16 Jul 2015

Greece: Sound And Fury Signifying Much

By Paul Craig Roberts: All of Europe, and insouciant Americans and Canadians as well, are put on notice by Syriza’s surrender to the agents of the One Percent. The message from the collapse of Syriza is that the social welfare system throughout the West will be dismantled.
The Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has agreed to the One Percent’s looting of the Greek people of the advances in social welfare that the Greeks achieved in the post-World War II 20th century. Pensions and health care for the elderly are on the way out. The One Percent needs the money.
The protected Greek islands, ports, water companies, airports, the entire panoply of national patrimony, is to be sold to the One Percent. At bargain prices, of course, but the subsequent water bills will not be bargains.
This is the third round of austerity imposed on Greece, austerity that has required the complicity of the Greeks’ own governments. The austerity agreements serve as a cover for the looting of the Greek people literally of everything. The IMF is one member of the Troika that is imposing the austerity, despite the fact that the IMF’s economists have said that the austerity measures have proven to be a mistake. The Greek economy has been driven down by the austerity. Therefore, Greece’s indebtedness has increased as a burden. Each round of austerity makes the debt less payable.
But when the One Percent is looting, facts are of no interest. The austerity, that is the looting, has gone forward despite the fact that the IMF’s economists cannot justify it.

America’s Shrinking Stock Market

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss when the last ear and the last eye accessible to the sound of the closing bell and the last printing of the ticker will mean the US empire ceases to be as the stock market shrinks along with political, moral and cultural space. In the second half Max interviews Peter Kirby of Factom.org about scalable data layers on the blockchain keeping data honest. They also discuss securing that data with a single hash and crowdfunding with factoids.

Catch Ptwenty Ptooey

"All you people do is complain about Pterodactyls! Fuck you!" DoctorRandomercam

Outside The Box Interview With Paul Craig Roberts

Jason Liosatos: My talk with Dr Paul Craig Roberts about the financial situation controlling Greece, and the consequences of the Greeks staying in the Euro or leaving it. Paul explains what, who, has, is, and will be, influencing the situation, and what outcomes we might expect, and how Washington will no doubt be doing all they can to manipulate that outcome at any cost.

Where Are All The Outraged Feminists?

A male rape charity has had its funding slashed to zero. Where are all the outraged feminists who care so deeply about issues men face? TL;DR

The Rise Of FemFascism

"Where did things go wrong, how did it come to this?" Karen Straughan

Feminism Is Not The World. We Are!

By The feminists have a high opinion of themselves, but many others don’t share that opinion and those others have formed the project of taking feminism down a few pegs. I will enlarge upon this.
The root of the present struggle is that most feminists think feminism is the world, or is entitled to become the world. Feminist thinking is triumphalist, transformationalist and totalitarian, and feminism is proposed as a social engineering project that will alter every aspect of life down to the last molecule.
And how do they muster the needful arrogance for such a project? By sheer collective narcissism. They have convinced themselves that feminism is an absolute evolutionary good in terms of what it proposes, and they have based their temerity upon a model of reality that is wildly askew from how the world actually works.
They are gazing at the rest of the world as if into a mirror of their own ideas, so that everything they see reflects only what their fantasy requires them to see. Yes, they are staring at a reflection of themselves, and if that is not narcissism then I have no better idea what to call it.
But wait. On second thought, I do have a better name for it. I will call it feminist subjectivism.

End Rape Culture

We know not what we do.

The Truth About The Euro - Prepare Yourself Accordingly

Over the years, the general public has been told many false reasons as to why the Euro was necessary. Everything from economic stability - to preventing World War III has been used as justification for the European currency’s existence. In light of the economic crisis in Greece, we strive to answer: What is the truth about the Euro and the European Central Bank? Stefan Molyneux

The Dissident Dad - Our Family Manifesto

I live in Texas, I pay taxes to the IRS, and I follow every law required of me. I am not looking for any trouble from the U.S. government. That said, my family and I have elected to sever ourselves from the cancerous monster that is Washington D.C. every chance we get.
We don’t vote or honor the state in anything we do. My money is completely outside of the U.S. banking system, via precious metals, digital currency, and whole life insurance contracts, which is nothing more than two private parties in a financial agreement. The stocks I own are in Canada or international businesses listed here in the U.S.
I wish the U.S. and its citizens the very best, but when it comes to the statists and banking elite — who ultimately form an oligarchy — I try to ignore and resist the beast in every way I can.
Over the past few months, I have felt in my heart the need to openly state exactly what mom and dad believe and what we desire for our family. These are just some basic principles. It’s not like a cult, religion, or government pledge, but more like a private business with a mission statement and declaration. My fear as a father is that without some sort of a family declaration, the dark fruits of the empire may become appealing, since as the kids age, they will come under an enormous amount of peer pressure to accept the statist mindset.
While researching family legacy and families that have found ways to become more than just a blood line, but friends as well, I discovered that it is actually quite normal to express in writing who the family is, much like a business or new government.
When you come into my home, the first thing you will see is a sign that reads: This is my family, THIS is my country.”