19 Aug 2015

Exposed - The Patriarchal Plot To Kill Women

Janet Bloomfield: The plot to freeze women exposed! I had a lot of fun doing this, and a huge shout-out to J for doing the editing. Sorry about crashing your computer with my crappy footage. I really need to get that Canon!

Science And Censorship

By PLOS ONE censors a referee who defended science from feminist ideology.
The distortions of the truth by the radical feminists of our time will, someday, be seen as having been the greatest intellectual crime of the second half of the 20th century. Meanwhile, we still live under the aegis of that crime and to call attention to it is an act of great moral courage.” Professor Howard S Schwartz, Oakland University, Michigan
Feminists supported their gender ideology and business with lies and scientific fraud: feminists painted men as authors of domestic violence in order to support false accusations; feminists want you to believe that women are discriminated in all possible ways etc etc etc
At the end, the scientific community is starting to appreciate that truth differs from feminist ideology: the world experts in the field of domestic violence claim that it is equally perpetrated by men and women and described in scientific publications the methods used by feminist to “conceal and distort evidence”; research performed with scientific methods “reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track”, etc.
Recently, a referee was under attack for having pointed out faults in a publication that wanted to conclude that gender bias in academia is against women. The referee discusses how the fact that men achieve better results can be explained in alternative ways:

The US / Israeli Conflict Is Finally Visible For All To See + British Jews Perform Pre-TSD Over A Quenelle In Edinburgh

By Sheldon Richman: Thanks to the Iran nuclear deal, something remarkable is happening in American politics: the irreconcilable conflict of interest between most Americans on one side and Israel and its American supporters on the other is on full display and impossible to ignore. In the past the conflict could be papered over with grand empty rhetoric about the two sides being in “lock-step” and the absence of “daylight” between them. But no more. The conflict is out in the open where everyone can see it. Iran should be thanked for this valuable service.
War with Iran would be a catastrophe not only for the Iranians, including thousands of Jewish Iranians who openly practice their religion in their ancient community, and other people in the Middle East; it would also be a catastrophe for Americans — hence the conflict of interest between most Americans and the war party. Those, like Tom Cotton, Norman Podhoretz, Bill Kristol, and John Bolton, who think an attack on Iran would be a cakewalk, are either liars or fools. These are the same people, of course, who said the Iraq war would be easy and would usher in a new liberal Middle East. The result has been unspeakable sectarian violence throughout the region, culminating in the Islamic State and a reinvigorated al-Qaeda.
Despite the predictable catastrophe a war with Iran would bring, Israel and its staunchest, most prominent American supporters are conducting a well-financed campaign against the Iran nuclear deal that would surely lead to that war if a Republican wins the presidency next year.

Decriminalizing Sex Work Is Good For Women

By : Amnesty International, the leading human rights group in the world, has recently announced that it supports the decriminalization of sex work. There is an important distinction to be made between making prostitution and related sex work legal and decriminalizing those activities. According to Donna M. Hughes, PhD, ‘[l]egalization would mean the regulation of prostitution with laws regarding where, when, and how prostitution could take place. Decriminalization eliminates all laws and prohibits the state and law-enforcement officials from intervening in any prostitution-related activities or transactions, unless other laws apply.’ Under decriminalization, individuals would be free to carry out prostitution related services, while under legalization, the government would intervene to direct how and under what conditions such services may be provided, as is the case in Australia.
The decriminalization of prostitution would be good for women, on a number of different fronts.
Decriminalizing prostitution would lead to a boon in entrepreneurialism for women, particularly young women, who could command higher prices in a demand sensitive market. Escorts between the ages of 26 and 30 earn an average wage of $280/hr, and if they follow Sheryl Sandberg’s exhortation to ‘lean in’, they can pull in an yearly income of $582,400, placing them in the top 20% of income earners in the US, roughly equivalent to households in which the head holds a Master’s degree. Over the four year period of prime earning, escorts stand to earn $2.4M at current market rates.

David Duke Debates Alex Jones

"I would like to get down to the bottom today about who the real elite is in this country and the world that is truly as you say and it's totally true, they're an enemy of all mankind and I think they want to in some ways go against European peoples because they want to control the west and the power of the west and I think that that is why we are in these wars in the Middle East, really wars for Israel and wars for the globalist powers." Said David Duke. Alex Jones debates white nationalist David Duke on a variety of current topics in national news.

Catcalling Doesn't Exist + It's A Hate Rally Not A Protest

"It exists in the narrative, but it doesn't exist in the real world." johntheother

Top 10 Reasons Why No One Should Be A Feminist

Language is important. What would a movement under a gender biased name like masculism be about? Let’s say that somewhere it is “officially” stated it is about gender equality, and that the main purpose of this movement is to deal with the grave problem of male disposability. How long would it take for this movement to grow additional masculist “theories”, hyperboles, and engage in protracted struggle  to skew the system into one direction? How long would it take before being anti-masculist was taken as being anti-male?