8 Jun 2015

What If We Awarded Men Danger Pay For Getting Married?

By Today progressive magazine The Week recycled an old article from The Kernel about the scarymen’s rights movement”, and given the general content of The Week and the tenor of media coverage of the men’s rights movement in general, it wasn’t too rage or vomit-inducing, on the whole. The article managed to acknowledge that MRAs fall across the political spectrum, have some specific, actionable goals and generally decry violent solutions to what are essentially political problems. Typically, the article refuses to acknowledge the participation of women in the MHRM, throwing a bone to the fabulous Karen deCrow, and letting feminists take credit for an uncharacteristically decent, humane woman amongst their ranks.
The author, unsurprisingly, completely misses the point when it comes to discussing the power differential (both imagined and actual) between women and men. I have noticed this to be very typical. It’s hard to rank male feminist assholes, since they tend to be consistently stupid, obtuse, irrational and utterly blind to their own hatefulness. If this were a footrace, the male feminists would all be behind the starting line, attempting to determine whose transgender superhero underpants signified peak obsequiousness. The sound of the starting gun would trigger them into a sobbing mess of puppy and Playdoh and coloring book trauma victims – jazz hands, please!

Elections For Jews Only + National Monetary Reform Convention Now!

"Bring on the bombs and blood shed and let the Americans do the dirty work. Bombs and bloodshed where only the goy die young. Money and media wins elections and Jews own both. Jews became a majority by ethnic cleansing. We are allied with racism, discrimination and genocide!" Brother Nathanael

WAR: What They Won't Tell You!

It has been often said that war is the health of the state - but the argument could also be made that the reverse is more true: that the state is the health of war. In other words, that...
war - the greatest of all human evils - is impossible without the state. Stefan Molyneux

Try Listening To Actual Women, Mark Ruffalo, You Ignorant Jerk

By Mark Ruffalo, an actor, (The Hulk) has recently taken it upon himself to inform the millions and millions of women who do not identify as feminists that they areignorant jerks. Leaving aside his comically deficient grasp of history – feminism ended the slave trade? Really? Really, Mark? The dates 1865 and 1960 don’t strike you as just a teensy bit incongruous?
But let’s be generous. Let’s leave aside the fact that women could vote, hold office and own property long, long before feminism ever reared its ugly head and just concentrate on the essence of Ruffalo’s pussy-begging assertions. In essense, Ruffalo is expressing his gratitude towards feminists and suggesting that women who do not share his enthusiastic obeisance are remiss. Ignorant jerksto use his phrase.
You’re grateful to feminists, are you, Mark? All right. Let’s by fully grateful then, shall we? According to your IMdB profile you were born in “Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Marie Rose (Hebert), a stylist and hairdresser, and Frank Lawrence Ruffalo, a construction painter.”
Born into a nuclear family with a mother and a father? Lucky you. Married couples continue to be happier, healthier, wealthier and rear more successful, productive and better-off children compared to families headed by single mothers with fathers relegated to the status of ATMs. And you know that, don’t you? You’ve been married to the mother of your three children for 15 years. Not stupid, are you? Just a hypocrite.
What happened to nuclear families? They were destroyed. By feminists.

Hey, Mattress Girl, No Soup For You!

Say no to emotional vampires. You can only help people by helping them help themselves. Feminism LOL

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Feminist Deconstructionism: Many feminists will deny it, but the only women wearing these types of t-shirts are feminists. No attractive woman would ever wear something like this. This is an ugly woman who knows that trying to make herself look attractive would fail. It would only make it worse because people would realize that she tried and failed. So she gives up and pretends to be “one of the boys.” She jokes about farting so as to say, “see, I’m not trying to get you to find me attractive… that’s the only reason you don’t.” But the reality is that she simply gave up.
This is what feminists are. As evidenced by their constant anger at “beauty standards,” they would love to be seen as pretty, but they know that they aren’t. So they scream and yell about looks being unimportant, how they have personalities (which are almost always terribly unpleasant), that they have careers (usually government and non-profit jobs where they get to push their politics and not actually do something useful like stop crime, make shoes or heal a person) or whatever else. All of this is a deflection. They want to be pretty, but they know they can’t because they are too lazy to exercise or maintain a normal human diet, so they are are trying to make it look like they never wanted to be sexually appealing in the first place. Sure… that’s why they are so obsessed with beauty standards! Source

A Video In Which Nobody Got Raped. Sorry

Just now, a lot of people didn't get raped but they want to be treated as if they did. Victim culture has an allure that needs to be dealt with. Feminism LOL

Intense Brutal Clashes At The #G7 + G7 Total OverKill

Luke Rudkowski takes you along his day as he covers the G7 conference.
If only the police knew that they are enforcing their own enslavement.

You Were Born Into A Cult! Exposing The Religion of Government

Every child born into this world is part of a cult. That cult is called the State. Statism is the single most dangerous religion on earth today, yet most don't realize that it's a superstition. Carlos Morales

Legally Sabotage The False War On Terror: Part 1, Abu Sayyaf The ISIS Oil Man

By Orwellians: Officially on May 15-16, 2015, the US government had claimed that a Delta Force team it had sent out into Syria, killed the ISIS oil man – named Abu Sayyaf. To give credibility to this wild US government story the media was urged to give this oil man a face in order for the people, YOU, to accept the claims more easily.
This is what Pix11 and Fox News came up with:
Because the raid by a Delta Force team on Abu Sayyaf in Syria never happened and because the media didn’t immediately know, nor has it admitted yet, that the raid story was a fabrication they continue to struggle to conclusively identify and adequately depict the ISIS oil man. That is why the media still distributes wrong photos and that is why the lie is still so obviously transparent.