13 Jun 2015

Beta Male Orbiters - MGTOW

The reason men orbit women is because they want to get their foot in the door and get chosen as her boyfriend. This happens mostly to younger guys who obviously don't have the experience to understand what's happening to them. The real tragedy is that either other men aren't telling them about what's happening. Or even if their friends are telling them about it they don't want to hear it because they don't want to lose the hope of being with that woman.

Sorry, You Can't Choose To Be Black

It looks like Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane NAACP and a self-declared black woman, is actually white. Oops. This is awkward. #Transracial #WrongSkin Julie Borowski

MGTOW Thought: Converting Beyonce + On The Police

My thoughts on the Borg-Consensus and how to convert Beyonce to benefit men. M

'The Whole World Is Against Us'

By Gilad Atzmon: In spite (because) of Zio-Nazi Jewish domination of: American foreign policy (AIPAC), French politics (CRIF) and the embarrassing fact that 80% of our conservative MPs in Britain are ‘Friends of Israel’ (CFI)Ynet reported last week that Israelis feel more isolated than ever.
The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and Tel Aviv University have released their monthly Peace Index poll that focuses on three major issues: attitudes toward Jewish settlement in the territories, the diplomatic arena, and the distribution of cabinet posts in the government.  
The IDI report found that the clear majority (71 percent) of the Israeli Jewish public agrees with the assertion that: “The countries of the world make moral demands of Israel that they do not make of other countries that are in situations of conflict.”
“This sentiment represents the broader consensus in feeling that “the whole world is against us.” Similarly, a large majority (69 percent) of Israeli Jews characterize Israel’s relations with the countries of the world as not good, the study found.”
The poll leads to a clear conclusion. Zionism, created to make the Jews loved and respected by the nations, has failed to achieve its goal.

Privileged Feminists STUNNED By Empirical Evidence

Another debate between a gang of 3 Feminists Vs Men's Rights Activist Mike Buchanan. Feminists reject meritocracy and demand MORE privilege !!! Mike stuns them into silence with facts and logic!

Natasha Cadieux Lies About @Lauren_Southern

Just look at how feminists bully a woman who openly disagrees with their narrative. 6oodfella

Men's Rights Radio: The Voice of Europe

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, will be going through the events of the last week. Voice of Europe is transforming as a show with a view to become even more news-centered than before and with one or two trends being discussed instead of a topic.

"WOW, Raping 14-Year-Olds Is Amazing" - Roman Polanski ~ Jewish Child Rape Vs Goyem Holocaust Denial Thought Police

Child-rape vs holocaust denial. Roman Polanski child rapist gets of Scot free in France while David Irving is attacked by the Zio-Nazi thought police for pointing out facts. Metzitzah B'peh Jewish witch doctors sucking blood from mutilated babies penises and giving them herpes! Russell Lindquist

Don't Piss Me Off - AKALA + (Serve The Beast) #PoliceBrutality + Intelligent Design - DISL Automatic