7 Jul 2015

US Man Gets 2.5 Years Jail For Sex On Beach - Goldman Banksters Et Al Who Pumped And Dumped Greece Etc. Still Free To Pillage With Impunity

By Michael Krieger : Back in May, I highlighted the case of 40-year-old Jose Caballero, who faced 15 years in jail for having sex on a Florida beach in broad daylight. Here’s an excerpt from the post, titled: 
Florida Man Faces 15 Years in Jail for Having Sex on the Beach (Still No Bankers in Jail):

This story demonstrates how completely and totally broken the U.S. justice system is. Should this couple have been having sex in public and in broad daylight? Absolutely not. Should there be some sort of punishment? Absolutely.
That said, the punishment should fit the crime in a just civilization, and 15 years behind bars for public sex is more akin to what you’d expect in Saudi Arabia. It’s particularly appalling when compared with the license to commit fraud and steal, which politically connected oligarchs have been granted. After all, who was really harmed by this couple’s act? Sure, some tourists may have had their day temporarily ruined or inconvenienced. A three-year-old girl may have seen something, but would probably have no way of understanding what it was. On the other hand, criminal bankers have demonstrably ruined the lives of hundreds or millions, if not billions, of people across the globe. Yet not a single TBTF executive has been prosecuted. They were bailed out instead.

Yanis Varoufakis ‘Shane’ Of Greece

Angelo: By the way, it's pronounced "Ohi" not "Oxi". Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Greek referendum results, financial terrorism and bail-in fears induced velocity of money. In the second half, Max interviews Professor Steve Keen about the Greek ‘OXI’ (No) vote and the dictatorship of the ECB.

Will Greece Set-Off A Worldwide Revolution Against The Banksters?

Could it be that the birthplace of  democracy, Western philosophy, Western literature, political science, medicine and mathematics will be the place to set-off a new global revolution?
The answer is still fuzzy but I’ll try to answer it at the end of this article.
Most people with any economic knowledge know that the EU would/could never really work… not for the people anyway.  The only real question is whether or not it was planned and set-up to fail to bring in an even more tyrannical one-world government.
Now the people have spoken: They have told the EU, European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF “no” to mortgaging generations of Greeks into perpetual debt and economic devastation.
What happens next will be the question. The EU, ECB and IMF will either have to acquiesce or try to push Greece to the brink via closing off the Greek banking system to liquidity which is currently what they continue to try to do.
All manner of issues have been discussed in regards to this. Cyprus style bank bail-ins have been considered.

Feminism, Taking STUPIDITY To The Next Level

Thunderf00t: Yup, if you are a homosexual man, then your sexuality is a choice! If you are a heterosexual man, then your sexuality is just a social construct of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy!  Welcome..... to #FeministLogic
Yup, hate to break it to feminists, but your sexuality really isnt influenced that much by 'social constructs'. No one ever taught me what was sexy, but damn, do I know it when I see it!

US Big Brother's Forced Vaccinations

"I am the king, I am the dictator, you must take this medicine!" Ron Paul. "It's a Jewish affair! ...Full spectrum dominance, get the kids then follow with the adults." Brother Nathanael.

The Divorce Party - MGTOW

Divorce parties or ceremonies which are also sometimes called break-up parties are the final frontier in the wedding industry complex. As a man first your money is wasted when you date. Then it's wasted when you get married and have to spend money on a ceremony on cupcake before even living with her. Then you get divorced and have to spend money on alimony and child support in some cases. Now your money is wasted on the divorce after party.

Rapists Are Everywhere! Debunking The Culture Of Fear

CPS Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, debunks stranger danger, rape culture, and government manipulation at Porcfest 2015.

Sorry Stefbots, You're Srewwed

"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!" johntheother

Greek Referendum: Their Yesterday, Our Tomorrow

No! The resounding answer to the Greek Referendum where 61 percent voted against further austerity in exchange for financial help from Europe and the International Monetary Fund. The vote could lead to the country's exit from the eurozone within weeks. In light of recent events, Stefan Molyneux looks at an unspoken trend which has damaged Greece's economy and made any possible recovery even more difficult.

Market Collapse Will Be Biggest In History!

Alex Jones talks with Max Keiser about the coming economic collapse and how oblivious the American public is.

Greece Votes Media Manipulates #OXI + What Happens Next After The Greek No Vote

Luke Rudkowski gives you a real picture of what's happened on the ground in Greece. He covers the Greek lame-stream media bias against the 'NO' 'OXI' voters and uncover details that you will not hear anywhere else. WeAreChange