7 Jun 2015

Radical Feminists Disrupt CAFE Ottawa Inaugural Meeting

The Canadian Association for Equality, Ottawa chapter, had its inaugural meeting and book launch of David Shackelton's book, The Hand that Rocks the World. Unfortunately a group of radical feminists felt that free speech and freedom of association is not the society that they want and attempted to derail it. Victor Maltby

A Professor Speaks Out - How Coddled, Hyper Sensitive Undergrads Are Ruining College Learning

Things have changed since I started teaching. The vibe is different. I wish there were a less blunt way to put this, but my students sometimes scare meparticularly the liberal ones.
I once saw an adjunct not get his contract renewed after students complained that he exposed them to “offensive” texts written by Edward Said and Mark Twain. His response, that the texts were meant to be a little upsetting, only fueled the students’ ire and sealed his fate.  That was enough to get me to comb through my syllabi and cut out anything I could see upsetting a coddled undergrad, texts ranging from Upton Sinclair to Maureen Tkacik — and I wasn’t the only one who made adjustments, either.
The current student-teacher dynamic has been shaped by a large confluence of factors, and perhaps the most important of these is the manner in which cultural studies and social justice writers have comported themselves in popular media. I have a great deal of respect for both of these fields, but their manifestations online, their desire to democratize complex fields of study by making them as digestible as a TGIF sitcom, has led to adoption of a totalizing, simplistic, unworkable, and ultimately stifling conception of social justice. The simplicity and absolutism of this conception has combined with the precarity of academic jobs to create higher ed’s current climate of fear, a heavily policed discourse of semantic sensitivity in which safety and comfort have become the ends and the means of the college experience.

Victim Culture - MGTOW 101 + Mattress Girl's New Porn Movie

“Victim culture” is a term I like to use for a society that has abandoned the logical legal process of innocent until proven guilty, instead the system is reversed on it’s head and the supposed perpetrator of any crime is guilty, until proven innocent. Which is a failed policy that had been believed to have died out with the beginning of the enlightenment. Victim culture takes the victim’s word for it, no matter how absurd the victims claims are.

Steve Shives Doesn't Understand the Men's Rights Movement

"If you acknowledge that there are some very good points brought up by the movement then I guess that makes you a misogynist!?" TL;DR

Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work…

By Bill Bonner: While we were thinking about what was really going on with today’s strange new money system, a startling thought occurred to us.
Our financial system could take a surprising and catastrophic twist that almost nobody imagines, let alone anticipates.
Do you remember when a lethal tsunami hit the beaches of Southeast Asia, killing thousands of people and causing billions of dollars of damage?
Well, just before the 80-foot wall of water slammed into the coast an odd thing happened: The water disappeared.
The tide went out farther than anyone had ever seen before. Local fishermen headed for high ground immediately. They knew what it meant. But the tourists went out onto the beach looking for shells!
The same thing could happen to the money supply…

There’s Not Enough Physical Money

Here’s how… and why:
It’s almost seems impossible. Hard to imagine. Difficult to understand. But if you look at M2 money supply – which measures coins and notes in circulation as well as bank deposits and money market accounts – America’s money stock amounted to $11.7 trillion as of last month.
But there was just $1.3 trillion of physical currency in circulation – about only half of which is in the US. (Nobody knows for sure.)

David Aaronovitch And The Jewish Solidarity Industry

“Zionist and most anti-Zionist Jews are captives of the same primeval Jewish mindset, and that it is this mindset that, in effect, provoked antisemitic reaction, right down to the Holocaust itself.” David Aaronovitch, Jewish Chronicle
By Gilad Atzmon: David Aaronovitch, once Trotskyite, now neo-con but always advocate for Blair’s Zionist wars is alive and kicking. Yesterday in the Jewish Chronicle he found the time to attack Professor Oren Ben Dor for telling the truth about Israel and Jewish identity politics. In his Jewish Chronicle weekly column, the war-monger had the audacity  to criticise Ben Dor, (himself a veteran Israeli submarine captain as well as a law scholar who found out about Jewish violence the hard way)  for wishing to express his own political opinions about Jewish culture and identity politics.

My Sperm, My Choice - MGTOW

"Hi Sandman, Please provide some insight and feedback on a change.org petition I have written and plan on push on the public. It covers the right for men to be able to consent to fatherhood as opposed to being forced into fatherhood. I know of course that this is more than likely to fail but I say this in my petition and I quote: what do we have to lose? And nothing will ever change if we do nothing. We should learn from our adversaries, the feminists. When they want something they never stop pushing for it, and their success is there for all to see. MGTOW has been growing tremendously recently, and this petition is something every man, MGTOW, MRA, or average Joe can support.

The Future - Miss Baby Sol Ft. Speech Debelle

The Future is the first offering from Miss Baby Sol's debut album ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ release date TBC. GlobalFaction

French Comedian To Receive International Free Speech Award

By Gilad Atzmon: STYLO France, an International literary and human rights group announced today that it will award its 2015 Free Speech prize to controversial French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala in recognition of his exercise of free speech in defiance of repressive laws forbidding it.
“Dieudonné lives in a society where almost unlimited offensive language and artistic expression may be used against some religious and ethnic groups but not others,” said STYLO France spokesperson Paul Larudee at the group’s headquarters in Berkeley, California. “In spite of the consequences, Dieudonné has criticized and ridiculed persons and subjects that are protected from free speech rights under French law.  And he has paid dearly for his defiance of these prohibitions.”
Dieudonné has been arrested eight times for anti-Semitism – a criminal offense in France –  and has been fined a total of €39,500 ($44,240).  His crimes have included comparison of Israeli and Nazi military practices, criticism of the Zionist and Jewish lobbies in France, and inviting convicted “holocaust deniers” on his shows.

Orwellian Language - The Slide Toward “Velvet Glove” Fascism Continues

By : Sometimes we get the feeling the ruling elites are investing the laws they enact with a kind of impertinent, slap-in-your-face black humor. How else to explain the Orwellian names given to the liberty-crushing laws that have been put in place since the “war on terror” started?
The latest example is the misnamed “Freedom Act”, the purpose of which appears to be to make legal what was hitherto plainly illegal – inter alia whole-sale spying by the government on the citizenry. The legislation has been sold to the serfs as absolutely necessary to “prevent terror attacks”. As we have previously pointed out, the average US citizen is statistically far more likely to die from drowning in a bathtub or simply by falling from a chair rather than from a terror attack.

Dogs Save Child From Abusive Mum

Awesome! Staged or not staged... This is abuse as far as I am concerned. Do you really think that this child who could be no more than 3 years old is fully aware of what is going on? MAYOR of MGTOWN