22 Jun 2015

Zio-Fascist Judicial Process Against Palestinians Hollow Formality Whitewash

Terrorist JSIL's judicial process against Palestinians has been reduced to a "hollow formality" as thousands are prosecuted by military courts each year without substantial evidence, a human rights group says.
Press TV: B’Tselem group said in a 41-page report on Monday that remanding in custody is "the rule rather than the exception," adding that most defendants enter plea bargains because waiting for trial would mean more time in jail.Remand is the rule rather than the exception. The military prosecution routinely asks for remand in custody and the courts approve the vast majority of the motions,” the group said.

Collapse, Part 1: Greece

When systems are broke and broken, collapse is the only way forward.
By Charles Hugh Smith: The theme this week is collapse. It's a big, complex topic because there are as many types of collapse as there are systems. Some systems appear stable on the surface but collapse suddenly; others visibly decay for decades before finally slipping beneath the waves of history, and some go through stages of collapse.
The taxonomy of collapse is broad, and each unsustainable system (i.e. a system that will fail despite claims to the contrary) has its unique characteristics.
Which brings us to Greece.

I have written extensively about Greece and the doomed financial arrangement known as the euro for many years

J4MB's Mike Buchanan And Radical Feminist Fionola Meredith Discuss Media Coverage Of Celebrity Alcoholics

WD: Fionola thinks Mike is being sneaky when in fact just as she pointed to what she thinks she knows about Northern Ireland, Mike is certainly pointing out the facts about male suicide that are related, any F4J who has met with other devastated fathers who want to reconnect with their children, knows this. Perhaps their should be some admiration for a anyone who by any means necessary escapes the greater cause of male death before 50, suicide.

Fatherless Day - Simon Climbs Tyne Bridge

Simon Anderton (56), a Real Fathers for Justice supporter, scaling the Tyne Bridge. Please share this video around to spread awareness.

DeProgramming - Holohoax Broadcast On German TV

"Everything is a lie our reality is constructed, it's all scripted, we're all lied to and our prejudices are all given to us." Morris.

A Woman On The US $10 Bill?

The Treasury Department announced that a woman will be featured on the $10 bill by 2020. Which woman should it be? Should it be a woman - or the best candidate? My thoughts on the issue. Julie Borowski

The Man With The Child In His Eyes : MGTOW

For all the Fathers who's children have been taken from them and for all the children who've lost their Dads. Messenger Rising

Women Are Evil - MGTOW Fight - JTO Vs Messenger Rising

JohnTheOther's response video to Messenger Rising.

Trump For US President?

By Paul Craig Roberts: Perhaps it has occurred to you as it has to me that the United States is no longer capable of producing political leadership. In the current issue of Trends Journal, Gerald Celente describes the eight candidates (at the time he went to press) for the US presidential nomination as Liars, cowards, freaks & fools.”
Celente put it well. If you look at the sorry collection that aspires to be the CEO of what continues to be described as the “exceptional, indispensable, most important country with the largest economy and military, the world’s only Superpower, the Uni-power,” you see a collection of nobodies. America is like the last days of Rome when contenting factions fought to put their puppet on the throne.
There is no known politician in America who measures up to Vladimir Putin’s ankle, or to the knee of China’s leaders, or to the waist of Ecuador’s, Bolivia’s, Venezuela’s, Argentina’s, Brazil’s, or to the chests of India’s and South Africa’s.
In Europe, the UK, Australia, and Canada, the natural leaders are also frozen out of the corrupt system.
In the US, “leadership” positions depend on financial support from the ruling economic interests. American presidents and politicians represent about six powerful private interest groups and no one else.