hailed as the world’s first BBW Supermodel, at 5’5″, 280lbs and wearing a 22 dress size. Like People’s previous “beautiful people” cover last year, which featured “12 Years a Slave” award-winning actress Ms. Lupita N’yongo, we were all treated to yet another lecture, er, discussion, about the harmful effects of putting women into a rigid corset of beauty standards that weren’t just constricting for them, but ruinous for society as a whole. Because People magazine, which has always been about bigging up the lives of the Beautiful People in its pages, has become something of a cultural signpost along these lines for our society at large, they are seen as setting beauty and attractiveness trends for our national heartthrobs and “it girls”, while preaching, er, teaching us all that “beauty is subjective, not objective” and to be proud of who and what we are. Many folk of the social justice warrior variety will noddingly approve of such notions, finger wagging that within Diversity itself – a watchword in our time to be sure – is an infinite combination of wonderous attractiveness.
Except only when, it really isn’t.

Male Shame

"I want to talk about the shame men internalise from the time they are infants and how it's used like a hammer to beat men and boys into submission. Everywhere you turn in society you here the same message that masculinity is in crisis, the males are just refusing to man up and are instead choosing to wallow in perpetual adolescence, but whats never mentioned is that every path, every avenue on the road to a man defining his masculinity has been stripped away." Spetsnaz

Lying To Get Laid - A Criminal Offense? Careful What You Wish For Ladies And Step Away From The Mascara.

By Proving once again that misandry is not a “real thing” and that men face no institutional discrimination that renders them completely powerless, New Jersey Assemblyman Troy Singleton has sponsored a bill that would make men lying to women to get into their pants a form of “sexual assault”.

New Jersey law Assemblyman Troy Singleton has sponsored a bill which would make “sexual assault by fraud” a punishable offense. In short, the bill hopes to expand the definition of sexual assault in that state to include “an act of sexual penetration to which a person has given consent because the actor has misrepresented the purpose of the act or has represented he is someone he is not.”

He. Emphasis most assuredly mine. This bill is meant to target men who lie to women. Men who presented themselves as someone they are not for the purposes of getting laid, and not the other way around. Let’s pretend we give a shit about equality (news flash: we do) and make this law universal. Anyone who presents themselves as something or someone they are not, to entice someone into consensual sex, has committed sexual assault.
Guess what you stupid bitches, women are guilty a gazillion times more often of this than men.

Europe Shocked When Russia Does To It What Europe Did To Russia

The EU issued a press release this morning which could perhaps be summed up in 2 childish words - "not fair." Following the denial-of-entry by Russia of several EU politicians, Russia has released a list of 89 names who will face travel bans - of exactly the same type as EU and US enforced upon numerous Russian elites. Europe is displeased that Russia would dare do unto them as they have done unto others... "we deem this measure as totally arbitrary and unjustified," they exclaimed, adding, "we don’t have any further information on the legal basis or the criteria or the process of these decisions."
The travel bans by Russia appear to be a response to the E.U.’s imposing several rounds of sanctions on Russia for its role in destabilizing Ukraine, including asset freezes and travel bans on 150 officials.

IT'S SO HARD + KILL THE CREATIVE - UK Screaming Revolution