6 Aug 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's "Working With Women"

"There's not actually a single sentence in this which isn't just either completely misguided, blatantly untrue or contradicts something else in the document, just to set the scene." 5hadowfax

Giant New York Hedge Fund Och-Ziff Under Investigation For Bribery in $100M “Loan” To Zimbabwe Dictator Mugabe

By Michael Krieger: One of the most interesting articles I published last year, but one that failed to receive the attention it deserved, was related to a $100 million “loan” to Zimbabwe’s brutal dictator Robert Mugabe, in which Wall Street firms played a key role. 
The post was titled, The Bailout of Robert Mugabe – How Wall Street Money Led to Intimidation, Torture and Death in Zimbabwe. Here are a few excerpts:

Four days later, Camec announced it was using the money it raised to purchase a joint venture with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corp., or ZMDC, Mugabe’s state-owned mining company. The joint venture owned the platinum stakes on the Great Dyke that had been taken back just a few weeks earlier from Anglo American. The price included $5 million in cash; Camec issued shares to partners whose identities were shielded by a shell company based in the British Virgin Islands; and $100 million to Mugabe’s government. Camec said the $100 million was a cash loan “to comply with its contractual obligations to the government of Zimbabwe” for the platinum claims.

Times Investigations Editor Apologises `For A Holocaust-Paedophilia Tweet'

Reported by Gilad Atzmon: Jewishnews.co.uk reported yesterday that Dominic Kennedy, the Investigations Editor at The Times newspaper has apologised for causing offence after he tweeted that most VIP paedophiles wereJewish or gay”.
Jewish community leaders blasted comments from Kennedy, who removed the tweet in which he said: “So many of the VIPs accused of being paedophiles are Jewish or gay. Maybe we could have a system to identify these people: triangles, stars…”
Simon Johnson, chief executive at the Jewish Leadership Council, attempting to spin on behalf of his people, said: “I utterly condemn the words and the tone of Mr Kennedy’s tweet. What on earth does religion or sexuality have to do with the investigations? The suggestion to brand or identify suspects in the way that he suggests harks back to the worst of Nazi ideology.”
Mr Johnson surely realised that Kennedy’s tweet was sarcastic and satirical. Mr Johnson must also have understood that Kennedy wasn’t referring to ‘Judaism’ but to Jews. After all the reference to Jewish VIPs was probably directed at people such as Lord Janner, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz (who is implicated in a sex with minors scandal), Roman Polanski and other VIPs rather than anyone within the Britain rabbinical community.

Social Justice Killing In Canada

johntheother: "A guy was going on a ride on his bike and while he was stopped to call his son he was approached by a young girl, he pretended to take a picture. The mother of this girl gets hot about it he got on his bike and rode off then this mother told another man that this man was a paedophile and this man hunted the other white knight man down and murdered him. This is very clearly a vigilante killing initiated by this man, but most people are not going to see that."

Male Purpose - MGTOW

Sandman: A few days ago I was listening to a talk between Ayam Serias and John the Other. And John said something very interesting he said that feminism has freed men of their traditional roles as providers. And I think the many men going their own have realized this and now we are trying to figure out what to do with our lives. We are looking for a new male purpose outside of reproduction and providing for women. It's scary taking the red pill because you realize how much your reality was a sham but once you become aware of female nature and you distance yourself you seek a new purpose. Taking the red pill doesn't mean you're upset at women. It means that you're upset because your life no longer has the purpose that you once thought it did.

15 Reasons To Date A Single Mom - Rebutted!

"Single mums are terrible, terrible, terrible parents! ...a single mother is the most dangerous environmental toxin for children to be around." Recently an eHarmony article discussed the top 15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom. Stefan Molyneux goes through the the list - and well - disagrees. Stefan Molyneux

Company “At Leading Edge Of Financialization” Crashes

Banksters are on the hook. Shareholders get slammed
By Don Quijones: Spain’s benchmark stock exchange, the Ibex-35, has been through the grinder the last couple of days, with some stocks falling like flies. The primary reason, besides the deteriorating global backdrop, is the huge volume of debt floating on or just below the surface of corporate balance sheets.
Far and away the worst performer is Abengoa, a Seville-based multinational, specialized in renewable energy and “environmental services.” Just in the last two days, its share price has collapse nearly 50%.
Making Shareholders Pay
One of the biggest players in the renewable energy market, Abengoa leads huge projects all over the world. It runs the biggest bioethanol plant in Europe, is executing one of the world’s biggest water projects, in Mexico, and is the biggest developer of solar-thermal plants. But the company also has a huge amount of debt. So much so that yesterday it announced plans to sell assets worth some €500 million as well as increase capital by €650 million. In other words, its existing shareholders are left holding the bag. Hence the desperate stampede for the exits.
According to the company’s management, the drastic restructuring is needed in order to reduce its corporate debt as well as put to bed, once and for all, the endless rumors and speculation about its struggling finances. Where investors might have gotten that idea from is anyone’s guess.

Summer Solutions (ft. Prof. Steve Keen)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, to discuss the problem of household debt and an overly large finance sector. They discuss possible solutions, such as perhaps ending the practice of subsidizing too-big-to-fail banks.

Sexual Harassment Of Men Is A Laughing Matter, Apparently

When is sexual harassment funny?
When women are doing it of course. 6oodfella