26 Jul 2015

Property Bubble

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the property bubble as a liberty-sacrificing delusion.

Belinda Brown Talks Sense About Childcare On Woman Sour

Belinda Brown - not the lady in the image above - is a social anthropologist, and one of very few winners of the J4MB Maggie award: https://j4mb.wordpress.com/2015/06/11...
Links to some of her excellent articles and papers are on her award certificate.
This Woman Sour discussion about childcare - which all the major parties wish parents to outsource to strangers - was chaired by Jenni Murray, and the other contributor was Giselle Cory of the Institute of Public Policy Research, a left-wing British thinktank.

Mary O'callaghan Vs Alesia Thomas (Never An Axcuse To Hit... A Woman)

"36 months in jail for murder, because women can do what they want. Teacher fucks her students, etc., etc." Russell Lindquist