27 Jun 2015

Not Equal: Gaza in over 1000 frames

I updated this video after a week had gone by - adding about 600 more deaths on the Palestinian side and 10 on the Israeli side. Hopefully, that's the last update for now. Mark Fiore

Greece On Fire: 40 Anarchists Infiltrate And Confront 5000 Right Wing Protesters In Favour Of Austerity + Captain Greece - Anarchist!

Perseus999: 40 anarchists of anarchist collective "Rouviconas" in Athens, defied the so called majority in the streets, infiltrated at the center of a right wing protest of approximately 5.000 protesters demonstrating in favour of EU and IMF austerity measures in front of the Greek parliament in Syntagma square and burned several European Union flags shocking the ultra conservative crowd.

Billionaire Elon Musk Refuses To Put His Kids In School (If Elites Won't Do It, Why Do You?)

Red Pill Philosophy: It's common for wealthy people to put their kids in alternative elite schools...

JVP, BDS And Jewish Liberal Terror

By Gilad Atzmon: Following my expose of the JVP campaign against the great American patriot Alison Weir, I was approached by Berta Schwartz, an American JVP activist. Berta is obviously a pseudo name. As with Ned Rozenberg, our dissident Liberal Jews are fearful of their ‘progressive’ synagogues. Expressing their thoughts in the open may lead to their social exclusion and even excommunication. While orthodox Jews are fearful of God, our Liberal Jewish are actually terrorised by their friends.  Before publishing this interview Berta asked me to hide her name and disguise the location of her JVP chapter. I followed her request.  
Berta Schwartz: What do you think the hypothetical Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza or the refugee camp you spoke about want and what do they want the world to do?  
Gilad Atzmon: At present there are several different and sometimes contradictory Palestinian discourses of liberation, resistance and even collaboration. Hypothetically I would think that in Gaza they may want a day without drones, and the ability to move about free from fear of an Israeli sniper or missile; in the West Back they may wish to drive from A to B on a straight road. In Yarmuk they probably can’t even picture a different future. In Lod and Jaffa Palestinians demand civil rights. It is clear that Palestinians don’t necessarily agree amongst themselves on their goals. But far more interesting is that this division is sustained by Israeli policies and legislation.

Gays Against Feminism: Because Gay People Are Not Your Property, Feminists

By A gay friend online recently gave me this:
Since I’ve stood up for gay rights since back in the early 1980s, I’ll take it. And use it. I’m a moralfag by nature anyway (look it up).
Back when there was an actual social and political cost to being gay-friendly (let alone gay) I almost certainly would have been beat up badly had I shown someone that card. That was back when it was socially acceptable to beat the fuck out of a gay man just for being gay. Or suspected gay. It was when being friendly to “faggots” and “dykes” and “trannies” all by itself could also get you hurt or fired from your job.
I do not want to make it out like I took a bullet for anybody. I did not, although I did once rescue a drunk gay man whose abusive boyfriend had gotten him liquored up and then left him stranded miles from home with no money in a tough working-class blue-collar bar. He was sweet and affectionate and kept hitting on guys, so I took him literally under my arm, cuddled him a bit, told him to stop trying to kiss me, and said, “come on man, let’s get you out of here” and took him home and put him on my couch where he promptly passed out. The next day we went to his boyfriend’s house and while the boyfriend was away I helped him clean his shit out and find his car keys so he could go stay with friends he trusted.
It was a long time ago, but those working class people–including the women–might well have crippled or killed him with their fists and feet if I’d left him there.

Foreign Investment In Terrorist Israel Down By Near 50%: UNCTAD

Foreign investment in terrorist JSIL [aka Israel] has dropped by nearly 50 percent, a new UN report says, with the 2014 Israeli slaughter of Gazans and international boycott efforts against the supremacist Jewish regime cited as key factors for the sharp decline.
Press TV: According to the World Investment Report 2014 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which tracks changes in foreign direct investments worldwide, only $6.4 billion were invested in Israel last year in contrast to $11.8 billion in 2013, pointing to an almost 46-percent decline.
The report further said Israel’s foreign direct investment​s (FDI) also plunged from $4.67 billion in 2013 to $3.97 billion last year, a 15-percent drop.
This is while one of the authors of the UN report, Ronny Manos, attributed the sharp FDI decline to the Israeli regime’s 50-day Gaza onslaught that began in July 2014 as well as global boycott and divestment efforts against the regime for its flagrant violations of Palestinian rights in occupied territories.
“We believe that what led to the drop in investment in Israel are Operation Protective Edge [against the besieged Gaza Strip] and the boycotts Israel is facing,” said Manos.
The file photo shows Israeli tanks near Gaza during the regime's massive slaughter of civilians, children and little babies in the besieged and embargoed enclave in 2014.

US, NATO Powers Intensify Preparations For Nuclear War Armageddon

By Thomas Gaist: The NATO military alliance is preparing to implement a more aggressive nuclear weapons strategy in response to alleged Russian aggression,” according to NATO sources cited by the Guardian Wednesday evening.
Proposed changes include provisions for greater involvement of nuclear forces in ongoing NATO military exercises along Russia’s borders and new guidelines for nuclear escalation against Russia, according to the NATO officials.
The alliance’s nuclear doctrine has been the subject of quiet, informal discussions on the sidelines of the ongoing NATO summit. The new policies will be formally articulated and confirmed at an upcoming conference of the alliance’s Nuclear Planning Group, which was rescheduled for an earlier date this week as word got around about the secretive planning.
There is very real concern about the way in which Russia publicly bandies around nuclear stuff. So there are quite a lot of deliberations in the alliance about nuclear weapons,” an unnamed NATO diplomat told the Guardian.
The claim that discussion about a revision of nuclear weapons policy is in response to Russian aggression turns reality on its head. In the aftermath of the US and NATO-backed coup in Ukraine last year, the major imperialist powers have engaged in a relentless militarization of Eastern Europe, including the establishment of a rapid reaction force of 40,000 troops.
This week, US Minister for Global Genocide Ashton "Nuke Em" Carter announced that the US would permanently deploy tanks, military vehicles and other equipment to countries bordering Russia.

Pentagon Moving To Weaponize Space

The Pentagon’s New Law Of War Manual Is Chilling - Star Cold Wars - Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center To Counter China, Russia; Says Space Now Considered a Contested Operational Domain" - Japan to Lift Its 67-Year-Old Ban on Dancing - Amazon Tribe Creates 500-page Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia - Weapons Manufacturers Can't Call Themselves Christian.

The Men’s Rights Movement Is NOT The Mirror Image Of Feminism

By Mike Buchanan: A common and lazy way to dismiss arguments made by MRAs is to say that the MRM is the mirror image of feminism, also playing the victim card. It’s deeply, demonstrably wrong. The victimhood of women and girls claimed by feminists consists of conspiracy theories, fantasies, lies, delusions and myths. Radical feminist lies have been debunked countless times, but won’t die, in part because the state and the mainstream media give employment to so many feminists, and their male collaborators. Anti-feminists have no such incomes.
Radical feminists are to be found in senior positions in all public bodies. A high-profile example is Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions. We published a post on the latest Crown Prosecution Service report yesterday. ‘Violence against women and girls’ is officially defined as including ‘violence against men and boys’. In the CPS’s associated three-page press release, which included a statement by Polly Neate (CEO, Women’s Aid), there was only one sentence relating to males specifically, in a section on child abuse, near the end of the document. It noted that men and boys ‘can be’ victims of violence. Not ‘are’, but ‘can be’. The monstrous women couldn’t even concede that stark reality.
In contrast, the majority of MRAs point to poor outcomes for men and boys, and then provide verifiable evidence as to the causes of those outcomes. In the UK and other developed countries, the cause is almost always the state’s actions and inactions, although it’s mainly men who finance the state.