25 Jul 2015

MGTOW; Avoid The BBC At All Costs

"I found it odd, why would the BBC want to have guys on camera that were deep within the red pill rage? Later it became clear. So yesterday evening I received a rather panicked call from one of the attendees to the first MGTOW meet-up and he and a couple of other UK MGTOW had actually done some very, very deep digging. They'd dug around on-line they'd made calls to the BBC and unfortunately our worst fears were confirmed. The filming was to be part of Reggie Yates series on extremist groups of the worst kind. The Russian Neo-Nazis and then MGTOW would then follow up and I really shudder to think what his might have done to our movement.

Accountability, Acceptance & Letting Go

"Another man today will fucking hang himself, he will blow his fucking brains out. Another man today will be thrown out on the streets and he will look up at the bedroom lights in his own house and see his children going to bed while he stands out in that fucking street and then that man has nowhere to go. That will happen to men today and tomorrow, it's not gong away." Messenger Rising. Accountability is a word used in correctional programs for the rehabilitation of criminals or for the rehabilitation of substance abusers and addicts. Acceptance is letting go of denial, anger, bargaining and depression. Adding blame and guilt to a man's suffering is dangerous and could tip him over the edge. Needs to stop.

BRICS Bank, AIIB Pledge Partnership, Loans To Be Issued In Yuan

Tyler Durden's picture Over the first half of the year, we’ve built on several narratives that we believe are critical when it comes to understanding how the intersection of geopolitics and economics is set to shape the world going forward.
One of these narratives revolves around the extent to which three China-led ventures are set to supplant traditionally dominant supranational lenders on the way to embedding the yuan in international trade and investment. 
The new ventures are the BRICS bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Silk Road Fund. We’ve discussed each of these at length and we’ve also shown that in one way or another, they all represent a shift away from the multilateral institutions that have dominated the post-war economic order. 
In short, they are a response not only to the IMF’s failure to provide the world’s most important emerging economies with representation that’s commensurate with their economic clout, but also to the perceived shortcomings of the IMF and ADB. In other words, they are far more than a new foreign policy tool for Beijing to deploy on the way to cementing its status as regional hegemon.

The Jewish Left Is Duplicitous To The Core

By Gilad Atzmon: MK Aiman Ouda - "A small segment within the Right calls for 'death to the Arabs,' but it is the Left that inflicts death on us"
in a Peace Now conference in Tell aviv,  Palestinian Knesset member  Aiman Ouda admitted that : "A small segment within the (Israeli) Right calls for 'death to the Arabs,' but it is the (Israeli) Left that inflicts death on us"
Along the conference MK Ouda asked the Arabs in the room to stand up. Out of hundreds of Israeli peace supporters only two were arabs. True, his this is slightly more diverse than JVP's board that is purely Jewish.
The Jewish Left is there to convey an imaginary notion of Jewish ethics.  It is, in practice, duplicitous to the core.
Time to move on, to call a spade a spade.

Why Israel Worries For Iran Deal When It Controls Congress

"Israel does control the [US] congress and if it wanted to stop the deal going threw it would have the power over the congress" Morris.

U.S. Incarcerated Boys Report High Rate Of Exploitation By Female Staff While In Custody

By : The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (P.L. 108-79) requires the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to develop national data collections on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence within adult and juvenile correctional facilities. To fulfill that requirement, BJS statisticians have begun surveying incarcerated youth on their experiences of sexual violence while in custody.
Two reports made from these surveys are available on the BJS website: Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-09 and Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2012.
The two surveys produced similar results.
91% of adjudicated youth in both surveys were male. 9% were female.
Among youth in state juvenile facilities and large non-state facilities approximately 10.3% in 2008/9, and 7.7% in 2012 reported experiencing one or more incidents of sexual victimization by facility staff. This represented 58.3% of youth reporting sexual misconduct in the 2008/9 survey and 59.1% in the 2012 survey.
According to the reports, staff at the surveyed facilities was 42% female, 58% male in 2008/9 and 44% female, 56% male in 2012.
92% of respondents in 2008/9 and 89.1 in 2012 were males reporting sexual activity with female staff only, and another 2.5% in 2008/0 and 3% in 2012 said they had been victimized by both male and female.

Ape Study Shows Anxiety And Depression Are Inherited

By : The expression of symptoms and the underlying chemical causes of anxiety and depression are inherited. Dr. Ned Kalin, chair of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and colleagues are the first to prove that anxiety and depression are inherited. The study was reported in the July 6, 2015 edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The researchers observed the behavior of 600 young rhesus monkeys from family groups that had a history of anxiety. Over 35 percent of the animals displayed excessive anxiety when confronted with a perceived threat. All of the behavior that represented anxiety could be related to family members that demonstrated the same behavior.
The researchers examined the brains of all the monkeys with functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography. The anxiety behavior was found to be related to different regions of the brain located in the brain stem. The brain stem is considered the most primitive part of the brain. The amygdala, the limbic brain fear center; and the prefrontal cortex showed the highest levels of activity associated with anxiety.
The researchers note that the development of anxiety may have an evolutionary advantage for monkeys and humans in producing a higher state of awareness of threats.

Thoughts On Hulk Hogan And The Idiots That Support His Firing (Rant)

Raging Golden Eagle: To everyone who thinks it's OK to fire someone over ignorant shit they said years ago: I hope you find yourselves on the receiving end of that one day, maybe then you will realize how idiotic you are being right now. Also, I am officially announcing that I am boycotting everything to do with WWE. I can't support an organization that would ruin the life of a man, of a great employee, over some ignorant stuff he said years ago.

Is Our World Getting Better?

CS MGTOW: Martin Nathan Nemko is an American author, columnist, and public radio host specializing in career/workplace issues and education reform. A regular contributor to Time.com, PsychologyToday.com and AOL.com, he has written over 2,000 published articles.

The Eurasian Big Bang: How China & Russia Are Running Rings Around Washington

By Pepe Escobar: The several hundred US Republicans who have thrown their hats into the ring for the 2016 presidential race and the war hawks in Congress (mainly but hardly only Republicans) have already been in full howl about the Vienna nuclear deal with Iran. Jeb Bush took about two seconds to label it "appeasement,” instantly summoning up the image of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain giving in to Hitler before World War II; former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spared no metaphor in labeling the agreement “a deal that empowers an evil Iranian regime to carry out its threat to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ and bring ‘death to America’”; Senator Lindsey Graham called it a "possible death sentence for Israel"; this year’s leading billionaire candidate, Donald Trump, summed up his opinion of the deal in one you’re-fired-style word, “ridiculous”; Senator John McCain described Secretary of State John Kerry, who negotiated the deal, as "delusional”; and Senator... I mean, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mockingly turned Chamberlain’s infamous “peace in our time” into “peace at any price,” dismissed the deal as a catastrophe filled with “absurdities,” and then appeared on every American media venue imaginable to denounce it.  And that's just to start down the usual list of suspects. Even Senator Rand Paul swore he would vote against the agreement (though his father called it "to the benefit of world peace"), while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was typical of Republican presidential candidates in swearing that he would personally scuttle the deal on his first day in the Oval Office.
This, in short, is the mad version of international policy that makes Washington a claustrophobic echo chamber.
By Michael Krieger: Earlier this week, we learned that lobbyists for Monsanto, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and the Telecom industry are actively raising funds for the pantsuit revolutionary, Hillary Clinton. Today, we can add private prison companies to the list. Because private prisons are sooooooo progressive.
From the Intercept:

As immigration and incarceration issues become central to the 2016 presidential campaign, lobbyists for two major prison companies are serving as top fundraisers for Hillary Clinton.

Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group could both see their fortunes turning if there are fewer people to lock up in the future. Richard Sullivan, of the lobbying firm Capitol Counsel, is a bundler for the Clinton campaign, bringing in $44,859 in contributions in a few short months. Sullivan is also a registered lobbyist for the Geo Group, a company that operates a number of jails, including immigrant detention centers, for profit.