5 Aug 2015

Roger Crawford Has Written A Book About ‘One Of The Biggest Social Scandals Of Our Time’

By Mike Buchanan: Roger Crawford is a campaigner with New Fathers 4 Justice. He dresses as a jester when demonstrating, and he’s written a book with the title Rebel Without A Clue. It’s available to buy here, and we hope it sells well. The book’s entry on Amazon:
Roger was born in 1948 and adopted at birth. He was brought up in the north-west London suburbs and enjoyed a carefree childhood in a world totally different to that of today. Sent to a private Grammar School because his socialist parents were so concerned at his lack of academic ability, he was the only pupil in the history of the School to become a Farm apprentice.
Embracing the free-thinking of the late sixties and early seventies, and concerned that many city children did not know anything of rural life, he founded a charitable society which gave country holidays for free to disadvantaged city children and for a time lived a bohemian type of life in a converted coach.
He also founded and ran a successful Youth Club and ran Gardening classes for the London Borough of Harrow. After happily living with a lady twenty years older than himself for thirteen years he then fell in love with and had a daughter by a married lady his own age. His battle to be a part of his daughter’s life is vividly recorded in his story, and the prejudice and sheer inhumanity of the Family Court system is described in detail.

Land Of The Free - Crying 8-Year-Old With Disabilities Shackled In Handcuffs At Kentucky School

In the lawsuit, joined by the Children’s Law Center, the ACLU accuses the sheriff’s department and Sumner of violating both federal and state laws that prohibit the forceful restraint of children unless the pupil is presenting an imminent and real threat to their own or someone else’s safety. The suit alleges that by being shackled for so long the child suffered pain and trauma that exacerbated his diagnosed conditions of ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder.
In the video, shot last November by a staff member of the public school in which the third grader was studying, Sumner can be seen applying the handcuffs around SR’s biceps as the boy’s wrists are too small to restrain. “You can do what we have asked you to do, or you can suffer the consequences,” the police officer tells the child.
– From the Guardian article: Kentucky Sheriff ‘Steadfastly’ Defends Officer who Handcuffed 8-Year-Old
By Michael Krieger: Just in case you’re keeping score at home:
Number of U.S. bank executives in handcuffs: 0
Number of helpless children with mental disabilities in handcuffs: 1

Men's Rights Movement The Motherfucking Opera

A comprehensive and entirely balanced overview of issues raised by the Men's Rights Movement. SyeTenAtheist

Why The US Dollar Will Collapse

Peter Schiff And Stefan Molyneux: Is the United States economy recovering - or are we being lied to by the mainstream establishment? Why has Gold recently hit a five year low despite long term predictions of it's rise in value? Are the government statistics on inflation accurate? What does the future hold for the US Dollar? Why has the Dollar strengthened and how will this play out in the long term? What does Peter Schiff think about Donald Trump and his recent success in the Republican presidential primary?

Man-O-Sphere Anthem - Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Remix)

Ruckus Roboticus:
I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to remix this classic blues jam by the LEGENDARY MUDDY WATERS! It was an honor and a pleasure, and I am proud to present it to you.
I had lots of help with additional bass & guitar parts by Silver Sessions - dansilver.com
And mastering by @mikebalance

Gilad Atzmon On The Jerusalem Gay Pride, Jews & Immigration And The End Of Israel

All Work And No Homemaking Makes Jill An Unhappy Girl. Emma Barnett Please Note

By Belinda Brown: Daily Telegraph Women’s Editor and broadcaster Emma Barnett appears to be going through a life crisis. Having spent a lifetime focused on high achievement and career, it sounds to me, to use her own words, as if she is ‘struggling to override the most primal instinct of all’.
Asked to give a Ted X talk on women, she concentrated on ambition, but not ambition in the broad sense of a strong desire to achieve something, such as bring up well-balanced children, write a book or overcome feminism, rather on ambition in that far more limited, narrow, career centred, feminist sense.
But what I suspect really troubles Emma is not, as she suggests, other women’s lack of ambition. After all what harm is that going to do her? Rather,I imagine, Emma is starting to question whether her career should be her most important goal in life. For while she may talk about ‘losing custody’ of ambition, we all know that such a loss of custody would not be particularly painful. For ambition is not a child.
In her efforts to convince us that women are ambitious and don’t prioritise families she not only gives the wrong numbers (there were 5000 respondents, not her 25,000) but also quotes highly selectively from a Harvard Business School report.

"The Worlds Most Offensive Busker" + Kill The Queen & Fuck Her Dead Body - By FKU - Greatest Punk Band Ever :)

"Your heroes are baby killers
and I hope they all die!" Deek Jackson

Gay People Are Assholes

The LGBT community shouldn't be so proud. Feminism LOL