14 Aug 2015

Boys Are Getting A Raw Deal In Education - And Our Economy Suffers As A Result

But whether this  new admissions record will be reflected in a generally more educated populace is a moot point.
Students from the University of Wolverhampton heard  speaking on the radio a few months ago suggest not.  They sounded more like they’d walked off a building site than out of a university library. Even the writing of Cambridge English undergraduates is devoid of syntax and grammar, according to one don who spoke to me a couple of years ago.
So are our graduates any better ‘educated' than their forebears who left school at 14 a hundred years ago?  Finding my gran’s school leaving exam report the other month made me wonder. I was re-shelving some of my late father’s classic and theology books when a sheet of yellowed and crumbling paper fell to the ground.  It was his mother’s school leaving certificate. A humble confectioner’s daughter born in 1874, she had been  educated, for free, at Sheffield Central School. This plain grey-haired old lady I remember, with her sweet hammer smashing rock for us, had left school at 14 back in 1888, but, I learnt to my surprise,  with a clutch of top school leaving passes in  French, English, History, Maths, Bible Studies and Latin. It made me think.
Who was the better educated I pondered? My gran or the Wolverhampton students, whose command of English was conspicuous by its absence and who had even less Latin.

‘See Wealth, Think Debt That Financed It’ (Summer Solutions)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney.com (and Bitgold.com) and Ben Dyson of PositiveMoney.com to propose solutions to the problems presented by private banks creating money by issuing loans. Macleod suggests BitGold as a possible solution to not only our current monetary woes, but as a solution to gold’s Gresham problem.

The Fiamengo File, Why I Am An Anti-Feminist

Professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa explains why she identifies as an anti-feminist. Fiamengo, a former feminist who in earlier years marched in "Take Back The Night" campaigns, has given lectures on feminist-related topics at the University of Toronto, Queen's University, the University of Ottawa, and more, and has been featured on The Agenda with Steve Paiken as well as many videos here on Studio Brulé.

British People Want Israeli Prime Minister Jailed On Arrival

Sign the petition to arrest the inhuman Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin "The Butcher of Gaza" Netanyahu
Press TV: More than 50,000 people have signed a petition calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "The Butcher of Gaza" Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he pays an official visit to Britain next month.
The petition, published on the UK parliament website, demands the arrest of Israel’s 65-year-old chairman of the Likud party upon arrival in London for the massacre of over 2,000 civilians in 2014.”
The British government is expected to respond to the demand as all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures should be seen into.
Moreover, any petition that receives in excess of 100,000 signatures must be considered by the UK parliament for debate. The deadline for signing the petition is on February 7, 2016.

Bankster Parasites Taking Over The World

Wall Street banks destroyed the U.S. economy, and not one of the leaders of these companies ever saw a day in prison. And now that they know they can get away with it, they’re taking their criminal activities to other countries. America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, discusses this with Max Keiser.

I Was Wrong About Misogyny: There’s Lots Of It In Our Culture

By Seven kids seriously kicked my ass, but in a good way! It was busy, busy, busy, but a lot of fun, honestly. They didn’t piss me off, or frustrate me, or make me feel like killing myself – they just kept me busy. It left me wondering if part of women’s frustration and boredom doesn’t come from lack of children? Obviously, there are all kinds of planetary resource issues that would arise if every woman had seven children, but keeping seven children fed, watered, reasonably clean, calm, happy and focused on A) not making too much of a mess and B) practicing good conflict management skills left me without time to worry about anything else. Don’t completely trash the house and be nice to each other pretty much sums up parenting, IMO.
So here is a tweet I was tagged in this morning, and in light of the Roosh post and feminist anger towards men whose preferred relationship to women is physical and not emotional, I thought I’d discuss this subject in a bit more depth.

Is refusing to accept, or even pretend to like, modern women, who all have a loaded gun, whether they like it or not, misogyny? Does it mean we hate women? Does anyone really hate women? You’ll love the answer to that one….
Let’s start with the PUA/game/MGTOW community. PUA/game practitioners, as far as I understand them, know that modern women have a particular psychology, aided and abetted by modern feminism, that makes them difficult to deal with: they say they want one thing, but secretly want another.