28 Jun 2015

Europe’s Complicity in Evil

By Paul Craig Roberts: Sovereignty or Imperialism?
On September 5, 2009 I addressed an international conference in Austria on the subject of Europe’s subordination to the US and, thus, the absence of any constructive criticism of US foreign and domestic policies. Karel van Wolferen, whose website is http://www.karelvanwolferen.com, kindly reminded me of my address to the conference when he he sent it to me with his supportive response. Both are available below. You can see from my address and from Karel’s response that the reckless direction of US foreign and domestic policy has been known for many years. Yet the recklessness continues
Europe’s Complicity in Evil
By Paul Craig Roberts

[An address by Hon. Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., Chevalier, Legion d’Honneur, to Mut zur Ethik Conference, “Sovereignty or Imperialism,” Feldkirch, Austria, September 5, 2009] There is a widespread supposition that Obama, being black and a member of an oppressed race, will imbue US foreign policy with a higher morality than the world experienced from Bush and Clinton. This is a delusion.
Obama represents the same ideology of American “exceptionalism” as other re- cent presidents. This ideology designates the United States as The Virtuous Nation and supplies the basis for the belief that America has the right, indeed the responsibility, to impose its hegemony upon the world by bribery or by force. The claim of American exceptionalism produces a form of patriotism that blinds the US population to the immorality of America’s wars of aggression.

MGTOW State Of Mind

I'm in the midst of writing articles for my friends' entertainment media website and starting a personal blog using word press called 'Dig Your Own Grave.' As an angry red pill man, I have no empathy left for people who can't punch their way out of a paper bag, much less fix complicated relationship woes. And I became this way due to so-called friends not heeding my objective advice about their relationships and then coming back to me saying they should've done what I said in the first place. I'm sure you know how frustrating that feels.

Mother Teresa; A Followup To Messenger Rising

Women Are Evil Response to JTO

SJWs Attack Metal. Is A #Metalgate In The Making?

Lucian Vâlsan: Feminists and their allies have found the next cultural target: the rock and Metal scene for its lack of diversity in festival performances.

Pope Francis: The 10 Climate Commandments

WD: Wow Giordano Nanni and Hugo Farrant are so progressed, ...'give women more progenitive rights that men never had' [make women gatekeepers of population control] because apparently 'Catholics oppress women'. Also 'stop having children because they will be poor!'? ...Here we go again, some people that we loved listening to go full feminist retard and suddenly another bright star goes out, another victim of cultural Marxist PC BS.

IMF Failed Greece Long Before Bailout

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss forecasts that go wrong and whether or not international money fraudster Christine Lagarde could forecast her way out of a Dominique Strauss Kahn orgy. In the second half, Max interviews Mark O’Byrne about the gold and silver markets, cryptobullion, the confetti masters on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve which is not federal and has no reserves.

Is EvoPsych A Bunch Of Quackery?

A proper examination of the “science” behind EvoPsych does not bode well for those who support it. Feminism LOL

Greek Parliament Approves Plebiscite

The Greek parliament has passed a bill, approving Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' motion to hold a referendum on the international creditors' suggestions for reforms in return for loans.
Press TV: At least 179 out of a total of 300 lawmakers voted late on Saturday in favor of the referendum, scheduled to be held on July 5.
In a speech ahead of the vote, Tsipras said he was confident that "the Greek people will say an emphatic no to the ultimatum" by the country's lenders -- the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund.
He also voiced confidence that "in the aftermath of this proud no, the negotiating power of the country will be strengthened."
"The creditors have not sought our approval but have asked for us to abandon our dignity. We must refuse," the premier noted, adding that the referendum "was not an attempt at a split with Europe but a split with the practices that are an insult to Europe.”
Earlier in the day, European Union finance ministers rejected an extension of the Greek bailout program, which expired on Tuesday, at a meeting in the EU’s de facto capital, Brussels, just hours after the Greek side declined the creditors’ latest offer.

Connie St Louis - A Very Flawed Accuser (Of Sir Tim Hunt)

By Mike Buchanan: Another ‘academic’ nominates herself for a Lying Feminist of the Month award. Connie St Louis is an ‘academic’ at London’s City University, where she’s been employed for over 10 years to run a postgraduate course in science journalism. Her report on remarks in a speech made by Sir Tim Hunt (72) – a Nobel prize-winning biologist – led to his resignation as an Honorary Professor at UCL. The university has made it clear it’s not prepared to reinstate him, despite a well-deserved outcry against his treatment.
Guy Adams has written an outstanding piece on Ms St Louis, which appears in today’s print version of the Daily Mail. It’s a lengthy piece, which is spread over two pages of the paper, but this excerpt should give you a flavour:

Earlier this year, she stood, successfully, in an election to become a board member of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ). As part of the election process, St Louis was required to present a detailed CV to voters.
This document, which stretches to six pages, is still on the WFSJ’s website. It contains several deeply questionable statements.
In an early passage, she for example writes: ‘I am a regular contributor to ABC News Worldview TV programme.’ Yet ABC News Worldview has not aired for roughly five years.

Male Psychology Conference 26th June 2015 (UCL)

'I sense that feminism is beginning to move to co-opt male victims of PV into their own narrative. ...Any day now we will read that we have feminism to thank for dragging the scourge of male victimisation into the light of day.'
By MRA-UK: I attended only day one. It was a nice day out in the big city for a country bumpkin. My thoughts / recollections for what they are worth below. Any inaccuracy is my fault though not intentional, my note taking is crap.
Jane Powell (CALM) opened. The main thing I took from this talk was confirmation that it is false to claim that men (in this case suicidal men) do not seek help. She confirmed that men do use the help line, and are more than willing to talk at length. I believe I have read her words asserting this previously. It is not that men do not talk, the problem is that no one is listening. Society at large is not geared up to be receptive to needy males. This was not exactly a revelation to me, but it is good to have it confirmed (again). She also noted the lack of interest in male suicide amongst journalists and other people of influence. “It’s not feminists, it’s senior men doing the blocking”, she said (though I paraphrase). Hmm, yes, I can well believe that it’s men who decline to be interested, but that does not exclude feminists or the all-pervasive influence of feminism. Some data I’d not seen before were the survey results on suicidal thoughts – which revealed no significant difference between the sexes, remarkably. So why do far more men then go on to actually do it?