31 Jul 2015

Swedish Success Is Not Due To The Welfare State

CS MGTOW: Nima Sanandaji, PhD, has written a number of books and reports in Sweden about issues such as tax policy, integration, entrepreneurship and women’s career opportunity. He also works for English-speaking think tanks such as the IEA and Centre for Policy Studies.

Non-Therapeutic Circumcision [Ritual Genital Mutilation] Of Male Minors - Our Letters To Jewish And Muslim Clerics And Organizations And A Response From Milah UK

By Mike Buchanan: We’re stepping up our efforts to have non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors in the UK declared illegal, and this will be our #1 campaigning issue for the foreseeable future. We recently publicly challenged Alison Saunders and Theresa May MP on the matter.
A few days ago we emailed letters to leading Jewish and Muslim clerics, organizations, and newspapers. The one we sent to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is here, and the (very similar) one we sent to Dr Omar El-Hamdoon (President, Muslim Association of Britain) is here.
We’ve just received our first response, from an organization we didn’t write to. It’s a letter signed by the Co-Chairmen of Milah UK, Prof. David Katz and Dr. Simon Hochhauser. They describe the organization in the following terms:
Milah UK is the campaign group set up by the organizations of the Jewish community in the UK to promote and protect the right of the Jewish community to carry out religious circumcisions in accordance with our religious beliefs.
The letter is here, and it’s been posted here with the kind permission of the organization. Our response is here, and it ends with the following: 
Your lack of humanity towards male minors only reinforces our determination to have non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors declared illegal in the UK, so that future generations of Jewish men and boys will not have to suffer as their predecessors have.

Female Frankfurters Have Wide Pink Parking Spaces (No, That’s Not A Euphemism)

: A radical feminist German airport sparked a huge sexism row by painting' women's only' car parking spaces pink with wider bays. The designated spots have brighter lighting, are closer to the terminal at Frankfurt Airport and have been designed to make it easier for females to park their cars.
But furious women slammed the move as reinforcing 'sexist' feminist stereotypes.

Geraldine Herbert, editor of Wheels for Women magazine told The Local: "It's very patronising for women to be singled out in this way.
"All this does is reinforce the statistical stereotype that women are bad at parking.'
Airport bosses defended the move, saying they are required by law to dedicate at least five per cent of public car parking spaces to women.
These 'sexist feminist' areas have been painted pink, have wider parking bays with brighter lightning, more CCTV coverage and are closer to the terminals.
A Frankfurt Airport spokesperson said: ""It's up to the female drivers themselves whether or not they use these spaces.

Women Dating Homeless Men - MGTOW

"Hi Sandman, I moved to the left coast in the late 1990's and became a street performer. I started noticing even in my first few years that the women I was around were constantly rejecting me in favor of homeless guys, addicts, hoodlums, etc. I was determined to become one of the best street performers in the country and I worked at it tirelessly. After more than 10 years of work, people started saying that I had the best street act in the country. Yet, I still got the same response. Women would stand me up and date guys who were homeless, alcoholics, etc. etc. Then I started making appearances on television. Yet, I couldn't get women to watch the shows with me when they aired. And yet still the addicts and homeless guys had girlfriends.

Solutions to World Economy Part I

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss whether or not there is such a thing as post-capitalism, whether or not we are actually in this phase and examine the solutions to the multiple crises of neoliberal capitalism.

Scientology Leader’s Father Set To Release Tell All Memoir Debunking Church

By Ronald Miscavige Sr., the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, has agreed to write an expected scathing tell-all chronicle about his son and his Church of Scientology beliefs and practices created by American author L. Ron Hubbard.
The book, to be published by St. Martin’s Press, will be titled If He Dies, He Dies – an alleged snarky comment made by David when he was advised his father may be suffering from a heart ailment.
Writes the Hollywood Reporter: “The title refers to a story in an April 8 Los Angeles Times article that revealed David Miscavige had put his father under surveillance because he had grown estranged from the church and his son. When one investigator saw Ron grab his chest in an apparent heart attack, he called his Scientology employers to see if he should intervene. David personally called him back and said, ‘If he dies, he dies.’”
The 79-year-old Miscavige formally disassociated himself from the Church of Scientology back in 2012, and has since been reportedly estranged from his son David, 55.
Miscavige Sr. introduced his son to Scientology when he was a boy. In 1971 the family formally joined the church and eventually moved to the world headquarters in Saint Hill Manor, England.

4 Mainstream Media Articles Mocking Gold That Should Make You Think

By Michael Krieger: For those of you who have been reading my stuff since all the way back to my Wall Street years at Sanford Bernstein, thanks for staying along for the ride. I appreciate your support immensely considering that I essentially no longer write about financial markets at all, and for many of you, that remains your profession and primary area of interest.
There are many reasons why I stopped commenting on markets, but the main reason is that I started to recognize I wasn’t getting it right. In fact, in some cases I was getting it spectacularly wrong. Whenever this happens, I try to isolate the problem and fix it. In this case there was no fix, because much of why I was no longer getting it right was rooted in the fact that my heart, soul and passion had moved onto other things. My interests had expanded, and I started a blog to express myself on myriad other matters I deemed important. Providing relevant market information needs intense focus, and my focus had shifted elsewhere. I recognized that I wasn’t intellectually interested enough in centrally planned markets to provide insightful analysis, and so I stopped. 
This doesn’t mean I won’t start up again. When central planners do lose control, I may indeed become far more interested in opining on such matters. Time will tell. In the interim, financial markets do still play an important role in the bigger picture of social, political and economic trends I passionately care about.

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism Part 38

bane666au: 1. Oh boy....... here we go..... It's the Elaminati.