16 Jun 2015

Top Jewish Film Critic Declares That Jews Have “Devoured” And Replaced The Real America!

Dr. Duke had an amazing show in which he really got to the crux of Jewish supremacist control over us and the potential for that control to become even greater if we do not act now. He quoted Jewish film critic Neal Gabler, who wrote in his book “An Empire of Their Own” that Jewish immigrants from Russia replaced America’s image of itself with a very different one made in Hollywood. Then, going deeply into science and technology, he explained that advances in genetics is making biological weapons that target people with genes specific to a given ethnic group possible. He read from a Sunday Times article that shows that the Israelis have been researching such weapons since the 1990s.
He and Dr. Slattery then discussed the massive amounts of information that Jewish and Israeli owned companies are collecting on people around the world via telecommunications and credit card billing companies, medical records firms, and even internet services that solicit people to send in their DNA for ethnic heritage analysis. Dr. Duke emphasized that now is the time to act, while we have the tools of the internet but before the Big Brother potential future becomes a present nightmare.
This show is like an alarm clock. Wake up your friend with it.

Parental Alienation Documentary

Ryan Thomas: I'm creating a documentary on Parental Alienation to reach parents, professionals, and CHILDREN! I'm absolutely making this movie with my own time and money. IF you want to support me, even with a $1 donation - check out my GoFundMe page here gofundme.com/w5ngqt3b

Angelo Agathangelou: We support this movie to expose Parental Alienation.

Patience Is A Male Virtue

Previously published on the Male Autonomy channel. Self discovery, healing and moving on after your awakening. Messenger Rising

MGTOW/Gaming: Facebook to block porn on Oculus Rift app store

Raging Golden Eagle: Despite promises from the original creator of the Oculus Rift, Facebook came out and said they will be banning pornographic content on their app store. This surprises absolutely no one, and will have exactly as much of an effect as Steam not allowing porn...

Feminist Martyrs

Rebecca Watson 'Fucking Idiot' leads the charge to nail herself to a cross for all women in science over Tim Hunt's silly off-hand joke. Sargon of Akkad


"I am freedom personified!" LOGIC

F4J Fathers Day Photo Competition

Fathers4Justice: Share the best-loved picture of you and your children with Fathers4Justice on Twitter to enter our competition to WIN a Fathers4Justice T-Shirt of your choice from our store https://fathers-4-justice.teemill.co.uk
The picture could be one that brings back special memories, be funny, quirky, or simply be a poignant reminder of past times.

Judaism Vs Jewish Identity Politics - Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro And Gilad Atzmon (1/2)

By Gilad Atzmon: Two prominent thinkers, the ultra-orthodox Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, and philosopher, jazz artist and ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon, met to discuss hard questions about Judaism, Jewish politics and the meaning of Jewishness. They shared the stage at Theatre 80 in New York City on May 6th, 2015.

Sandi Toxic Says She Was Turned Down As The Original Host Of ‘Have I Got News For You’ For Being A Woman

By Mike Buchanan: Groan. From early in the piece:

Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig has said the BBC refused to make her the original host of Have I Got News For You because she is a woman, it was revealed today.
The 57-year-old comedian said she was asked to audition for the role 25 years ago but despite liking her more management chose Angus Deayton instead because he is a man.
She said: ‘They made two pilots – one with me and one with Angus Deayton. I was told by the producers that they preferred my version, but the channel decided they couldn’t have a woman in charge.’
Firstly, a point about the shoddy journalism at the end of the first paragraph. ‘… it was revealed yesterday’ clearly implies the journalist accepted the veracity of Sandi Toxic’s claims, while ‘… it was claimed’ would have made more sense. Shame on the (male) journalist.
To accept the account of events of Ms Toxic, the person who’s won two ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards in the space of just three months, we have to believe:
The BBC went to the cost and effort of making two pilots, despite not being prepared to have a woman present the show. Her version was preferred by the producers, and they told her so.

Nuke Russia? The Warlords Of Washington Haven’t Ruled It Out

By The War Party [Neo-Con-Artists] is a veritable propaganda machine, churning out product 24/7. Armed with nearly unlimited resources, both from government(s) and the private sector, they carpet-bomb the public with an endless stream of lies in order to soften them up when it’s time to roll. In the past, their job has been relatively easy: simply order up a few atrocity stories – Germans bayoneting babies, Iraqis dumping over babies in incubators – and we’ve got ourselves another glorious war. These days, however, over a decade of constant warfare – and a long string of War Party fabrications – has left the public leery.
And that’s cause for optimism. People are waking up. The War Party’s propaganda machine has to work overtime in order to overcome rising skepticism, and it shows signs of overheating – and, in some instances, even breaking down.

The Utterly Harmless Male Gaze

Miss Misanthropist: A video addressing the "male gaze" and the contradicting behavior feminists have towards female sexuality.

The Fable Of The Seagulls And The Fishermen

Turd Flinging Monkey: I used an old "fable" from a 1950 Reader's Digest about Seagulls, and elaborated on it, and made this little MGTOW Fable.