17 Jul 2015

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Obama's Iran Deal Credit Iran Not Obama

"Obama tried as hard as he could to prevent this, he had his nuts on the chopping block, if he didn't take this deal he would have lost every European Ally. ...He's the one who co signed the bill to put Iran on sanctions to begin with." Ryan Dawson

The Fall Of Greece. Prepare Yourself Accordingly

Stefan Molyneux: The world’s economic landscape has been rocked by the Greece Debt Crisis and as austerity looms over the Greek population - Athens burns, protests mount and fear of a Grexit rises. As discussions about debt forgiveness and a possible bailout continue the Eurozone is on edge with fears as to the future stability of the Euro and the possibility of economic collapse. As Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel engage in a showdown with the world watching, everybody is looking for answers as to how this problem originated.

What is the Truth About the Greece Debt Crisis? How did this start - and how can it be prevented in the future? Those who don’t learn from their mistakes shall be doomed to repeat them. Sadly, politicians never learn. There will be no economic recovery, prepare yourself accordingly.

Laura Perrins: Women Must Do As They Are Told. Study Science, Forget Children And Earn A Lot

To re-cap, we must remember that for the under-30s in full-time employment, women slightly out earn men. For the under-40s in full-time employment, the gap is zero.
Cameron and journalist Tom Chivers have some ideas on how to close the pay gap that opens up at 40. They are the new Victorians – a bunch of men telling women what to do. The diktats include making more women take STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)  degrees and expanding childcare.
So let’s cut to the chase ladies. This is how we close the pay gap.
1)   Do a STEM degree.
You want to be a midwife? Tough, it is not paid well. A nurse or a primary school teacher? Don’t be such a loser. Your great passion is English or History? Cameron and Chivers spit in your face. The only way you are doing an arts degree is if you then convert to law and become a commercial lawyer, as these are the best paid.
It is not about what you want, it what about what the new Victorians want. And they want you in STEM.
Great – you are doing STEM a difficult degree. You just about graduated from the course because it was not your passion.

UK High Court Rules Surveillance Legislation ‘Unlawful’

The High Court has ruled that emergency data retention and surveillance legislation the coalition government introduced last year is unlawful.
UK BANNED Press TV: The law is the latest government and intelligence legislation to be deemed illegal.
The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act, DRIPA must now be overturned because judges ruled it is inconsistent with the existing EU laws. The government must replace the law by the end of March 2016.

GCHQ received private communications intercepted by the NSA
The ruling will be seen as a victory for Labour MP Tom Watson and the Conservative MP David Davis who brought the claim.  The two had argued that the law violates article 8 of the EU human rights and lets police and intelligence services to spy on citizens without proper safeguards.
“The reality is that at this moment a government with full authorities for example in the UK has taken upon themselves the powers not only to spy on every aspect of life such email, telephone and social communication networks but at the same time it is combined with powers to potentially control people’s finances.

"Life And Death Of The Hegemony"

This is an original music video made by Kevin More, that has been subtitled in english. It provides a historical view of the battle for Hegemony and the chaos that it has been creating.

ICC judges: Prosecutors Must Revisit 2010 Israeli Flotilla Raid On The Mavi Marmara

By Gilad Atzmon: Ynet reported today that the International Criminal Court judges have called on the court's prosecutor Fatou Bensouda  to reconsider her decision not to investigate war crimes committed by the IDF on board of the Mavi Marmara
Last year prosecutor Bensouda declined a request by the Union Comoros to launch a probe into the May 31, 2010, storming of one of the flotilla vessels, which was sailing under a Comoros flag.
ICC judges ruled that Bensouda made  "material errors in her determination of the gravity" of the case.

It seems to me as if Israel and The Lobby are not doing very well at the moment. I would call it a free fall...

To Pass TPP, U.S. State Dept. Upgrades Malaysia’s Human Trafficking Ranking Despite Discovery Of Mass Graves

By Michael Krieger: When it comes to a choice between human rights, freedom and national sovereignty versus multi-national corporate giveaways, we know which decision the U.S. government makes every time. In the latest slap in the face to anyone stupid enough to still think the American status quo cares about anything other than money and imperial power, I bring you the following from TechDirt:

Earlier this week, we wrote about a troubling move by the US State Department to “upgrade” Malaysia from a “tier 3″ country to a “tier 2″ country regarding human trafficking. This move came despite a near total lack of evidence of any improvement by Malaysia. In fact, just two months ago 139 mass graves were discovered for migrant workers who had been trafficked and/or held for ransom. And the US ambassador to Malaysia had publicly criticized the country for failing to tackle its massive human trafficking problem.
So why would the State Department magically upgrade Malaysia? Well, because of a tiny provision in the fast track “Trade Promotion Authority” deal that Congress recently passed. It noted that fast track authority would not apply to trade deals involving countries that were categorized as “tier 3″ by the State Department.

Woman Only Cities - MGTOW

Woman only cities. When I first heard about plans in Saudi Arabia to build a woman only city where tens if not hundreds of thousands of women could come to work without worrying about being sexually harassed I thought I was going crazy. Then a few months after that I learned about another town called Noiva Do Cordeiro which was a small town in Brazil that was a woman only place that was looking for single men to come and help the women in the town so long as they would play by the women's rules.