9 Jul 2015

Women Are Easy To Manipulate And That’s A Problem

By Feminists have been screeching their little heads off lately over something known as the Pink Tax or the Women’s Tax. Here is an example of this ‘tax':
Checking the cost/unit, the razors for women are all more expensive, despite identical functionality. The cheapest twin blade razors for men come in at $0.20,/unit and $0.32/unit for women. Move up to a triple blade, and men pay $0.75/unit, while women’s cheapest option is $0.99/unit. Calls have gone up to address this disparity, which exists for other products, as well. Security guards at Walmarts, grocery stores and pharmacies across the nation are protesting the move to legislate producers and force them to charge men and women the same prices for identical products, because they will then be out of a job, inspecting the shopping carts of consumers and forcing them to choose gender appropriate razors. 
Millions of men and women are employed to ensure that price-sensitive women do not select the cheaper options, which are available for purchase only to men. In related news, Caitlynn Jenner is now allowed to purchase the Venus Tropical.
Honestly, it’s kind of embarrassing, isn’t it? Take a very simple, gender neutral product, make it pink, give it a retarded name like Soleil or Slim Twins or Venus Tropical and women will pay more because razors have something to do with sunshine, being slim, roman goddesses and the equator?

Trust Women

johntheother: Do you think you can trust a woman? Maybe you can. Just think of her as a man, with boobs and a vagina, but still a man. If a man spoke or behaved like her, would you trust him? 

US Female Pedophile Teacher Gets 22 Years For Abusing 3 Little Boys

Child rapist forsed the littl;e boys not to tell their parents. She also had sex with two other students and atempted to molest a 13 year old. MAYOR of MGTOWN

Nigel Farage Destroys EU Group-Think: "There's A New Berlin Wall... And It's Called The Euro"

B Simon Black: Standing before the European Parliament yesterday, it took Nigel Farage just four minutes to completely destroy every argument supporting the Eurozone.
A few years back when he spoke at one of our Sovereign Man events in Santiago, he anticipated everything that we’re seeing right now.
Today it’s not nearly as controversial to say that the Eurozone experiment has failed. Anyone aware of what’s happening in Greece should say the same. But very few people really understand why.
As Nigel explains in the video below, right from the start, the system was never intended to help the Greek people.

There Is No Sexism In Marketing - Stop Forcing Opinions On Everyone

Feminists need to learn that there is nothing sexist about marketing a product to a specific demographic of people. It's business. It's called making money. Miss Misanthropist

Misogyny In Music - MGTOW Big Sean

"Regarding Big Sean a mainstream rapper who is considered sexist by most feminist groups due to his single I don't Bleep with you. Following a recent break up with now feminist Arianna Grande his song is very pervasive to the point were women sing it but at the same time disagree with the lyrics. In the United states a couple of feminist school organizers were booed of the stage at USC spring fest where he was to sing when they tried to invade a typical male space by saying there are no female artists. And I'm including a link to an article describing what happened so you can share it with everyone.

Today It’s Brussels’ Turn To Tighten The Noose On EU Citizens

By Don Quijones: After months of wrangling and horse trading, the European Parliament finally passed a resolution on the secretly negotiated EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The reason it had taken so long was that the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, decided at the last minute and in time-honored fashion to postpone the original vote, scheduled for June 10, when it became apparent that a majority of MEPs might actually reject the bill (read: Democracy on Hold: President of European Parliament Suspends Vote on Secretive U.S.-EU Trade Pact as Tide Turns Against It).
The biggest thorn of contention is the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause, which would effectively allow corporations to bypass national court systems and sue governments in private arbitration panels if they felt that a particular law or regulation threatened their bottom line. Put simply, it is what gives trade treaties their razor-sharp claws and canine teeth.
Although ISDS has been in existence since the 1950s, it has only been in the last 15 or so years that corporations have really begun making the most of it. As the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) notes, foreign investors have mostly used ISDS claims to challenge measures adopted by States in the public interest (for example, policies to promote social equity, foster environmental protection or protect public health):

Florida Judge Who Tried To Ban Protests Forced To Backtrack After Lawsuit Filed

By Michael Krieger: This story is another example of what can happen when unethical people in positions of power feel like they can get away with anything. In the following case, Jacksonville Florida’s chief judge, Mark Mahon, issued an administration order on July 1 that:

In part banned demonstrations or dissemination of materials on the courthouse grounds that “degrade or call into question the integrity of the court or any of its judges.” The order also banned people from videotaping “all security features” of the courthouse, including any non-public entrance or exit.
The irony of a judge issuing a ban on the First Amendment on courthouse grounds should not be lost on anyone. What’s worse, he may have even gotten away with it if not for the folks at PINAC (Photography is Not a Crime), who sued the judge, and sheriff Mike Williams, forcing these two officials with fascist sympathies to back off.
The Florida-Times Union reports that:

Chief Judge Mark Mahon struck his previous administrative order and wrote a new one Tuesday, the same day that two activists filed a federal lawsuit calling his ban against some protests unconstitutional.

Facebook Sums Up Feminism In One Easy Graphic

By ‘Feminists,’ declares Jessica Valenti, ‘don’t hate men, but even if we did, it wouldn’t matter.’ ‘Feminists care about men’s issues, too,’ insists Lindy West. Kate Harding, a literal ugly feminist doesn’t even bother to sugarcoat it (she’d probably just eat it then), screeches Fuck you MRAs. Here is the charming Kate for those unfamiliar with this vile creature.

I honestly think a good number of women who call themselves feminists have swallowed the lie that feminism is simply about equality between men and women (the majority of people agree with that statement, and reject feminism, because they know feminism has as much use for equality as fish have for bicycles). Many of the women who consider themselves feminists, I am quite certain, are merely innocent dupes of a sophisticated propaganda machine, and when questioned about specifics, are genuinely confused. The issue of shared parenting is an excellent litmus test: if a so-called feminist believes in shared parenting, she isn’t really a feminist. If she’s never heard of the ‘tender years doctrine’ or doesn’t now that NOW actively opposes equality, she doesn’t know what real feminism is about, and what real feminists spend their time doing.
Hire a woman’s who went to a woman’s college if you want to see real feminism is action. Facebook has done exactly that. Facebook skews towards women as a target demographic, so at first blush, their decision to redesign their ‘friends’ icon to make the female character more prominent makes a certain amount of sense. Demographics, however, had nothing to do with the designer’s decision.

Fawcett Society: The Victims Of Female Genital Mutilation Are Exclusively Women And Girls

By Mike Buchanan: Belinda Phipps is the ‘chair’ of The Fawcett Society. As befits someone who self-identifies as an item of furniture, she was among the co-signatories of a letter published today in The Guardian, in response to the letter from Ally Fogg and 30 co-signatories about the recent CPS report on ‘violence against women and girls’a term which was officially defined as including violence against men and boys.
The start of the second paragraph in the ladies’ letter:
It is established fact that these crimes are massively disproportionately committed against women and girls (female genital mutilation exclusively so)…
and in breaking news, the victims of male genital mutilation are exclusively men and boys.
This is surely an appropriate time to point out that the inaugural winners of our ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ awards were the women who work at The Fawcett Society. Their award certificate is here.