5 Jun 2015

Greek Banks On Verge Of Total Collapse: Bank Run Surges "Massively" As Depositors Yank €700 Million Today Alone

Tyler Durden's picture While the Greek government believes it may have won the battle, if not the war with Europe, the reality is that every additional day in which Athens does not have a funding backstop, be it the ECB (or the BRIC bank), is a day which brings the local banking system to total collapse.
As a reminder, Greek banks already depends on the ECB for some €80.7 billion in Emergency Liquidity Assistance which was about 60% of total deposits in the Greek financial system as of April 30. In other words, they are woefully insolvent and only the day to day generosity of the ECB prevents a roughly 40% forced "bail in" deposit haircut a la Cyprus.
The problem is that a Greek deposit number as of a month and a half ago is hopefully inaccurate. It is also the biggest problem for Greece, which has been desperate to prevent an all out panic among those who still have money in the banking system.
Things got dangerously close to the edge last Friday (as noted before) when things for Greece suddenly looked very bleak ahead of this week's IMF payment and politicians were forced to turn on the Hope Theory to the max, promising a deal with Europe had never been closer.

Culty Claudia

"How many feminists does it take to turn the tables? The answer is, don't ask feminists to turn the table, tell the table not to rape them!"  SkepTorr

The English Feminists Hell-Bent On Giving God A Sex Change

Referring to God as 'She' is just silly.
By Ella Whelan: Women and the Church (WATCH), a group of Anglican vicars and churchgoers, has upped the ante in the attempt to make religion more inclusive. Following in the recent, right-on footsteps of campaigns for gay marriage and female vicars, WATCH is talking about giving the Almighty Himself a gender swap in order to fit religion into the modern world of political correctness. In an interview with the Telegraph, Hilary Cotton, the chair of WATCH, said that ‘to continue to refer to God purely as male is just unhelpful to many people now’.
This inclusivity crusade is not completely out of keeping with history. Protestantism was partially founded on the desire to make it easier for man to relate to God through a personalised mode of prayer. So, WATCH argues, why not make it easier for a woman to relate to religion by providing a few more female characters? Of course, the Protestant distaste for the Virgin Mary means that she’s off the cards as a relatable female figure, although you’d think giving Mary a more prominent role would be an easier way to satisfy feminist-leaning worshippers rather than giving the guy upstairs a sex change.
So what would be the benefit of changing the gendered aspects of religion? WATCH argues that women feel less included in religious practices because the liturgy uses male pronouns which, if you’re a woman, are impossible to relate to. This leads to women feeling less close to God because they aren’t blokes.

Land Of The Unfree - Fascist US Police And Prosecutors Fight Aggressively To Retain Barbaric Right Of “Civil Asset Forfeiture”

Efforts to limit seizures of money, homes and other property from american people who may never be convicted of a crime are stalling out amid a wave of pressure from prosecutors and police.
Their effort, at least at the state level, appears to be working. At least a dozen states considered bills restricting or even abolishing forfeiture that isn’t accompanied by a conviction or gives law enforcement less control over forfeited proceeds. But most measures failed to pass.
– From the Wall Street Journal article: Efforts to Curb Asset Seizures by Law Enforcement Hit Headwinds
By Michael Krieger: The fact that civil asset forfeiture continues to exist across the American landscape despite outrage and considerable media attention, is as good an example as any as to how far fallen and uncivilized our so-called “society” has become. It also proves the point demonstrated in a Princeton University study that the U.S. is not a democracy, and the desires of the people have no impact on how the country is governed.

Narcissistic Mothers - MGTOW

Over protective mothers and their dire consequences on young males. Asking mothers to be less protective of their young is not going to happen. Mothers are designed to be over protective in an almost insane kind of way. Just tonight I went out and saw a female raccoon with its babies. And I didn't dare approaching her. I knew the mother raccoon would have tried to bite my leg off if I approached them. So why would human females be any different when trying to protect human children?

Ann Coulter’s Book Captures Threat From US Immigration, But Hides Jewish Leading Role

By Dr. Patrick Slattery: There has been a great deal of talk in the past few days about the new book on immigration by Ann Coulter, “Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.”
The book is being very well received by anti-immigration activists, not just for the boost in attention that the anti-immigration position will get in the media but also because Coulter is devoting most of the book to legal immigration, and not just the safer target of illegal immigration. But is this really the game-changing book that many anti-immigration activists hope it will be? I have my doubts.
First of all, the book completely leaves out the Jewish leading role in passing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which is the law that governs the legal immigration that Coulter’s book addresses. Instead, she blames everything on “the left,” which she says is willing to allow the U.S. to become a poor third-world country just so that a government-dependent non-white majority will make the Democrats a permanent ruling party. This is very different from the argument that Jews are the main force behind immigration and are motivated by a divide-and-conquer strategy and the desire to make sure a nationalism never develops in a cohesive white majority that could threaten Jewish rule. So which is it?

Muslim Woman Vs. Abercrombie And Fitch

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who was denied a job at Abercrombie and Fitch because she wears a headscarf due to her religion. Some are saying that this is a victory for religious freedom. Is it really though? Julie Borowski

666: The "Better Than Cash Alliance" Has An Orwellian Plan

Submitted by Seth Mason: In the fall of 1910, under the pretense of a duck hunting trip, a group of powerful banksters, political figures, and businessmen met at Jekyll Island, GA to plan the creation of a central bank for the United States. The “game” that this elite group of “hunters” brought back to their ivory towers of Lower Manhattan and Capitol Hill was the blueprint for one of the most destructive financial institutions in modern history, the Federal Reserve. One-hundred years later, another group of powerful bankers, political figures, and businessmen have converged to promote a cashless society, an economic system that would compel every man, woman, and child to utilize proprietary, government-monitored electronic systems to make purchases of any kind. This group, which calls itself the Better Than Cash Alliance, is as dangerous as the group of “outdoor enthusiasts” that met at Jekyll Island that fateful early-20th Century November.
And, just like the Jekyll Island group sold their grand plans based on a lie (they claimed that the Fed would guarantee liquidity in times of financial panics), the Better Than Cash Alliance is selling the idea of a cashless society based on the farce that eliminating cash would stimulate entrepreneurship among the poor. In reality, the elimination of cash would reduce a great many opportunities for entrepreneurship for people of few means.

US Agitating For Nuclear War With Russia, Happy To Put EU At Risk By Deployment Cruise Missiles, Will Any EU Government Agree?

The United States, lead by its warmongering 'Neo-Con-Artists', having already surrounded Russia and China is now apparently considering the deployment of ground-launched cruise missiles in Europe in order to 'counter Russia’s counter measures' on its own doorstep in Ukraine, according to a new report.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The Associated Press reported on Thursday that the decision was made after Russia allegedly violated a nuclear treaty.
The US accuses Russia of violating the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. Moscow denied the allegation and said the testing of a ground-launched cruise missile in July 2014 was in compliance with the INF treaty.
The Obama administration that surprisingly has been even more aggressive than the Bush regime, announced that it has three options for the so-called treaty violations.
The options are defenses to stop a treaty-violating missile, the "counterforce" option to attack a missile preemptively and the "countervailing strike capabilities" option that implies the potential use of nuclear forces, the report said.

Ukrainians Dispossessed ~ Americans Are Next

By Paul Craig Roberts: Over the last 15 months Ukrainians have paid for Washington’s overthrow of their elected government in deaths, dismemberment of their country, and broken economic and political relationships with Russia that cost Ukraine its subsidized energy. Now Ukrainians are losing their pensions and traditional support payments. The Ukrainian population is headed for the graveyard.
On June 1 the TASS news agency reported that Ukraine has stopped payments to pensioners, World War II veterans, people with disabilities, and victims of Chernobyl. According to the report, Kiev has also “eliminated transport, healthcare, utilities and financial benefits for former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and recipients of some Soviet-era orders and titles. Compensations to families with children living in the areas contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl accident will be no longer paid either. Ukraine’s parliamentary opposition believes that the Prosecutor General’s Office should launch an investigation against Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who actively promoted the law on the abolition of privileges.”
Notice that this is a yank of the blanket from under the elderly in Ukraine.

Men Need Protection Too: Activists Seek Bill In Indian Parliament

By Vicky Nanjappa: The Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) which has taken up the cause of Men's Rights is seeking a private bill in Parliament to enact a law for protection of men from domestic violence. The bill is being sought in the wake of a survey by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) finding that about 1.8% or an estimated 60 lakh women have perpetrated physical violence against husbands without any provocation. However, men are more likely to be threatened and attacked by male relatives of the wife than the wife herself.
Men need protection: Rajesh Vakharia, President of SIFF informed Oneindia that in most countries, the laws against domestic violence provide protection to both men and women. Men can also seek restraining orders from courts, which restrain the abusive partner or wife from perpetrating abuse and even contacting the victim.
However, in India family violence against men is almost legal as there is no provision in any law to protect a man, who faces violence from wife or other female family members, Vakharia says. This situation is mainly due to the patriarchal thinking in the society, that men are stronger than women and they can defend themselves with physical force. It's high time India keeps pace with the rest of the world and makes the laws against domestic violence gender neutral. Men want a bill: "We are talking with a couple of MPs to submit a private member bill in the parliament to start the steps towards enacting a law for protection of men from domestic violence. It is long overdue.

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