10 Aug 2015

How Boys Learn, Are Co Ed Schools Necessary?

"The motivation for this video came after reading what now feels like an endless number of online articles over the past 24 months that lament the falling behind of boys and men. What got me to put pen to paper was a rather absurd article published on the Huffington Post titled "Sex segregation in schools is bad policy." Says CS MGTOW

How Google Adsense Is Censoring WeAreChange And Independent Media + Defcon Las Vegas

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over the latest attack on free speech that is threatening the existence of WeAreChange. We break down what actions have been taken against WeAreChange behind the scenes and how you the audience can fight back to keep independent media alive and around.

Resume Requirement For US Counter-Terrorism Job Appears To Include: Jewish

By David Duke: While Jewish supremacists are massively over-represented in the US halls of government, for the most part they are content to take turns with non-Jewish Zio-cucks who will do their bidding while providing a public face that more people can identify with. However, there are some positions — Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, for instance — that seem to be reserved strictly for Jews, as if there was not constitutional prohibition on religious tests for office. The job of Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence seems to be one of these positions, as we reported last April. Now the Jewish blogger Phillip Weiss is picking up on the news. This Treasury Department post oversees sanctions against Iran.
Resume requirement for counter-terrorism job appears to include: Jewish
Image of Adam Szubin above 
On Monday, President Obama appealed to the Congress to approve his nominee for the counter-terrorism czar in Treasury: Adam Szubin. “This is a vital position for our anti-terrorism efforts,” Obama said, and Szubin is “highly qualified.”
Is one of those qualifications that Szubin is Jewish? It sure looks that way.

The US Economy Continues Its Collapse

By Paul Craig Roberts: Do you remember when real reporters existed? Those were the days before the Clinton regime concentrated the media into a few hands and turned the media into a Ministry of Propaganda, a tool of Big Brother. The false reality in which Americans live extends into economic life. Last Friday’s employment report was a continuation of a long string of bad news spun into good news. The media repeats two numbers as if they mean something—the monthly payroll jobs gains and the unemployment rate—and ignores the numbers that show the continuing multi-year decline in employment opportunities while the economy is allegedly recovering.
The so-called recovery is based on the U.3 measure of the unemployment rate. This measure does not include any unemployed person who has become discouraged from the inability to find a job and has not looked for a job in four weeks. The U.3 measure of unemployment only includes the still hopeful who think they will find a job.
The government has a second official measure of unemployment, U.6. This measure, seldom reported, includes among the unemployed those who have been discouraged for less than one year. This official measure is double the 5.3% U.3 measure. What does it mean that the unemployment rate is over 10% after six years of alleged economic recovery?
In 1994 the Clinton regime stopped counting long-term discouraged workers as unemployed. Clinton wanted his economy to look better than Reagan’s, so he ceased counting the long-term discouraged workers that were part of Reagan’s unemployment rate.

Iran, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Palestine, UK, GMO, Nazi, WMD

"The speaker of the Russian Duma has called for an international tribunal to investigate the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, whether there should be a trial and people brought to justice." Morris

The MGTOW Collective

Feminism LOL: Can individualists form collectives? MGTOW is an exciting chance to find out.

Why We Can’t Have Government

Question: "Anarchy is free but it results in violations of personal safety. There needs to be a construct but how does one create a construct that is free of greed, manipulation, and deceptions of the sort?" Stefan Molyneux

Knowledge Is Pain - A Poem

"I make love to the most evil beast, I see her beauty, I see her skin, there is nothing underneath there is nothing tomorrow." Shining Light