10 Jun 2015

A Brief History Of Tomorrow

How did we get to where are today? How did we get to economic stagnation, the slow strangulation of liberties? How did we get to where we will be tomorrow, with economic collapse and the war of words of all against all? Here is a very rapid tour through the destruction of rationality. Stefan Molyneux

Institutionalised Misandry: UK Judges Told 'Be More Lenient To Women Criminals'

WD: Sorry we missed this expression of misandric feminism when it was current. Here it is for the record in all it's bigoted glory. This is radical feminism's idea of equality. The dictionary definition of equality is apparently as defunct as the one for feminism.

Judges have been ordered to forget equality and deal less severely with female criminals than men when determining how to sentence them!
By : Female criminals are more likely to have mental health or educational difficulties and to have parenting responsibilities, while a lower proportion will have committed violent crimes than men, according to new guidelines.
Judges ought to "bear these matters in mind" when passing sentence, according to the Equal Treatment Bench Book, published by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB).
The body, which is responsible for brainwashing judges, said female victims, witnesses and criminals have a very different experience in court than male counterparts.

Equality Is Something You DO

By On May 11th, 2015, 74 000 Lithuanians between the ages of 19 and 26 were informed that their bodies would be deployed to serve the good of the nation. The women were ordered to discontinue all birth control and prepare to give birth to new citizens to replace the ones that would be lost. The men were ordered to prepare themselves to be lost. Finland followed suit, ordering 1.8 million of their 5.5 million population to prepare themselves for national, mandatory service either as cannon fodder or new citizen incubators. The Ukraine intends to draw 200 000 citizens from 25 to 60 years of age. Sweden, Denmark and Norway are expected to make similar announcements in the days to come.
The Nordic countries consistently rank at the very top of scales that measure gender equality, and their fair-minded approach to patriotic duty in the face of military threat is one of the reasons. These countries understand that equality is not just a word, it’s something you do. Their enlightened approach to gender equality extends into every aspect of their lives, including the obligation to face physical hardship, psychological stress, disability, pain and even death.
In a moving series of portraits, Beata Tiskevic-Hasanova and Neringa Rekasiute, captured the reaction of conscripted men and women to the announcement that they would be randomly selected to put their bodies and lives on the line for their country.

'US [Neo-Con-Artists] Drawing Europe Into Crusade Against Russia, Against Our Interests' - Ex-French PM

RT: The US is drawing European states into a “crusade” against Russia, which goes against Europe’s interests, former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said. Speaking to French media, he stressed that Europe now is dependent on Washington.
Today, Europe is not independentThe US is drawing us [the EU] into a crusade against Russia, which contradicts the interests of Europe,” Fillon told the BFMTV channel.
The ex-French prime minister, who served in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government from 2007 till 2012, lashed out at Washington and its policies.
Washington, Fillon said, pursues extremely dangerous policies in the Middle East that the EU and European states have to agree with.
He accused German intelligence of spying on France not in the interests of Germany but in the interests of the United States.”

#GamerGate: Feminists Have Been Supporting A US Neo-Con-Artist Agenda To Use Games For Re-Education

"Our US version of the KGB are the ones that have authored one of the major reports. The premier educational think tank's primary focus was the use of games for political subversion and propaganda." S4T

The War On Free Speech - U.S. Department Of (In)Justice Subpoenas Reason.com Over Comment Section

The United States Department of Justice is using federal grand jury subpoenas to identify anonymous commenters engaged in typical internet bluster and hyperbole in connection with the Silk Road prosecution. DOJ is targeting Reason.com, a leading libertarian website…
The D.C. court was right — the government won’t start issuing grand jury subpoenas every time someone writes “my husband left underwear on the bathroom floor again; I could just kill him.” But they won’t because they don’t have the time, inclination, or the resources.
Instead, they will use their discretion to decide when to bring their vast power into play to pierce the anonymity of internet assholes (or for that matter, people who may have valid points on political matters but express them in the wrong fashion). That discretion is much more likely to be exercised where, as here, the person being trash-talked is a powerful federal judge in the district of that U.S. Attorney’s Office, a judge that the office must appear before every damned day. The power is more likely to be exercised on behalf of establishment political figures, not outsiders. The power is more likely to be exercised when it is consistent with the politics of the administration.

Democracy On Hold: President Of European Parliament Suspends Vote On Secretive U.S.-E.U. Trade Pact As Tide Turns Against It

By Don Quijones: Today was supposed to be a historic day — the day when hundreds of MEPs, representing hundreds of millions of European citizens, were to finally get their say on the hugely contentious EU-US trade bill commonly known as TTIP. Granted, the result would not have been binding, but a no-vote would have represented a resounding slap in the face of the European Commission.
Things began fairly auspiciously when, early on Tuesday, The Guardian reported that dissension was growing in the ranks as MEPs threatened to block the trade deal unless it guaranteed states’ rights to regulate over climate, health, and social laws. Now news is emerging that the President of the Parliament, Martin Schulz, has decided to postpone the vote altogether amidst fears that a majority of MEPs might reject the bill.
Here’s more from the Spanish news site El Diario.
The differences between the European People’s Party (EPP) and the social democratic bloc on the issue of arbitration and especially the internal division among the socialists have led to the withdrawal of the report, although the official justification given by the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz has been the huge number of amendments (over 200) proposed by the Committee on International Trade (INTA).

Fiat Worthless Money, 7/7 London, G7 Opposes Russia, Difficult Times

"Any intelligence agency worth it's salt prints counterfeit money of many denominations. ...Obama is calling on the G7 to oppose Russia, that's what the Zionists want at the moment. ...There is a ruling elite that wants us all disabled, debilitated, confused." Morris.

MGTOW: UK Aims To Further Expand Feminist War On Porn

"First an ISP wide lock that you have to opt out of, then female pleasure centered acts being banned for UK producers, now this... The UK once again bends freedom over the kitchen table." Raging Golden Eagle

Grexit Already Happened?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss leaving the Troika to gloat over the devastation that is Europe. In the second half, Max interviews Ross Ashcroft of RenegadeInc.com about crowdfunding his own content in order to educate the population about the economic news the BBC refuses to tell and they discuss the fact that there has already essentially been a Grexit, Greece is gone. What else can be done.

Feminist Misconceptions On Adult Films

Feminists have a lot of misconceptions about the adult film industry. Here are some facts about the industry and my thoughts on what radical feminists say. Miss Misanthropist

Ursula Haverbeck On ARD 1 (German National TV): The Holocaust Is The Biggest Lie In History!

Earlier, in 2014 Ursula Haverbeck laid criminal charges against the Central Council of Jews in Germany for false prosecutions. Haverbeck claims that the official holocaust narrative is not a factual account of what happened during world war 2 and in one of her most recent public conferences she was quoted as saying that according to official statements, Auschwitz is no longer considered the scene of the most wicked crime in history – the alleged murder of six million Jews. So the question arises: where did this crime take place? Where is the scene of the German’s crime? This is the burning question of the six million. Where are they?”