22 Aug 2015

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The Meaning Of Corbyn

By Gilad Atzmon: The meaning of Corbyn has little to do with MP Jeremy Corbyn himself, his prospects of bringing about a change or his chances of being elected.
The meaning of Corbyn is that he is symbolic of the revival of the search for meaninga nostalgic longing for the political.  
Within the context of the old liberal democratic phantasy, the political was thought to be an extension of the people’s will and whims. But this has changed radically within the present post political conditions. In the last four decades, we westerners have been reduced to mere consumers. Our Politicians have evolved accordingly. Politics has morphed into the system that facilitates consumption on behalf of big conglomerates.
Corbyn the symbol has come to embody the general fatigue with this post-political condition -frustration with austerity, endless immoral Zio-con wars, the loss of manufacturing, The Lobby, divisive identity nonsense and cultural Marxism as opposed to Marxism. Corbyn serves as a reminder of the revolution that never happened. He has reminded us that we are one after all.
The pathetic dance of despair performed last week by the Zionist continuum made up of large segments of British media, Labour leadership and pretty much every British Jewish institution in opposition to Corbyn is staggering yet hardly new or unique. They have kindly reminded us what we are up against. But the Brits were not fooled, they immediately detected the foreign attempt to hijack their battle for justice and replace it with ‘Jewish sensitivities.’

J4MB Demands An Internal Review By The Department For Business, Innovation And Skills, Of The Department’s Response To FoI Inquiries

By Mike Buchanan: In October, the government is expected to publish another report on ‘women on boards’. It has been widely trailed in the media that it won’t demand an increase in the infamous Davies Report (2011) target of 25% female representation on FTSE100 boards by 2015, a target which was recently met through the appointment of many female directors, almost all as non-executive directors. Tellingly, the target applied to FTSE100 boards on average, not to individual companies.
It’s understood there will be demands in the forthcoming report for more women to be appointed to the executive levels immediately below board level, in an effort to ‘solve’ the mythical ‘pipeline problem’. So another legion of poorly qualified women will be given positions they couldn’t have attained without government interference – a Conservative government, come to that. Shame on the women, and shame on the Conservative party, and Sajid Javid MP, Business Secretary, in particular.
In June we mailed a letter with three FoI requests (about the impact of increasing female representation on corporate boards, on financial performance) to Sajid Javid. This was the first opportunity a Business Secretary in a Conservative administration had to consider the matter, the last government having been a Conservative-led coalition. DBIS claimed not to have received the letter, so we emailed it to them, and yesterday afternoon we received a response.

$32 Trillion In Pointless Trading + Competition Coming From Cuba + US Cops Vs Poor Suckers

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the $32 trillion in pointless trading each and every year, which results in bankers and brokers getting rich at the expense of churned chumps.


By The reassertion of masculinity surrounds us and takes a multiplicity of forms. It is Newtonian, in that it’s a direct and opposite response to feminism and the dilution of traditional male roles. In many instances the reassertion of masculinity is positive, for it is often an attempt to re-cast the male away from narrow categories of the emotionally distant provider. But in its hyper-masculine forms, where gender confusion contributes to overcompensation in the forms of violence, misogyny or homophobia, it underlies some of our most pressing social and political problems, including terrorism.
In my work, I see the gender confusion present in the form of pathology. There has been an extraordinary growth in male eating disorders in recent decades for example, from representing one in twenty of all eating disorders in the 1980s to now comprising one in five. The vast majority of these do not present for help and they usually take the form of manorexia, of boys and men taking supplements and working out to excess to sculpt an Adonis like physique.

Most Of My Childhood Is Now Illegal

Lucian: ”Most” is to put it mildly. In some jurisdictions, the entirety of my childhood is illegal. It wasn't always that way. And this state of affairs has a lot to do with egalitarianism (lowering all children's experiences to the lowest common denominator) and with parents who no longer want to be parents.

Brutal Beating By Cops Inside A Police Station In Cyprus

Perseus999: The video that was released on 19 August 2015 from the closed circuit cameras of a police station in the Greek Cypriot town of Polis Chrysochous, depicts a 26 years old man in police custody, first being sprayed in the eyes with CS gas and then (while being blinded) the inmate is savagely attacked and hit by 2 policemen with a baton more than 60 times, while fallen on the floor and showing no signs no resistance. The incident took place in February 2014 but it was only few days ago, when the video was released, that the Minister of Justice and Public Order in Cyprus was forced to take action following the public outcry,

Child Killers Are Victims + What Can You Do? + Who Owns Social Reality?

"Woman killed sons because her husband wouldn't pay attention to her daughter. ...She confessed to killing all her sons by putting a pillow over their head and suffocating them." johntheother