25 Jun 2015

Feminist Imperialism

By Feminists are imperialists. They look around for some part of civil society which is not yet subject to the feminist yoke, they invade it, demand it show obeisance to feminist dogma, and then extract money, privilege and power.
A central strategy they use is to appeal to the prejudiced concern society has for the well-being of women and the prejudiced indifference society has for the well-being of men. Society is willing to defend any women perceived as attacked, and to punish any man perceived as attacking them, without examining the merit of the case. Society is willing join in the attack on any man perceived as being attacked by a woman and to punish any man perceived as defending themselves from a woman, without examining the merit of the case. Feminists reinforce this immoral female privilege by demanding that women be believed irrespective of how ridiculous what they are saying may be.
Feminists exploit these prejudices by a number of tactics. Feminists craft vicious lies about men in the part of civil society they wish to invade, lies that are intended to provoke outraged rejection. Feminists then lie about the people who reject them. They isolate individuals who attempt to confront their lies with truth and accuse them of misogyny, knowing that the accusation of harming women is so toxic no one dares call them out in the lie. Any one who persists will meet a twitter campaign to shame them publicly and get them sacked. Finally, feminists lie to the police about the nature of the rejection they meet and try to get them jailed or killed.

MGTOW Game Of Thrones

"A 2012 British-produced documentary entitled "Sex, Lies, and Rinsing Guys". I remember you said in one of your prior videos that The Great Recession has not scaled back the average woman's sense of material entitlement one iota - which I always suspected to be true. And while I don't consider myself naive, this knocked me flat on my butt. It really has to be seen to be believed. What specifically do you think the first move for MGTOW should be when the financial house of cards finally begins its downward spiral?

The Great ID Politics Competition

By Gilad Atzmon: 

Seemingly,  I am not the only one to express fatigue of this 'as a' politics. I wonder, is the boy with $$$ George Soros?  


Innate Vs Learned Behavior + Phrenology And Other Pseudo Sciences

Clearing up a couple points which I didn't make clearly enough in previous video. JohnTheOther

The Black Sheep

This song is about everyone. Not ONE HUMAN BEING EXCLUDED DoctorRandomercam I thought I'd do something original. ...But then I remembered there's no such thing.

John Humphrys Challenges Alison Saunders Over Fake ‘Violence Against Women & Girls (Crime Report)’

By Mike Buchanan: This morning, on the Today programme, John Humphrys interviewed Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, in relation to the latest annual CPS report Violence Against Women & Girls (Crime Report). The term is officially defined as including violence against men and boys, so the more violence there is towards ‘men and boys’, the more violence is falsely reported as being against ‘women and girls’.
The CPS issued a three-page-long press release, which included quotations from Polly Neate (Women’s Aid) and Katie Russell (Rape Crisis). Neither showed any recognition of male victims of abuse.

False Rape Accusations: A Message Of Warning To Womankind

"Why aren't women against feminism speaking out against false rape accusations and the likes of faker mattress girl?" Dark Knight

Art Of Palestine

A picture of Israeli Zio-Fascists oppressing Palestinian Semites is worth a thousand words. No, these are not fictitious Jews being persecuted in Hollywood's propaganda of Nazi Germany, these are real Palestinian men, women and little children being persecuted by Israeli green shirt death squads in Palestine today. WD

Feminist Paedophile UK Headteacher Anne "Pretend I'm Your Mum" Lakey, 55, Gets Prison Sentence For Sexually Abusing Little Boys

  • Anne Lakey, 55, from Stanley, Co Durham, took virginity of two young boys
  • Her first victim called her a 'dirty pervert
  • Court heard she carried out 'gross breach of trust' for 'own gratification'
  • Lakey mouthed 'I love you' to trap daughter and husband as she was led away
  • Police believe there could be many more victims and have urged witnesses to come forward 
By Steph Cockroft: A nationally-acclaimed headteacher branded a 'dirty pervert' has been jailed for eight years after 'corrupting' two underage boys by taking their virginity in the 1980s.
Highly-regarded Anne Lakey, 55, from Stanley, County Durham, carried out a 'gross breach of trust' for her 'own sexual gratification' by simultaneously grooming the two teenagers at her marital home.
The teacher had once been hailed as a visionary for turning around a failing school and making it one of the most improved in the country.
But her sordid past was laid bare in court as her two victims detailed the years of abuse they suffered at the hands of the paedophile.

UK Guiding US Deadly Drone Strikes: Snowden

Documents provided by the former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor have shown that British intelligence service aided Washington's controversial targeted killing outside recognized war zones, two reports say.
Press TV: Documents leaked by Edward Snowden show  tight cooperation between the NSA and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) relation to drone strikes outside recognized war zones, The Guardian and The New York Times reported on Wednesday.      
The reports indicate that GCHQ may have given American intelligence agencies essential intelligence before a 2012 US drone strike in Yemen.
The files shed light on a joint US, UK and Australian program codenamed Overhead, which was aimed at developing individual tracking abilities - essential to drone strikes in both Yemen and Pakistan.  
Jemima Stratford QC, a leading barrister, was requested by The Guardian to review classified documents provided by Snowden.
“Assuming that the documents which I have seen are genuine, in my view they raise questions about the extent to which UK officials may have had knowledge of, or helped to facilitate, certain US drone strikes which were not carried out in the context of an international armed conflict,” Stratford said.