3 Aug 2015

Paedophile Woman Admits Sexually Abusing Her Stepson Over Six Years Not Charged By UK Police

By Mike Buchanan: Our general election manifesto had a lengthy section on sexual abuse (pp 31-37). From the first page:

People struggle to recognize women as perpetrators of sexual and non-sexual violence, in spite of the weight of evidence showing them to be frequent perpetrators of both. This is because we live in a culture which regards men as actors and women as acted upon. The public has become conditioned to viewing men as perpetrators, and women as victims. Alison Tieman, a Canadian men’s human rights advocate, produced an insightful short video on this matter.
This culture leads to inequalities. Few women are held accountable for sex offences, including those women who sexually abuse children. It’s known from a major American survey (details below) that slightly over 25% of sex offences are committed by women against men (with no male accomplices). We would therefore expect the male/female ratio of people charged with sex offences to be a little under 3:1. In the UK, in 2013, the ratio was 146:1.

10 Things Women Do That Really Turn Men Off

By Some deluded little bitch by the name of Emma Sarran wrote a column at Made Man, in which she helpfully spells out ten things men need to stop doing right now if they want to date her or, really, date any woman at all. With her cunty little tone, I doubt Sarah has a whole lot to worry about in terms of men wanting to date her. The image attached to her post pretty much says it all:
So I thought I’d do my part for ladies like Sarah, and point out ten things women need to stop doing now if they want to date a man. You’re welcome, Sarah. Pay attention to that last one, would you?
Gals, do you ever have that moment when a new relationship goes bad (or fails to materialize in the first place) and you think to yourself, “What did I do wrong?”
Though I can’t say for sure—let’s be honest, women have a history of saying and doing some seriously stupid things—there are a few common female habits that send a strong, “Don’t date me” signal.
Next time you’re trying to snag a man, try curbing these 10 unattractive tendencies in the process.
10. Touching yourself in public
Listen, we get it. You do everything you can to take your natural self and create some fake person. You spackle yourself with cosmetics and apply highlighter and bronzer to give yourself the illusion of cheekbones you don’t have and add extensions to your hair and paint your lips to look lush and you are obsessed with making sure your phoniness is perfect.

Washington’s Fifth Columns Inside Russia and China

By Paul Craig Roberts: It took two decades for Russia and China to understand that “pro-democracy” and “human rights” organizations operating within their countries were subversive organizations funded by the US Department of State and a collection of private American foundations organized by Washington. The real purpose of these non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is to advance Washington’s hegemony by destabilizing the two countries capable of resisting US hegemony.
Washington’s Fifth Columns pulled off “color revolutions” in former Russian provinces, such as Georgia, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin and Ukraine, a Russian province for centuries.
When Putin was last elected, Washington was able to use its Fifth Columns to pour thousands of protesters into the streets of Russia claiming that Putin had “stolen the election.” This American propaganda had no effect on Russia, where the citizen back their president by 89%. The other 11% consists almost entirely of Russians who believe Putin is too soft toward the West’s aggression. This minority supports Putin as well. They only want him to be tougher. The actual percentage of the population that Washington has been able to turn into treasonous agents is only 2-3 percent of the population. These traitors are the “Westerners,” the “Atlantic integrationists,” who are willing for their country to be an American vassal state in exchange for money. Paid to them, of course.
But Washington’s ability to put its Fifth Columns into the streets of Moscow had an effect on insouciant Americans and Europeans. Many Westerners today believe that Putin stole his election and is intent on using his office to rebuild the Soviet Empire and to crush the West. Not that crushing the West would be a difficult thing to do. The West has pretty much already crushed itself.

"This Is The Largest Financial Departure From Reality In Human History"

By Nicole Foss: Our consistent theme here at the Automatic Earth since its inception has been that we are facing a very powerful deflationary depression, following on from the bursting of an epic financial bubble. What we have witnessed in our three decades of expansion and inflation is nothing short of a monetary supernova, and that period has been the just culmination of a much larger upward trend going back many decades at least. We have lived through a credit hyper-expansion for the record books, with an unprecedented generation of excess claims to underlying real wealth. In doing so we have created the largest financial departure from reality in human history. 
Bubbles are not new – humanity has experienced them periodically going all the way back to antiquity – but the novel aspect of this one, apart from its scale, is its occurrence at a point when we have reached or are reaching so many limits on a global scale. The retrenchment we are about to experience as this bubble bursts is also set to be unprecedented, given that the scale of a bust is predictably proportionate to the scale of the excesses during the boom that precedes it. We have built an incredibly complex economic system, but despite its robust appearance it is over-extended, brittle and fragile after decades of fuelling its continued expansion by feeding on its own substance.

The Automatic Earth, December 2011: The lessons of the past are sadly never learned. Each time the optimism is highly contagious. In the larger episodes, it crescendos into euphoria, leading societies into a period of collective madness where risk is embraced and caution is thrown to the wind.

Illegal Settler Threatens To Kill International Activists

Gilad Atzmon: On Sunday the 26th, Israeli settlers gathered at the end of Hebrons occupied Shuhada Street, preparing to go on a march through the H1 area, which is the Palestinian administrated part of the city .Three international activists were present, documenting the behavior of the settlers and Israeli soldiers. At one point a settler walked up to the activist, and openly issued threats on their lives, telling them Remember this face, because it will be the last thing you see on this earth and I am going to find each and every one of you. This is not the first time that settlers has threatened the safety of international activists, and activist has in the past been subjected to severe physical attacks and harassment from settlers.

Social Justice Racism

People of colour is a stronger indicator of racism than nigger. Deal with it, SJW fucktards. Also, let's not be confused by words - or take into our heads that mere words convey intention. It's not the word "nigger" or the phrase "people of colour" that is bigoted - it's the intention behind the words. In the case of the politically correct application of the phrase "people of colour" we're treating blacks, or whatever other brown people we talk about as if they're delicate, fragile cretins who cant deal with simple descriptive adjectives. I'm a white guy, some other guy is a brown guy, or a black guy. But what do these colour descriptors tell anyone about who each person is - only what kind of a background wallpaper we can each blend into - that's it. Also, the white guy gets sunburned faster. That's all. But a "person of colour"; well shit, that carries attribution of helpless and fragile sensitivity that's frankly fucking insulting.

#GrowingUpAGirl - Is Just So Difficult

This week's hashtag giving women the opportunity to exaggerate about how difficult their lives are is #GrowingUpAGirl. What will next week's hashtag be? Enjoy. 6oodfella

Palestinians Baby Burned By Jewish Zionist.

"Eighteen month old Palestinian baby was burned to death by Israeli settlers [land thieves] in the occupied West Bank" Press TV.