23 Jul 2015

You Got Johnned In The Cage

"The ring master, cuts some fluff out." DoctorRandomercam. This gets very dull towards the middle, and your attention will probably wander. But for a first try, I think it makes for an interesting game.

Conversation With Gregory Becker - A Male Perspective

Another US VA Scandal - GI Bill Funnels Taxpayer Money To Masturbation Classes, “Hate Churches” And More

Iraq War veteran David Rodriguez steps into a softly lit classroom at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, crosses his legs and sits on a pillow in front of an altar decorated with a rope, a model of a penis and a statue of a Hindu god.
Rodriguez, a retired Navy lieutenant commander who led an engineering battalion that dismantled roadside bombs, is here for a class on “sexual bodywork.” When instruction begins, he will join his classmates in practicing different forms of masturbation.
They do vulva massage and penis massage and anal massage,” said instructor Ariadne H. Luya, who holds a Ph.D. from the institute, an unaccredited graduate school founded in 1976 by an iconoclastic Methodist minister who amassed a large collection of erotic art and pornographic films, including child pornography, that is kept at the school.
We want to get people out of their ruts. Have you been masturbating the same way for 20 years?” she asked rhetorically. “How’s that going for you? Would you like to try something new?”

Rodriguez is funding his studies with the GI Bill, which means taxpayers are covering his tuition to pursue a doctorate in human sexuality – more than $20,000 over the past two years.

Shame On Christians Witnessing For Palestine

By Gilad Atzmon: For blackballing Alison Weir/If Americans Knew
Dear Elaine, I recall your Christian Witnessing for Palestine group censuring Gilad and Deir Yassin Remembered in past years, but this is a new low.
While I am confident that you personally did not blackball Alison, the group has.  To me that is an indication that it has been co-opted by Zionists and Christians who are so philosemitic that they cannot even recognise the hypocrisy of their actions.  Shame on them and their refusal to speak truth to power.
I would appreciate your informing the group of these sentiments and that they come directly from me.
With kind personal regards for you and Ron, who is undoubtedly caught between a rock and a hard place.
Dan McGowan
Deir Yassin Remembered.

Dear Alison,
I am writing to let you know about the very difficult decision reached by our group re the IAK ad for our upcoming film series.  After much discussion of the current controversy and with no real consensus we have decided we cannot at this time accept an ad from IAK for this year's booklet. 

Let's Talk About Periods, Unless You're A Man

Women: Hey, men, you should talk about periods.
Man: OK then. Women get periods.
Women: BURN HIM!

The Legend Of The Straw Fedora

A story about feminist propaganda by bane666au

11 Signs That America Has Already Gone Down The Toilet

By Michael Snyder: Just when you think that the depravity of the United States cannot possibly get any worse, something else comes along to surprise us.  Many of the things that you are about to read about in this article are incredibly disturbing, but it is important that we face the truth about how far this nation has fallen.  There are times when I will be having a conversation with someone else about the state of our country, and the other person will say something like this:
“Wow – America is really going down the toilet.”  At one time, I would have totally agreed with that.  But at this point I would have to say that we have already circled the bowl and have made it all the way through to the other end.  Our society is absolutely addicted to entertainment (most of which is utter trash), tens of millions of us are hooked on drugs (both legal and illegal), and we have murdered more than 56 million of our own babies.  Our financial system is consumed with greed, we treat our military veterans like human garbage, and most of our “leaders” in Washington D.C. are deeply corrupt. In America today, 64 percent of all men view pornography at least once per month, it is estimated that one out of every four girls is sexually abused before they become adults, and we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the entire industrialized world.  We like to think that we are an “example” to the rest of the world, but the only example that we are setting is a bad one.  The following are 11 signs that America has already gone down the toilet…

Will Jews Bust Iran Deal?

"After gruelling negotiations, Jews are bent on busting the deal. What's been twelve years in the making between Iran and twelve members of the UN security council plus Germany, Netanyahu and the Jewish lobby hope to crush by the stroke of a congressional pen. All the P5 plus one are Nuclear powers with their own scientists who helped forge the deal making it impossible for Iran to supplant, but Bibsy and friends would have us believe that these experts are idiots and only they have the brains to create a good deal. Yet the US won on every major point with Iran surrendering nearly its entire nuclear program." Brother Nathanael

Sophie Walker – The Leader Of The Women’s Equality Party

By Mike Buchanan: Our thanks to Mike for pointing us to this, an article by a journalist at the Telegraph, written by a young woman (what are the chances?). I particularly enjoyed her reference to FTSO100 board directors. The article is so fawning towards, and uncritical of, the WEP, that it could have been written by the gormless ladies at the Fawcett Society.
The six goals of the WEP are stated in the article and repeated below, with our brief commentary:
1. Equal representation in politics and business – regardless of women’s relative willingness (compared with men) to enter those fields, their work ethic, experience and expertise? Of course. Special treatment rather than equality, then.
2. Equal representation in education – the education system has favoured girls since 1987/8, and the majority of teachers and university students have been women for years. What form of equal representation are these fruitcakes seeking?
3. Equal pay – can these women really be so stupid as to not understand what drives the f/t gender pay gap, which only exists for workers over 40, and has nothing to do with employers paying men more than women for the same work? Yes, they can!
4. Equal treatment of women in the media – what does this mean?

Patriarchy Tales: How Abusers Work + MGTOW Fun: RE: Aromanticism

M: A tale about a devious domestic abuser.

Here’s What Happens When Hackers Shut Down A Jeep’s Engine Going 70mph On A Highway

By Michael Krieger: Some of you have probably already read Wired’s shocking article published yesterday titled: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the HighwayWith Me in It. If not, I strongly suggest getting caught up.
If two guys working out of a basement estimate they can hack 471,000 vehicles made by Chysler from their couch, just imagine what a more sophisticated and well funded team can do.
Here are some excerpts from Wired:

I WAS DRIVING 70 mph on the edge of downtown St. Louis when the exploit began to take hold. 
Though I hadn’t touched the dashboard, the vents in the Jeep Cherokee started blasting cold air at the maximum setting, chilling the sweat on my back through the in-seat climate control system. Next the radio switched to the local hip hop station and began blaring Skee-lo at full volume. I spun the control knob left and hit the power button, to no avail. Then the windshield wipers turned on, and wiper fluid blurred the glass.
As I tried to cope with all this, a picture of the two hackers performing these stunts appeared on the car’s digital display: Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, wearing their trademark track suits. A nice touch, I thought.