18 Jun 2015

The UK's Mentally Disturbed One Finger Ozzie

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about transabled economies like the UK where economic policy seems intent on disabling growth, innovation and the economy. Or in the US where bankers pretend they're not able to survive without never-ending infusions of free money. In the second half, Max interviews James Watt of BrewDog about crowdfunding, the craft beer industry and StartCOIN ATMs.

Bush Spawn Returns

After about six months of “listening” to The American People and criss-crossing the country and the world, it looks like Jeb Bush is finally ready to declare his candidacy for president. While he was on his listening-to-the-people tour and considering his candidacy, Jeb was acting as the chief fundraiser for his “independent” super PAC, Right to Rise. Mark Fiore

United In Diversity + Mad Marx + This Timey Different - William Banzai7

JVP, Alison Weir And The Hatred Of The White

By Gilad Atzmon: A month ago, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) issued a call for a Herem (excommunication, Hebrew) against the remarkable activist and writer Alison Weir. The call was distributed internally amongst JVP’s chapter leaders and was leaked to me by a few JVP dissenters. The publication of the call led to a massive surge of resentment towards JVP within the dissident movement. JVP was compelled to explain their move.
The call for Herem is deeply rooted in Jewish culture. Throughout their history, Jews have called for the expulsion of some of their most articulate and sophisticated minds. Spinoza, and Uriel Da Costa are famous examples. Christ, another dissent voice, found himself nailed to the cross for advising his people to love their neighbours. Though Rabbinical Jews rarely call for a herem, contemporary so-called ‘liberal’ Jews are obsessed with that ugly, primitive medieval ritual. Since I immersed myself in solidarity matters two decades ago, I have been witness to the relentless chasing, harassing and slandering of every Jew who crossed the 100 IQ barrier. First it was Israel Shamir, then Paul Eisen, and then Norman Finkelstein who dared speak the truth about the Jewish Left and BDS operating as a secret society (cult). Consistent with their Jewish heritage, ‘progressive’ Jews like to employ a ‘Sabbos Goy’, a gentile who is willing to surrender to their whims. The liberal Jews at JVP have used Ali Abunimah as their favourite ‘paertner’. He has apparently been happy to provide his Palestinian voice to issue the Palestinian stamp.

Marijuana Is A Men’s Rights Issue

By I love drugs!
There, I said it. I’m addicted to at least one drug, and take great enjoyment in a couple others. Luckily for me, my drugs are all legal. I can drink as much coffee as I damn well please, and no one passes moral judgement when I end up with a blistering headache because I didn’t have my morning dose of caffeine and ended up with withdrawal symptoms. A more likely reaction is that someone fetches me some dark roast. I also very much enjoy the mind-altering effects of a nice, spicy, (unoaked, thank you very much) Shiraz, particularly when I am entertaining some of my husband’s colleagues. Boring, pedantic pinheads are transformed into charming, eloquent companions with the correct application of alcohol. If I wanted to, I could imbibe nicotine in a variety of ways, all perfectly legal. I could hop myself up on amphetamines and psychotropics, like so many middle class white women do, with one quick visit to the medical clinic.
And because I am in Canada, where medical use is legal, I could get a prescription for marijuana.
I’m not a fan of pot because its principle effect on me is to make it seem perfectly reasonable to follow up eating an entire large pizza with a box of donuts and two bags of Doritos. I can consume an entire week’s worth of calories in one sitting, if the pot is any good. And I won’t throw up, either. I’ll feel like absolute shit for a solid week, but all those calories will be processed and stored efficiently on my ass until such time as they are needed. This is wonderful for people suffering from decreased appetite because of chemotherapy or other medical treatments/conditions, but not so great for aging women whose metabolism is slowing down naturally.

Europe Considers Emergency Debt Writeoffs As Greece Faces "Ungovernable Chaos"

Tyler Durden's picture Greek FinMin Yanis Varoufakis is in Luxembourg on Thursday for a meeting with EU finance ministers. Some EU officials indicated earlier in the week they hoped some progress on the stalemate between Athens and Brussels could be made at the meeting, but Varoufakis, whose track record at Eurogroup summits is not great, said he would not be presenting a new proposal at the talks, setting the stage for an emergency meeting between the EU’s top brass over the weekend and the possible imposition of capital controls to stem the flow of deposits out of the ailing Greek banking sector. 
Protesters took to the streets in Athens on Wednesday evening, marking a fresh wave of anti-austerity protests while Zoe Konstantopoulou, the president of the parliament, chided Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras for a report in which the central bank warned of an “uncontrollable crisis” and “soaring inflation” if a deal with creditors isn’t struck soon. “With his report today, the governor of the Bank of Greece not only exceeded the boundaries of his institutional role, he is attempting to contribute to the creation of an asphyxiating framework in the moves and negotiating abilities of the Greek government,” Konstantopoulou said.

'‘Real Men’ Don’t Exist: The Guy In Front Of You Is As Real As It Gets"

"We [MGTOW] should not fall for the bait of these articles." Dark Knight

Judaism Vs Jewish Identity Politics - Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro And Gilad Atzmon - Part 2

Two prominent thinkers, the ultra-orthodox Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, and philosopher, jazz artist and ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon, met to discuss hard questions about Judaism, Jewish politics and the meaning of Jewishness. They shared the stage at Theatre 80 in New York City on May 6th, 2015.

Dumping Excuses And Fear

Psuedo science and identity politics have no place in MGTOW. johntheother

Don’t Fall for the Russell Brand Psyop!

By Orwellians: Unbelievable that thousands of people are actually following this guy, Russell Brand, as if he’s the long awaited people’s hero.
When he first came to my attention it was at the time that he called out to his fans and the public saying that voting during elections is useless and doesn’t contribute at all to bringing change since all the politicians basically follow the same agenda and are simply corrupted to the bone, I agreed with that and thus gave him the benefit of the doubt about what the underlying agenda was at the time.
Recently he suddenly changed his mind and told his fans that now we should definitely vote during elections because some politicians are good and will stand shoulder to shoulder with the common folks and will lead us to better times. Talking about being bought and paid for by the ones you initially appeared to oppose and fight.
Brand is not an activist and not a friend or ally of the people, he’s just another Trojan horse that has apparently successfully been introduced to the easy-to-fool folks out there – given that his fan base keeps growing every day. His Youtube subscribers list is substantial.
But here’s what Brand preaches and he basically reads UN scripts when you hear him waffling: