4 Aug 2015

Louis Farrakhan Urges US Black Community To "Rise Up And Kill Those Who Kill Us"

While the US has had its share of deadly social violence over the past year, much of split along along racial lines, it has mercifully avoided a full-blown racial war. However, in recent weeks there has been a troubling increase in invocations toward even more violence, and even more deaths, which seek to achieve just that: a United States gripped in racial warfare.

Men And Women Are Held To Different Standards #05

If you commit a crime, and value your freedom, be sure to identify as a woman before your trial. It'll make a massive difference. 6oodfella.

American Oligarchy: 400 Families Represent 50% Of Money Raised By 2016 Presidential Candidates Thus Far

By Michael Krieger: Ever since I started my website in 2012, one of my primary objectives was to convince readers that the American system of government is nothing like what we are told in school and via the oligarch-owned mainstream media. That the country has become so captured and corrupted by sociopathic oligarchs, that a neo-feudal modern serfdom was emerging where the opportunities to enjoy rising standards of living for the vast majority of people was rapidly becoming a pipe dream.
I think many readers appreciated my warnings, but it wasn’t until an academic study from Princeton and Northwestern came out and factually proved it, that it become undeniable to many people. Here’s a brief excerpt from that post titled, New Report from Princeton and Northwestern Proves It: The U.S. is an Oligarchy:

Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts. Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise.

The US Cuckservative Phenomenon

By Professor Kevin MacDonald: The cuckservative meme is suddenly everywhere. It’s brash, it’s witty, and it’s often embedded in visually appealing graphics - a new art form really (see collection here). It’s effective partly because its messages are short and simple. The SPLC, NYTimes, ADL et al. have been using this strategy for decades. Terms like “White supremacist,” “racist,” “anti-Semite,” and “Nazi” have been devastatingly effective, but they are only effective because they are disseminated by our hostile elites. It’s no accident that, Jeet Heer, writing in The New Republic, says that the cuckservative meme originated in “the white supremacist movement.”
When someone makes such a claim, it’s supposed to be the end of the argument. These labels have zero intellectual content, and yet they have been extraordinarily effective in making a great many Whites think that it’s a moral imperative that they become a minority in societies they have dominated for hundreds or thousands of years. You’re not supposed to think when you hear them — just cringe at the thought of  being egregiously immoral as defined by people who have radically different ethnic interests than you do. They are intended to shut off debate before it can start by automatically tarring one side as evil. Yes, I do think that Whites, like Koreans in Korea and Ethiopians in Ethiopia, should do their best to remain in control of the countries their ancestors fought and died for. I do think races are different, that Whites have interests because they are White, and that if things don’t change dramatically, the entire institutional structure built by Whites will eventually be destroyed and Whites victimized. And, yes, Jews, like any group and especially an elite group with enormous power in the media, politics, and the academic world, should be subjected to rational criticism.

MGTOW Purists & Stardusk

By Sandman: I'm going to discuss the two types of MGTOWs emerging in the manosphere. The first group I'd like to consider the MGTOW purists championed by people like Stardusk. Their argument is knowledge for knowledge sake. And now Stardusk is saying that not getting married and cohabiting are prerequisites for going your own way but he also claims that the pursuit of knowledge and intellectualism is required to go your own way as well. Unless you pursue knowledge ceaselessly you can't be a real mgtow according to him. I'm putting a link to his video called "Delineating MGTOW Against Mainstreamification" where he talks about various dangers to the going your own way philosophy.

Businesses Flee Catalonia, Foreign Investment Plunges, As Confrontation With Spain Comes To A Boil

By Don Quijones: As the countdown begins to Catalonia’s plebiscite-style elections, scheduled for September 27, cracks are already beginning to show in Spain’s most important economic region (at least pound for pound).
A few days ago, a study by Axesor showed that since the region’s pro-independence premier, Artur Mas, took office in 2011, 3,800 companies have upped sticks and left Catalonia for other regions of Spain. By contrast, just 2,547 companies have relocated from other regions to Catalonia during the same period.
Of the 3,839 companies that abandoned Catalonia, almost half ended up relocating to Madrid. Indeed, during the same period Madrid has seen a net inflow of 1,766 companies while Spain’s third largest city Valencia registered a net influx of 361 companies.
While some of those companies were lured away from Catalonia by the prospect of lower taxes – Catalonia is currently the highest-taxed region of Spain – fears are growing that more and more local companies are voting with their feet against Catalonian independence. These fears were compounded by recent tweaks Rajoy’s government made in Spain’s corporate governance law to make it much easier for the country’s biggest publicly listed companies to move the location of their headquarters.

Sunny - Flabz + God Bless The Child - Payday Monsanto +

Official Video for Flabz - Sunny / Filmed by Peter Coates / Edited by Flabz

Fathers4Justice Publish Latest Myleene Klass Advert On Social Media

By Nadine O'Connor: Fathers4Justice released their latest Myleene Klass advert after the celebrity mother refused to publicly deny press reports she has denied her children access to their father for over a year.
Contact Denial by Myleene Klass features the Littlewood’s model in a bikini on a beach with the brands who support her listed beneath.
The group say they hope to place the ad in the national press this week after lawyers for Ms Klass sent a notice before action to the media preventing publication of the original advert and story on Wednesday 22nd July.
Fathers4Justice have called on families to boycott the retailer Mothercare until they delist the Baby K range by Myleene Klass and to do the same with Littlewood’s and Save The Children who Ms Klass represents.
Said F4J Campaign Director Nadine O’Connor, “We hope retailers and charities will listen to the views of the families we represent and disassociate themselves with Ms Klass until such time she makes a public statement denying these reports.”

The Precariat - The Dangerous New Class

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Guy Standing, co-President of the Basic Income Earth Network and author of The Precariat: The Dangerous New Class, to discuss the problem of declining incomes, automation of many jobs, and the rise of the Precariat. As a possible solution to the problem of ever fewer high paying jobs, they discuss basic incomes - the arguments for and against.