15 Aug 2015

Girl Slaps A Boy Repeatedly Until He Snaps!

"When he retaliates, is he a bad boy now? Since when is it OK to hit a boy? ...Equality 101 do not hit a man! ..You hit a person, that person is entitled to defend himself and hit back." askluimarco

AIPAC Striving To Hijack The US Government

An intense lobbying effort by pro-Israel advocacy groups to pressure Congress in rejecting the Iran nuclear agreement is the latest attempt by Israel to hijack the United States, a former US Senate candidate says.
Press TV: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and related pro-Israel organizations will spend approximately $150 million promoting a series of lies on this P5+1 deal with Iran,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.
This deal is in the interest of the American people, it is in the interest of the Iranian people, it’s in the interest of the world,” Dankof said on Saturday.

Farrakhan Speaks Again On Law Of Retaliation, US Gov't Failure To Deliver Justice

Minister Farrakhan dismissed the hysterical response of right-wing Whites and others over his comments on the law of retaliation and the failure of government to deliver Justice. His comments were part of his address to a capacity audience on Aug. 13, 2015 during a Milwaukee, Wisconsin rally in support of the upcoming gathering in Washington, D.C. for the Million Man March 20th Anniversary, themed, Justice or Else! The Final Call

The Femme Friend Zone

By Many years ago a woman came to work in my office. She was divorced, a couple of years younger than I, petite and vivacious, a bit of an airhead but very likable. I guess you could say she exemplified cultural hybrid vigor, as her dad was a Kentucky hillbilly and her mother was from France.
Then as now, I neither solicited nor expected positive female attention, but I got it from her. I didn’t think about it at the time, but obviously her biological clock was winding down and I was eligible.
As things developed, we socialized at work and away from work, but it was strictly platonic. I had the feeling that ratcheting things up to a more serious status was an option, but something told me to hold back. From previous workplaces I had learned the potential pitfalls of dating co-workers. So I put this co-worker in the friend zone – though I didn’t know that term at the time – and kept her there.
She had her good and bad points. One good point was she took good care of her father in his declining years. Her bad point was her continuous, mindless chitchat, a common enough female fault I characterize as blather-rinse-repeat syndrome.
The soft spot she had in her heart for abandoned animals was a mixed bag, as her compassion had reached a point where the animals were running her life. There was something of a consensus among our mutual acquaintances that she should have gotten married young and had a passel of children to keep her busy.

Men Must Not Meet + Fear Of Being Bad

"An evil PUA spreading hate and orgasms!" johntheother: Roosh is having more fun than he's ever had before. And even if you think PUA is not a productive use of your time, he's getting together with men, to address men's issues - even if they're as shallow as how to get laid.

MRA's Response To LDS Man

Karen Straughan [aka GirlWritesWhat]. "I received an email from a Mormon. ...He was telling me that he had tried to explain the men's rights position, the things I talk about to a friend of his who happens to also be LDS. ...here's what his friend said to him ...and my response to that."

Feminist Subjectivism - Feminist Triumphalism + Anti-Feminism - Helping Men

fidelbogen. "Let's talk about two things you need to know about feminism if you want to take feminism down. These two things are called feminist subjectivism and feminist triumphalism. They are closely related thought patterns and together they form a set of brackets or bookends which hold the entire feminist psychology together."

Greeks Flock To Grassroots Alternative Currencies In Affront To Euro Debt Slavery

When Christos Papaioannou noticed his car needed new tires, the Greek computer engineer bought them with euros - but used an alternative currency, called TEM, to pay his mechanic for the labor. 
His country has avoided a catastrophic exit from the common currency, at least for now. But a small but growing number of cash-strapped Greeks, who are still grappling with strict money-withdrawal limits, have found another route in TEM and other unconventional payment systems like it. 
Before then, Ms. Sotiropoulou said she was only aware of two such programs. No official record of the number of alternative currencies and local bartering systems appears to exist in Greece. But according to an Athens-based grass roots organization called Omikron Project, there are now more than 80 such programs, double the number in 2013. They vary in size, from dozens of members to thousands.
– From the Wall Street Journal article: Alternative Currencies Flourish in Greece as Euros Are Harder to Come by
By Michael Krieger: Hundreds of millions of people throughout the Western world are being forced to admit an obvious, yet uncomfortable reality. Democracy is dead. Your vote and your voice don’t matter. Not at all.