1 Aug 2015

Is It Just Me?

"I'm just wondering what kind of oppression do we have to endure before we slaughter the lying murdering scum who rule over us with no trouble at all." Deek Jackson

The Making Of Gynocentric Soldiers + The Mask BS

Psychologist's assessment of the male sex role has missed a very critical element, gynocentrism. We are all impacted by the mighty power of gynocentrism and its push for the safety and provision for women and the related sacrifice of men to make that happen. This push starts early for boys where they are taught to put their own needs second. This video has a look at that process and its impact. Men Are Good!

Revolving Door On Steroids - Bank Of England Policymaker Allowed To Retain Financial Interest In Hedge Fund

By Michael Krieger: Can’t a guy enjoy a beautiful Friday in Colorado without being bombarded with another gigantic oligarch scam? I guess not.
Today’s article takes the revolving door theme to a whole other level. It even puts the recent revelation that law firm Covington and Burlington kept an office empty for Eric Holder while he was head of the Department of Justice to shame. You can’t make this stuff up.
From Reuters: 
New Bank of England policymaker Gertjan Vlieghe will retain a financial interest in one of the world’s biggest hedge fund firms while he sets interest rates, an arrangement that Britain’s finance ministry said posed no conflict of interest.
Some economists privately expressed surprise when the ministry said on Tuesday that Vlieghe, who joins the Monetary Policy Committee on Sept. 1, would still receive income from his current employer, Brevan Howard, whose traders bet on rate moves.
On Wednesday, people with knowledge of the arrangement said Vlieghe would retain an interest in a Brevan Howard vehicle that pays long-term incentive payments.

History Is Repeating - German Government Launches Investigation Of Journalists For Treason

If it were up to the Federal Attorney General and the President of the German Domestic Security Agency, two of our reporters would soon be in prison for at least two years. Today, we were officially informed about investigations against our Markus Beckedahl, Andre Meister and an unknown“ party. The accusation: Treason.
– From Netzpolitik.org:  Suspicion of Treason“: Federal Attorney General Announces Investigation Against Us In Addition To Our Sources
By Michael Krieger: Widespread outrage across Germany is erupting following the revelation that the nation’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into treason charges for two journalists working for Netzpolitik.
The charge is treason. The crime is journalism.
We learn from the Guardian that:

Germany has opened a treason investigation into a news website a broadcaster said had reported on plans to increase state surveillance of online communications.
German media said it was the first time in more than 50 years journalists had faced treason charges, and some denounced the move as an attack on the freedom of the press.

Anti Intellectualism

"What happens when critical thinking is abandoned as a cultural value." CS MGTOW